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Love The Boy

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Mek looks at Boss. He can't do this all the time. He loves Boss very much. Tee shakes his head in warning but Mek drags Boss away from the girls that Boss and Tee were flirting with.


He is not good with words but he can speak well when he is with his friends, if he puts his mind to it. He feels comfortable around Boss, he can speak in front of Boss but the irony is that he has never ever told Boss how he feels about him.


"I don't think I can be silent any longer, I can't watch you try to get close to other girls."


Boss looks confused. "You like one of those girls?"


Mek sighs. "I am worried about you. I care about you, not those girls. I don't want you to put yourself down when you are with them."


Boss still doesn't seem to get him.


Mek softly says, "Reject me, ignore me and tell me to get lost from you, don't be nice. Hate me. Please."


Boss finally gets it, he thinks he gets it. "Mek, I don't think I can hate you. Do you think you can take it if I hate you or become angry with you?"


Mek looks taken aback. He didn't think that far ahead.


Boss shakes his head, "How is that even a confession? Why are you asking me to reject you instead of even telling me properly that you like me?"


Mek stutters a little. He can't find words.


Boss turns a little red. "You... like me, right?" Did he make a fool of himself again like with the girls? He is used to girls treating him like crap but he doesn't want to embarrass himself in front of Mek.


Mek nods vigorously, suddenly feeling at a loss of words again.


Boss plays with his fingers, "Can you give me sometime to think about it? I am sorry I didn't know and I teased you, I am so dense. Why did you let everyone tease you about you and me being mute husband and devoted wife, right, you normally don't speak much, were you unable to ask people to stop? I am so sorry..."


Mek gently places a hand on Boss' shoulders effectively stopping his ramble.


Mek smiles, "It isn't your fault. Don't feel guilty."


Boss looks down. "But I unknowingly-"


"It's OK. Your reaction right now is enough for me. You don't hate me." 


He doesn't know if he can stay friends like before with Boss now that Boss knows his feelings. He doesn't know if it is good or not that he told Boss. He doesn't know if Boss will accept him or reject him. He doesn't know what to do for either scenario. Should he try to stay friends? Should he ignore them? He doesn't have other friends though.


Should he go out with Boss and accept and hope that it is not out of pity? What to do if they break up later? 


Mek is glad that Boss doesn't seem uncomfortable or angry. He just seems his usual nice, air head self. He has a lot of things to think about and feelings to work through. He worries a lot despite not speaking a lot, his mind is usually jumbled with a lot of words and playing and writing music is the only thing that helps and ironically at times, being with Boss helps.


Mek looks at Boss jumping up and down and saying that he is hungry. He smiles a little. Mek is so soft, cute. Mek hopes that Boss will stay true to both of them and that Boss won't be forced to do anything for Mek because Boss is a very good friend. Warm. Loyal. 


Mek startles as Boss grabs his hands and pulls him towards the cafeteria.


He will figure something out.




"Why would you do this if you don't like him, Ram?" Duen looks at Ram with a confused look. Genuine worry.


Ram just smiles and shakes his head.


"Then you like P'King?"


Ram shrugs and doesn't say anything.


He doesn't know why, he just wants King to be not afraid of dogs. Ram loves animals a lot, especially dogs. He wants King to understand dogs, that there is nothing to be scared of. That


Duen giggles a little. "Am I going to see you in a puppy costume? Like that BL series Puppy Honey? Help P'King get over dogs?"


Ram glares at Duen playfully, "Is this how you treat a friend who always tries to help and look out for you?"


Duen's face falls a little. He still is not sure about Bohn. Ram sighs a little. Duen is not like Ram. Ram can take care of himself. But Duen is a little bit of a space head and Ram doesn't trust Bohn at all. He doesn't trust King either... yet but King seems a little less fickle than Bohn to be honest. And King is cuter than Bohn.


Ram pats Duen's back. They don't say anything.




"I am an idiot."


'Yes, yes, you are.' Ram says internally. He doesn't say it out loud.


Duen whines, "Ram!"


Ram looks at King. 'I didn't say anything out loud.'


