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Online (Porn) Class

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Another day of quarantaine. Another day of online classes.

Yoongi wished it would end soon. He much prefered lecturing in from of a class in an actual classroom rather than doing it infront of a computer screen where he was sure the most of the students weren’t even paying attention and scrolling through social media or even watching movie in other open tab.


Not that he could blame them.

Especially not when he was kind of distracted himself, even though he tried his best to focus on his lecture. But then again, it was hard being concentrated when his boyfriend’s (and student) lips was currently wrapped around his hard cock, keeping him warm.

Jimin was being such a good cockwarmer, behaving nicely and all. But Yoongi also wished that the clock would hurry up so that it would be break time already and he could turn off the webcam and the microphone and have his boyfriend ride him.

Finally the digital clock on his laptop showed that the time was now 2:00pm.

Time for the break.

“Okay, everyone. We will now have our five minute break. Make sure to rest, grab some water or whatever. I’ll be back soon.”

With that Yoongi clicked on the button which turned off the webcam, but he got distracted once Jimin ran his tongue up the shaft of his erection and forgot to turn off the microphone.

“Get into my lap, kitten”

LateNightKimbap: Uhm? Professor Min? Your mic is still on
NoMoreHomeworkPlz: Did he just say what I think he said?
Crabluvr69: Does Prof Min have a cat?

With a popping sound Jimin let go of his cock and climbed into his lap, already naked, stretched and lubricated as they didn’t have much time.

“You’ve been so good, kitten. Waited for me so patiently.” Yoongi whispered with his husked deep voice as he grabbed the firm buttocks and spread them apart so that he could aline his cock with the greedy and desperate hole.

tanniesdad: Why is this sounding like the beginning of a cliche porno?
GoldenBoy: Omg! Don’t listen! Turn off your speaker!
tanniesdad: And miss out on all the juicy stuff? Nah-ah.
tanniesdad: Where is Jimin? He needs to hear this lol

Jimin let out a soft whimper. He wanted to touch Yoongi, kiss his neck and mess his hair up but he knew that he shouldn’t. Yoongi would have to be back to the class soon. He had to look presentable for the class. The class he was supposed to be taking as well.

A loud moan escaped Jimin’s throat once he sank down on Yoongi’s big cock, bottoming out. His fingers dug deeply into Yoongi’s biceps as he tried to adjust to the feeling of being filled out. He hadn’t even started moving but his breath had already done shakey.

RJthealpaca: That voice sounds familiar?
hamburgerandsprite: Ikr?

“Be quick, you only got four minutes left” Yoongi whispered into Jimin’s ear, loving how all of Jimin’s body shuttered when he gave shell of his ear a quick lick.
After taking a few more seconds to collect himself, Jimin started rolling his hips. The pace being fast from the start and he had to hold on to Yoongi’s shoulders tightly to keep himself balanced.

Yoongi groaned as he held tightly only Jimin’s hips once he began bouncing in his lap. Up and down. Taking his cock so well. Looking so pretty his his back arched and his brows in a frown of pleasure.

Jimin threw his head back, not bothering to quiet down his pretty moan. Meanwhile Yoongi muffled his own by attaching his lips to Jimin’s deliciously soft skin. Kissing and leaving blooming marks.

Their moans and the slapping sound of skin against skin was filling the room shamelessly.

hamburgerandsprite: Whatttt?
crabluvr69: P-professor Min
C^msl^t: Is he having sex???
iloveyouprofmin: his moans tho
GoldenBoi: Wait, doesn’t that sound like Jimin?
tanniesdad: Oh fuck…

“You gotta be faster, kitten, or I won’t let you cum for the rest of the day” Yoongi warned, digging his fingers into the flesh of the ass, forcing him down on his cock and making the pace faster.

Jimin let out a whimper, “I’ll be faster! Ju-just touch me, please!”

