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The Hannibal Tinies

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A is for Abby stabbed twice in the neck

B is for Bloom, fell two floors when she checked

C is for CJ, his mother he shot

D is for Doctor A. served piping hot

E is for Elise returned to her bed

F is for Freddie burning fiery red

G is for Garrett shot time and again

H is for Hanni who likes eating men

I is for Ingram, in a horse he’s sown

J is for Jack bleeding out on the phone

K is for Katz sliced to bits for her charm

L is for Lass who’s now minus an arm

M is for Matthew who gave up his guise

N is for Nurse who lost first both her eyes

O is for organs, some eaten, some not

P is for Phyllis on her hospice cot

Q is for Quantico testing Hann’s feast

R is for Randall beat dead as a beast

S is for Sheldon strung up in a tree

T is for Toby crushed by figurine

U is for Umber, jumped short when he aimed

V is for Vergers, both tortured and maimed

W is for Will – oh man, where do I start?

X isn’t in it, a break for your heart.

Y is for Yakimono, Chilton’s end

Z is for Zeller - still here, but ‘till when?