Duen sighs, "You didn't have to say it out loud. I can understand few things. We have been best friends for so long."


Ram shrugs. He finally opens his mouth, doesn't want to torment Duen any longer. "I told you he was playing with you, you are not a toy, don't be impressed just because he treats you nicely at times, don't fall so easily, he is a playboy, he does that with a lot of people, so what if your heart flutters? You should have been more careful. I don't want to say 'I told you so'."


Duen pouts. "You just said multiple times. I hear you loud and clear."


Ram ignores the way King looks from afar at him and Duen with jealousy, that Ram is talking more to Duen than King even though King is his soon to be boyfriend.


It is natural, Ram is worried about his best friend, Duen and he talks a lot when worried and only with people he is close to. Not with everyone.


Ram is startled when he hears Duen ask pitifully, "What should I do?"


"Go clear things up with him. Be stern." Ram says bluntly.


Duen looks at him with wide puppy eyes, "I thought you wanted me to stay away from P'Bohn?"


It pains Ram but he knows Duen likes the senior brat already and it wont go anywhere unless Duen takes a bold step with Bohn. Ram hates Bohn but Duen likes something in him which makes him think that Bohn must not be that bad. Even King hangs out with Bohn and Mek and Boss aren't that bad.


But it is up to Duen. He should learn to be careful with Bohn, to understand who he is, to clear things up with him.


"Talk to him, be firm, don't give in, do you understand me?" Ram says toughly.


Duen nods and Ram sighs as King comes and settles next to him before Duen can even get up and leave. King snakes a hand around Ram's waist and pokes at the tattoo on his neck. Ram swats at his hands but doesn't move away. 


Duen just giggles at the both of them. Ram just looks at him and Duen stops, he closes his mouth. He nods to King and leaves, waving at them.


Duen wants to say a lot of things to Bohn, ask him a lot of things. What does Bohn like about him? How can Duen be sure that he is not just teasing? What can Bohn do to make Duen believe him? Duen has a lot to think about. Because he knows Bohn will ask him what he has to do to put Duen's mind at ease and Duen doesn't even know. A long talk is on the list for sure. Duen can talk but will Bohn be willing to listen?


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Lin Xun hisses at Zhi Wei, the fucking rich bastard, "Let go of me." 


Lin Xun shouldn't really have accepted this for his friend Jia Ling. He shouldn't have let her force him into this just because he is good at singing. The actual celebrity who was supposed to come to the event - gathering for rich bastards - couldn't make it. And Jia Ling didn't want the show to be ruined and turned to Lin Xun.


His songs were a hit. The crowd liked him. A few probably liked him too much. One of the rich brats is grabbing his hand right now.


Bai Han, Jia Hao and Zhi Hong flock behind Zhi Wei. The four apparently made a bet from the looks of it. Bet on which one of them can take Lin Xun to their bedrooms by giving him money. Lin Xun refusing them is affecting their egos. How dare they? Don't they know how to treat people like humans? Are people objects to them? Bastards. Their personalities suck.


Lin Xun snaps his hand out of Zhi Wei's grasp. "Don't touch me."


"Big talks for a poor bastard."


Lin Xun's eyes flash. "I have my dignity. I work hard and take care of myself. I don't need your money."


"Is that why you are Yuan Jung Cheng's mistress?"


"I am not his mistress." Lin Xun doesn't know why he has to explain to stuck up idiots like these who think money is everything. It is not even their own money. It is their inheritance, received from their parents, generation after generation. Unlike Jung Cheng who has both a share of his father's inheritance and his own successful business in Korea.


"I don't have to listen to your bullshit. I don't have to explain myself to low lives like you."


"Aren't you the lowlife?"


Lin Xun turns. He shouldn't punch them. He wants to, his hands are itching but he can't create problems for Jia Ling's sake. He just wants to go home, eat with Jung Cheng and fall asleep. He is tired.


"Acting all high and mighty when you are nothing. When Jung Cheng is nothing."


