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Kid Pro Quo

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Draco looked out at the dancing crowd and couldn’t help the smile that overtook his face. Lucius would be horrified by the ease with which a Malfoy was smiling in public, but well, he wasn’t here to judge, now was he? Blaise had thought it would only be polite to invite the parents of his best man, but Draco had quickly disabused him of the notion. Besides, his parents were completely happy at their French villa and would not step foot in Britain again for anything less than the birth of Draco’s first child.

While the Weasley’s Burrow was not the location he had chosen for his own wedding, he couldn’t deny that it was a beautiful place for a ceremony. The setting sun cast a warm glow over guests and decorations alike, painting the evening in soft shades. Blaise was resplendent in his wedding garb, wearing a mix of Muggle and Wizarding fashion that was all the rage. His dove grey robe was fastened tight around his throat and then opened wide to reveal a white button-up and matching cummerbund tucked into a smart pair of trousers. Not to be outdone, Ginevra was stunning in a simple and elegant white gown, the gossamer strands running from her shoulder to wrist making her appear fae-like.

“Excuse me,” came a voice from Draco’s left.

Draco turned, already knowing who would be there. Even though Blaise was certainly the man of the evening, Draco thought the man in front of him was an extremely close second. Dressed exquisitely in a classic Muggle suit that appeared tailor-made, every line in the man’s lean form was expertly emphasized.

“Would you do me the honor of sharing a dance?” Harry asked, lowering his gaze and bowing slightly, which only served to make the suit jacket stretch more tightly over his broad shoulders.

Draco stared.

Harry looked up and smirked. The bastard knew exactly what he was doing. “Cat got your tongue?”

“It’s not my tongue that I’m concerned with at the moment,” Draco responded. “If we weren’t in the middle of a very public gathering, I’d show you exactly what my problem is.”

“Later, then. I’ll hold you to it,” Harry said with promise. “In the meantime, a dance?”

Draco shook his head fondly. “I’m not sure that would be wise. Can you assure me that my toes will remain safe?” He looked down pointedly at Harry’s dress shoes, which were a fair bit heavier than his normal trainers.

“I can assure you that my dancing has much improved since fourth year, as you very well know.”

“If I recall, that’s not what happened last time,” Draco couldn’t help but argue.

“Draco, are you really going to hold me accountable for last time? If I recall correctly, you weren’t doing so well last time either.”

Draco tried to look at Harry with a stern face, but couldn’t manage it for long. “Oh, all right,” he capitulated. “We can both be forgiven for our transgressions, since it was a special occasion.”

“I’m glad you think of our wedding so fondly,” Harry teased, the smile evident in his voice. “So, a dance, Mr Potter-Malfoy?”

He gracefully bowed. “I accept, Mr Potter-Malfoy.”

Harry held out his hand and Draco took it without a second thought.


After a few turns around the dance floor—and it was true, Harry’s dancing abilities had improved drastically—Draco was swept into a conversation with Luna.

“Aren’t they simply stunning?” Luna asked dreamily.

“Yes, they do make quite the pair.” While there were many others on the dance floor, Ginevra and Blaise still managed to capture the attention of guests and staff alike. Draco could see one server simply observing the couple rather than making the rounds as he was supposed to.

“You and Harry didn’t look so bad yourselves.”

“Well, if there’s one thing a Malfoy won’t stand for, it’s an ill-prepared dance partner. Besides, we had to make up for our gaffe of a last dance at our own wedding.”

“Aw, no one really minded,” Luna assured. “You were both so happy, and besides, it does the soul good to loosen up now and again. You hold yourself too stiffly,” she gently reprimanded. She peered intensely at the space just over Draco’s left shoulder. “I can already see that you’re due for another cleansing soon.”

Draco sighed. He knew that she was right—he could feel it in the tightness in his chest—but he simply didn’t have the time. The busy season for work was coming up, and they also had to worry about the upcoming surrogacy. It’d taken them months to get an appointment with Dr Bevins, the best fertility doctor in the country.

“If it’s the surrogacy that’s holding you back, please don’t let it. As I’ve expressed to both of you, I really don’t mind waiting. Because I’m a witch, my biological clock is not the same as a Muggle’s. There’s no rush. You and Harry can take all the time you need.”

That was just it. They’d already taken so much time. When they had started dating, one of the first things they’d bonded over was their desire for children; Harry because he’d never had a proper family growing up and wanted more than anything to be a father, and Draco because that was what his family expected and he didn’t think it’d be so bad, especially with Harry by his side.

“We’ve already taken a lot of time. We both said we wanted to start having children as soon as we could, and we’ve already been married for almost a year. We finally got an appointment and we have you—our wonderful surrogate mother. There’s no reason to wait any longer,” Draco said in a rush, and he could hear the note of desperation in his voice. It had been taking a while, but he still needed more time.

“If that’s what you both want,” Luna said, like it was that simple. Like if one of them wasn’t so sure anymore, he could just say that, and everything would be okay. “As I said before, I don’t mind when it happens. I’m more than happy to be your surrogate now or in a few years.”

“We really can’t thank you enough for offering.” Even in the midst of an existential crisis, Draco had manners, thank you very much.

“Even though I have no desire to raise children of my own, I’m immensely curious about the childbirth process. This will be an eye-opening time for us all.”

As Draco looked out on the splendor of the Weasley-Zabini celebrations, spotting the young children running amok amongst the crowd, he couldn’t help but agree. This was going to be an eye-opening time indeed.