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Your touch is electric

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Zhu Yi Long was not used to all the touch, hug and kiss before he meets Bai Yu.
He couldn't believe that everything have changed when Bai Yu have entered in his life.
And now that Bai Yu is not here, he missed his presence and his touch.
He was like before he meets him where he had one shell for protecting him.
He missed him so much, he doesn't have showed it when they talk in FaceTime.

Bai Yu doesn't know all of this because Zhu Yi Long doesn't have tell him, he just loved that his lover was clingy but he doesn't have mind this.

He decided to be at home earlier and surprise Zhu Yi Yong, and the smile that he had when he saw him was just amazing he wouldn't change anything.
It's doesn't have a price.

Zhu Yi Long have kissed him and touching him everywhere, he have jumped on him as soon he closed the door.

"Did I miss you?" said Bai Yu

"Just guess at how I have reacted when you have come home" said Zhu Yi Long.

Bai Yu kissed him, he was thinking that it's was a good way to arrive at home.