Keeping his promise, Jimin worked harder on making his movements faster. His whole body was bouncing so prettily on his cock and the hard-working thighs were starting to shake from exhaustion. He looked stunning being all desperate like this. Moans dripping with pleasure.

Jimin was doing so well, clenching around him. Working hard just to get Yoongi to reach his climax before the short break ended while silently praying that Yoongi would start touching him soon so that he would get his orgasm as well.

“Fuck, you’re doing so good” Yoongi groaned. He could feel the tightness in his lower abdomen starting to grow. If Jimin kept on going like this he would end up cuming soon.

A quick glance on the digital clock told Yoongi that they only had one minute left.

Well, one minute was all he was going to need.

He wrapped his long fingers around Jimin’s chubby, leaking cock, kneading the head as he pressed his thumb into the slit. Then he started pumping it in a quick pace with a tight fist.

“O-oh f-fuck! Ohh fu-uck!” Jimin moaned loudly, resting his forehead against Yoongi’s shoulder as he eagerly moved his hips faster. Desperate to both have his cock buried in Yoongi’s fist and to have Yoongi’s cock buried deep inside of him.

“Fuck, kitten, I’m cuming” Yoongi groaned, unable to stop himself from thrusting up into Jimin’s tight heat as he was feeling so close to his orgasm that his mind was clouded and his instincts took over.

“Fi-fill me up, Yoongi, please!” Jimin begged desperately, not slowing down as he was chasing his own climax.

tanniesdad: wtf am I listening too??
GoldenBoi: Turn off your speaker!
tanniesdad: nOo!

Moaning loudly into Jimin’s ear, Yoongi grabbed his hips tightly and forced him down onto his cock as he came inside of him. Filling it up with his hot cum just like he had been begged to do.

“Y-yes! Th-thank you!” Jimin moaned and after rolling his hips one last time, he came all over Yoongi’s hand as the professor’s name was spilled from his lips in a high-pitched moan.

hamburgersandsprite: Did they just…?
RJthealpaca: Yep
crabluvr69: Does that mean I can turn on my speaker again?
RJthealpaca: I would wait a bit if I were you. Just incase.

They looked into each other’s eyes, both still on their high from their orgasms and being out of breath. Both of them wanted nothing more that to stay in each other’s embrace and cuddle for the next hour, but they didn’t have time for that. It was now 14:05 on the dot. Yoongi had to return to his lecture.

With a haste kiss on the lips, Jimin climbed off Yoongi’s lap so that Yoongi could get back to his online lecture and also to clean himself up before focusing on the lecture himself. Even though he might be dating his professor it didn’t come with any advantages or benefits aside from getting dicked good.

Entering the bathroom he could hear Yoongi start his online lecture. A smile formed on Jimin’s lips. He was really starting to enjoy these online lectures. Especially the breaks. Having a quickie like this at the university just wasn’t possible.

Jiminie: Hi! What did I miss?
Jiminie: oops
GoldenBoi: JIMIN!!
RJthealpaca: YOU WHAT??!!
crabluvr69: … I don’t think that’s allowed?
hamburgerandsprite: Jimin! That’s cheating!

Jimin couldn’t help but giggle for himself as he watched the group chat go crazy. Yoongi eyed him curiously, but continued his lecture. He was sure Jimin would show him whatever funny cat video he had found once the lecture was done.

When the online classed had finished, Jimin walked over to Yoongi and plopped down into his boyfriend’s lap, longing for the aftercare which he had yet to get.
Yoongi was quick to wrap his arms around his slim waist and rub loving circles into the soft skin.

Jimin waited for Yoongi to say something about the fact that the whole class had just heard them have sex. But Yoongi said nothing. He didn’t even look mildly embarrassed. Maybe he didn’t know?

A soft giggle fell from Jimin’s lips, “Babe?”

“Yeah?” Yoongi hummed as he pressed gentle kisses all over Jimin’s pretty collarbones.

“You forgot to turn off the mic” Jimin continued giggling once he watched his boyfriend’s cheeks turn a vibrant pink.