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Love The Boy

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"Were you waiting for me, P'Fight?"


Fighter shakes his head and snorts, "Of course not. I was just passing by. This is a coincidence. I didn't know you had club activities today."


Tutor rolls his eyes internally. Fighter really does know his schedule well, enough to make it look like a coincidence when it is anything but. He doesn't push. He wants to tease Fighter but not now. Things like these need a break now and then. He doesn't want to push Fighter too much, he teases him a lot as it is, physically, emotionally.


Tutor notices the sigh of relief from Fighter thanks to Tutor ignoring the blatant lie told by Fighter a few seconds back.




Tutor catches the pouch of snacks. It is open but not much has been eaten.


"I finished a lot. You must be hungry, eat that."


Why is Fighter such a Tsundere again? Tutor doesn't know if he wants to strangle him or hug him. Jesus.


Tutor links their elbows and pulls Fighter to walk along with him, all the while eating the snacks with the other hand. Damn, he didn't even realize that he was hungry. Fighter knows him better at times, just refuses to be straight forward, prefers to beat around the bush for his own sanity, sheer stubbornness.


Before Tutor can open his mouth, a drunk guy snatches the packet from Tutor's hands and grins creepily. He pulls Tutor's hand towards him. Tutor slaps his hands away without hesitation. Disgusting. Nobody likes to be touched like that, without permission. Consent is extremely important. Simple touch or no, sexual or no, it is always better to be respected. 


Fighter gently pulls him away from the guy. Tutor was planning on moving away anyway.


"You two gay?"


Fighter spits, "None of your business."


"Who likes to dominate?"


They switch but who the fuck is this creepy bastard to ask them such a delicate, intimate question? Don't people understand that it is rude to ask such things of gay couples? Do people ask straight couples such things?


"Shut it."


Fighter turns to Tutor, "Lets go."


The guy surges forward and grabs Tutor's butt and Tutor freezes in shock. 


Fighter hisses and punches the guy without any hesitation. He hits the guy again and Tutor freezes after the third hit. He grabs Fighter's arms tightly, "Please don't, P'."


"What the hell? I want to beat him to death."


"I want to do it too but I don't want you in prison, P'. This is enough. He won't do it again."


"I doubt it."


"I don't care, I just want to leave."


"You don't want to hit him? I can hit him a little bit more." He seems very furious.




Fighter sighs. He growls at the guy, "He is my boyfriend. Stay away, else I will kill you." 


He grabs Tutor's hands and marches forward quickly, still seething.


Tutor blinks. The disgust is replaced by a little bit of happiness and love. His heart fills up with something unspeakable.


He whispers, "P'Fight, do you know, that is the first time you have told that I am your boyfriend in front of someone? The very first time you held my hand in front of other people." It is some creepy stranger but he is sure there were very few people on the side walk who heard as well.


Fighter still keeps on mumbling, still angry at the guy.


Tutor gently tugs at Fighter's hands, "P'Fight, do you realize what you just did? Please don't regret it later."


Fighter sighs, "I am just regretting that I didn't hit him harder! I should have murdered him, how dare he? Why did you stop me?"


"P'Fight, it is OK."


"It is not!"


Tutor hugs him tightly. "It is OK, P'."


"He should rot in jail, not me for helping you, the bastard, drinking and groping people!"


Tutor smiles as Fighter launches into another tirade.