Lin Xun snaps. He doesn't care about himself but he hates it when people drag Jung Cheng into shit like these. Why drag Jung Cheng's name through mud? These incompetent arrogant snots.


"I dare you to say that again."


He pushes Zhi Wei down, harshly. Zhi Wei yelps and Lin Xun kneels in front of him quickly, grabs his tie, "Shut your dirty mouth. You have no right to talk about someone like him." He lets go of his tie and gets up, dusts himself.


He sighs as he hears a sound behind him. He side steps and Bai Han and Jia Hao fall down, they are drunk and weak idiots to attack from behind. He trips Zhi Hong easily. Before he can dodge, Zhi Wei pulls his ankle and he falls face down. It hurts. Fuck.


He has had enough. He doesn't have to take this any longer. He is going to get up and beat them to death. He doesn't care about cops right now, he can only be patient for so long. He is hot headed for a reason.


Before he can get up, he hears some footsteps and he sighs. It is Jung Cheng. Jung Cheng doesn't waste time, he beats Zhi Wei without any hesitation. 


Lin Xun grabs Jung Cheng's arms "You should let go, Jung Cheng."


"I don't want to."


"Just let go. How dare he hit you?"


Lin Xun chuckles dryly. He remembers saving Jung Cheng from a few thugs when they first met. Jung Cheng isn't even that good at fighting. He is recently learning from Lin Xun. He is just holding on for now because the other four bastards are drunk. 


"Lets go."


"Yah! Yuan Jung Cheng, I am going to sue you and your mistress."


Lin Xun glares at Zhi Wei. "Think again. There are CCTV cameras here. Jia Ling Jie will help me get the texts. If you try to put him in prison or sue him, I will follow you around with those texts and CCTV footage edited to show you attacking me from behind like a loser. I will follow you everywhere, gatherings, marriage, family, work, friends, I will not let you be in peace. Do you want me after you?"


Zhi Wei looks at Lin Xun with wide eyes. Lin Xun nods. "Wise decision."


He drags Jung Cheng out before he changes his mind and ends up beating the four of them with his pent up frustration and boiling rage.




Lin Xun sighs softly, "I can take care of myself, I know how to fight, better than you."


Jung Cheng growls, "I don't care, you have been taking care of yourself and your mom for a long long time, let me take care of you for a change."


Lin Xun shakes his head. "Are you an idiot? What if they actually had put you in prison?"


"They won't, I am from the Yuan family."


"Do you think your father will always help you?"


"He might not help me directly but he will do it for the sake of his image. And he doesn't have to help me. Silly things like these, I can take care of by myself."


"Big words."


Jung Cheng glares at Lin Xun, "Are you doubting me?"


Lin Xun shrugs. He starts running as Jung Cheng starts chasing him for a tickle revenge.


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"What is this? Are you trying to kill me?"


Juwan shakes his head desperately. "No! I am sorry, I just missed you. I wanted to see you."


"Who are you to miss me? Am I supposed to know you? I am not stupid to fall for that. This seems weird and dangerous."


Hearing those words from Kyungsik really hurts Juwan. Juwan shouldn't have done this. He really shouldn't have. They are literally in different worlds. Juwan is in the real world. And Kyungsik is the main character of Juwan's manhwa.


They met because Kyungsik was desperate, he wanted to live, even though all Juwan wanted, was just to end the manhwa by killing his strong main character, Kyungsik. Juwan planned on killing himself after. It didn't work. Kyungsik refused to die and something sparked in Juwan. He didn't think about killing himself anymore. In a way, Kyungsik not only saved himself but also Juwan.


Juwan felt embarrassed. Kyungsik, his manga character, created by his hands was stronger than Juwan himself. It gave Juwan a reason. To make Kyungsik stronger. To make himself stronger. To learn from Kyungsik. To live even though he was lonely, so lonely, even though he had no one, even though he had no reason to live. He lived. Forced himself to change his routine and find something worth living for again from scratch instead of just giving up.


Juwan's feelings grew so much that he was sucked into the manhwa, because he wanted to get to know Kyungsik more, he wanted to learn more, he didn't want Kyungsik to be a mere character, though he never was, he had his own thoughts and reactions and didn't just blindly follow Juwan's story. Kyungsik was interesting, very unpredictable, charming and Juwan fell... hard.


Literally and metaphorically. Literally into Kyungsik's world and also for Kyungsik.


Kyungsik was suspicious, at first. Who wouldn't be? Juwan didn't exist in the manhwa world. He was a nobody and naturally, anyone would be suspicious but somehow, they became close, fell in love, especially after Juwan saved Kyungsik's life. 


But it wasn't easy. Juwan wasn't supposed to exist in the world in the first place and he slowly started disappearing, fading in and out. He erased Kyungsik's memories and found a way to go back to his real world, hell bent on finding a way to stay together.


He remembers his words to Kyungsik once, "Do you think we can ever stay together?"


"All we can do is find out by letting things happen."


Juwan wasn't satisfied with that answer from Kyungsik.


It has been nearly six months and Juwan couldn't take it any longer. He still hasn't found a way but he kept the manhwa alive. It is going extremely well but not his real life. He misses Kyungsik everyday and he gave in and drew a doorway to Kyungsik's world. 


Except he was careless and Kyungsik caught him. Right now, Juwan is on the other side of the doorway connecting the two worlds, the reality and Kyungsik is in the manhwa world.


"What do you want from me?"


Juwan whispers, "Nothing." And that is an understatement, that is a big fat lie.


He moves to erase the doorway but Kyungsik catches his arms, "Tell me, who are you to me? Why do you look like that? And what the hell is this?" Kyungsik doesn't believe in things like black magic but what the fuck is this? This doesn't seem normal, it doesn't look like it can be explained by science. It feels dangerous but that's not the only emotion that he feels. 


Juwan decides to face Kyungsik and not run away.


"Listen to my story..."


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"Ai'Wat, why would you try to go through that all alone?"


Sarawat hugs himself and hisses, ignoring the pain in his hand, "Because I want to remember my memories, no doctor is able to help me, at all, all they can do is give me medication to put me to sleep, all they can do is give me medicines to reduce the pain, to reduce my temporary anxiety, to calm me down."


Tine yells back, "Asshole, do you want to be in pain so much, then? Are you a masochist?"


Sarawat pushes Tine away, "I am not taking medication, I am sick of it. No long term help. I want to remember. I don't want anyone's help. No one can help me. I will take care of this on my own. I don't want a temporary fix. I want to fix it forever."


Tine grabs Sarawat's face and glares at him. "You introverted asshole. Stop tormenting yourself so much. Others already do enough, why do you do this to yourself too?"


Tine hates Sarawat's introvert, stubborn self at times like these. He is close only to Tine, to his friends, his brother and his mother. He is not close to Tine's friends or any other people. He doesn't want to be. He is happy with his small circle.


He hates people who call themselves his fans or wives. He is indifferent. He doesn't like to speak at all, there is definitely no way he will speak about his worries and pain. He is shit at dealing with emotions, crappy at expressing them, understanding them. He can't understand his own emotions at times, much less others'.


He is shitty in social situations. The only way he can deal with things is through his music, through his composing songs. He is like a hard brick wall most of the times, strong on the outside but slowly crumbling and dying on the inside. Gets jealous and upset easily but will never tell a word unless he is drunk. Even to Tine.


It hurts Tine, a lot.


Sarawat closes his eyes and turns his face away.


"Look at me, asshole! Stop running away from this, from me, Sarawat."


Sarawat doesn't open his eyes. But Tine can see the hesitation on his face. Sarawat would never want to hurt Tine on purpose. It is just that he is a bit clouded and not in the right state of mind right now. Tine can understand.


Tine whispers, "Ai'Wat, even though it is phantom pain, you will feel the actual pain. Do you still not want to take the medication?"


Sarawat pushes away Tine's injection, grabs it and throws it away. "I am sick of temporary solutions, Tine." He sounds so defeated.


"Bastard! Why? Why would you do that? I am worried. Please don't do this to yourself, Sarawat."


"I am sick of not being able to remember, Tine."


"I get it but stop forcing yourself. You don't remember for a reason. Your mind and body are rejecting your memories. They will come to you when they should. You forcing yourself will have the opposite effect, do you get me?"


"What if I never remember?"


"Maybe, that's for the better."




"We will take it slowly."


Tine hugs Wat tightly. "Don't say that you are alone, I am here OK? I wasn't lonely like you, wasn't hurt like you, didn't have to fight by myself to protect myself and others around me but I am not going to let you be alone anymore all right? I know it is still hard for you to believe me that I love you but I do, I care. So stop hurting yourself and me. I will not leave you alone."


Sarawat buries his face in Tine's shoulders. Tine sighs as Sarawat gently falls into a fitful sleep.



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"Were you waiting for me, P'Fight?"


Fighter shakes his head and snorts, "Of course not. I was just passing by. This is a coincidence. I didn't know you had club activities today."


Tutor rolls his eyes internally. Fighter really does know his schedule well, enough to make it look like a coincidence when it is anything but. He doesn't push. He wants to tease Fighter but not now. Things like these need a break now and then. He doesn't want to push Fighter too much, he teases him a lot as it is, physically, emotionally.


Tutor notices the sigh of relief from Fighter thanks to Tutor ignoring the blatant lie told by Fighter a few seconds back.




Tutor catches the pouch of snacks. It is open but not much has been eaten.


"I finished a lot. You must be hungry, eat that."


Why is Fighter such a Tsundere again? Tutor doesn't know if he wants to strangle him or hug him. Jesus.


Tutor links their elbows and pulls Fighter to walk along with him, all the while eating the snacks with the other hand. Damn, he didn't even realize that he was hungry. Fighter knows him better at times, just refuses to be straight forward, prefers to beat around the bush for his own sanity, sheer stubbornness.


Before Tutor can open his mouth, a drunk guy snatches the packet from Tutor's hands and grins creepily. He pulls Tutor's hand towards him. Tutor slaps his hands away without hesitation. Disgusting. Nobody likes to be touched like that, without permission. Consent is extremely important. Simple touch or no, sexual or no, it is always better to be respected. 


Fighter gently pulls him away from the guy. Tutor was planning on moving away anyway.


"You two gay?"


Fighter spits, "None of your business."


"Who likes to dominate?"


They switch but who the fuck is this creepy bastard to ask them such a delicate, intimate question? Don't people understand that it is rude to ask such things of gay couples? Do people ask straight couples such things?


"Shut it."


Fighter turns to Tutor, "Lets go."


The guy surges forward and grabs Tutor's butt and Tutor freezes in shock. 


Fighter hisses and punches the guy without any hesitation. He hits the guy again and Tutor freezes after the third hit. He grabs Fighter's arms tightly, "Please don't, P'."


"What the hell? I want to beat him to death."


"I want to do it too but I don't want you in prison, P'. This is enough. He won't do it again."


"I doubt it."


"I don't care, I just want to leave."


"You don't want to hit him? I can hit him a little bit more." He seems very furious.




Fighter sighs. He growls at the guy, "He is my boyfriend. Stay away, else I will kill you." 


He grabs Tutor's hands and marches forward quickly, still seething.


Tutor blinks. The disgust is replaced by a little bit of happiness and love. His heart fills up with something unspeakable.


He whispers, "P'Fight, do you know, that is the first time you have told that I am your boyfriend in front of someone? The very first time you held my hand in front of other people." It is some creepy stranger but he is sure there were very few people on the side walk who heard as well.


Fighter still keeps on mumbling, still angry at the guy.


Tutor gently tugs at Fighter's hands, "P'Fight, do you realize what you just did? Please don't regret it later."


Fighter sighs, "I am just regretting that I didn't hit him harder! I should have murdered him, how dare he? Why did you stop me?"


"P'Fight, it is OK."


"It is not!"


Tutor hugs him tightly. "It is OK, P'."


"He should rot in jail, not me for helping you, the bastard, drinking and groping people!"


Tutor smiles as Fighter launches into another tirade.