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From I-Island with Love

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Izuku couldn’t believe his eyes, villains had infiltrated I-Island. He could only watch in an alley, as the villains swarmed the streets taking hostages and killing innocents around him.

“Come Out~ “ A woman with blond hair in buns had sang. “We just want to talk! You science people are so boring, but you make the best toys!” she called out with a crazed look in her eyes.

“Toga,” A heavily scared man called. “Don’t go too far. Just round up those on the list and let’s get what we need before the hero’s come.”

“Okie Dokie Dabi!” The woman sang as she skipped off. Izuku sank further into the alley that he was hiding in with his Friend Melissa.

“’Zu, we need to evacuate…” Melissa whispered pulling on his sleeve. Fear was shining through her eyes.

“Melissa they are going to hurt everyone, we need to stop them!” Izuku whispered back as they moved through the  back alley ways.

“Zu, listen... we need to meet up with everyone and then activate the distress signal. That way the heroes can come. “  Izuku rolled his eyes.

“Do you honestly think that they’ll get here in time?  They are hours out at best. Besides, the only way to activate the beckon is through the control tower. The best we can do is put up the disaster barrier to contain them. but…” He trailed off in thought and started to mumble incoherently. His eyes grew wide. “ I think… I think I know what we can do.” He finally said.

“Wanna share?” Melissa asked as they looked around a corner.

“First we need to get to my place. Hopefully unseen. Then we are going to grab my tablet and a couple portable drives and those communication devices I’ve been working on. After my place we are going to yours. Y’know that small transmitter you’ve been working on? We take that. And when everything is all said and done. We split up.” Melissa stopped and stared at Izuku. Her eyes widened as she caught on to what he was saying. “What the hell?! Izu you can’t believe I’ll let you do this alone? I’ll go with you.” But Izuku only shook his head.

“No you can’t. Someone needs to send out the message and you’re better than me at getting the transmitter to work... Beside someone needs to get everyone out if my plan fails. Knowing the others, they’ll be leaning on doing nothing and just wait for help to come. We need to act fast before the villains figure it out...” He gave a sad smile. Melissa nodded, understanding where he was coming from. With a sigh, Melissa followed him. They made their way to his apartment and grabbed the communication devices and drives. Putting them into their ears they tested them to make sure they worked and that they were invisible to the eye.  Grabbing his tablet and an unknown device, He and Melissa made their way towards her home. Izuku was starting to get suspicious. They hadn’t seen anyone for a while. As a precaution he gently pulled Melissa’s wrist to him while viewing his surroundings. “Melissa I need you to listen to me.” She looked at him confused as he wrapped the unknown device around her wrist. “…Ok?”

“Make sure my mom is ok, and when you get the message out… don’t tell him? I know he’ll find out. And when he does he might actually kill me this time but… don’t tell him anything yet. Hopefully he doesn’t come though.” Izuku whispered that last part to himself but unfortunately Melissa caught it.

“Izuku Midoriya. What are you doing?” Melissa was scared of the tone that he spoke in. She had some idea of what was going on in his head and it wasn't good. The two had bonded over their quirklessness when he arrived at I-Island and were practically family. It scared her that this seemed like a goodbye from what was the closest thing she had to a brother.  He was silent for a moment gazing around them. Pressing a button on the device around her wrist he spoke. “We need to split up sooner then I thought. Get what you need and meet everyone at the designated point. Don’t come back. They won’t see you thanks to my device, just be careful. Please.” He looked in her direction pleading.

Melissa was shocked. “You self sacrificing idiot.” She cried but she knew it was futile. He made up his mind the moment he thought of this plan. She should’ve known better.

“Keep your mic on, I’ll be in touch.” He took off down the road, leaving Melissa to stare at the spot he was just at. She knew she was now on borrowed time and had to trust in Izuku’s plan. With that in mind she made her way, twisting and turning through the streets as quietly and quickly as possible. She didn’t realize how quiet it was. After a while, she found her way to her home. Pausing outside, she heard things breaking and being thrown. Melissa quickly ducked into the surrounding bushes, forgetting that whoever it is couldn’t see her.

“Where the hell is this brat!?” A raspy voice yelled.

“I don’t know but we either need to find her or the green haired one for any of this to be worth it.” Another voice hissed. That got her attention. Why us? Melissa thought to herself. Staying as still as possible so she doesn’t attract attention, she waited as they searched her home. “She's not here. Where do we look next?” The first voice asks coming closer to the door.

“We go to the green haired one’s place. They might’ve gone there.” With that said, two men walked out of her home. One tall and gangling pulled a phone out and dialed a number, the other was a reptile of some sort, stood next to him surveying the street. “Kurogiri, portal please.” Was said into the receiver. A moment later a swirling purple mist appeared, and they stepped through.

Melissa let out a breath she didn’t realize she had been holding and snuck into her home. Looking around, she noticed that almost everything was tossed carelessly. She grimaced at some of the almost finished projects on the ground that where now useless and made her way to her room. She noticed that the hidden compartment in her room was nearly visible under all the damage to the room itself.

Moving closer to it she carefully removed the protective plating surrounding the front of the compartment and pulled out a circular disk. Relief flashed through her as she looked at it. Standing, and gazing around the room for anything she might need. Finding nothing that would be of use, she moved out of the house and sped down the street. She could smell the fire as it rampaged through the island and she could hear the screams of people who were frightened. She was desperately wanting to help but knew that for the plan Izuku had concocted to work, she needed to get to the underground bunker. Only the islanders knew of it. Those who could make it through the chaos would grab whoever they could and lead them there.

Many times, she had to stop until it was safe. Although Melissa was still invisible to the naked eye, she didn’t want to chance it. She was almost to an opening that lead to the bunker on the edge of the island when two bursts of light went through the night sky. The first burst was short and didn’t do anything, the second one however was longer, and an audible crackling could be heard. Looking up at the wall she saw why. Izuku had activated the disaster barrier to keep thing from getting in… and effectively locking everyone in. Melissa shuddered at what that meant for Izuku to activate it. He most likely gave away his positions and- Melissa’s eyes widened in realization. Izuku doesn’t know they’re looking for us! Whipping her head towards the tower, she could only imagine what the villains would do and none of it was good. "Izuku, can you hear me?" Melissa asked over the communicator. She received no response. After several failed attempts she gave up. She knew time was up and she looked around the area she was in for a secluded spot to do her part, that way his distraction wasn't in vain.

“There.” She said to herself when she found darkened house right against the walls of the island. Moving into it quickly she found a small closet and sat down. Activating the disk, Melissa prayed it would get through. Taking a breath, she began speaking quickly and quietly into the disk. “To anyone who can hear me… Please send help…” Melissa felt tears run down her face.


“And I’m telling you man we could totally get Denki to fit 40 marshmallows into his mouth if we offered him a hundred dollars.” A spiky red haired exclaimed in his seat. He grinned at his scowling partner who was regretting his choice of internship placement.  “Fuck no shitty-hair! He’d probably do it for free if we mentioned it in front of Eye bags or Headphones. What I want to know is how many can he eat if we fill them with habanero sauce before he notices.” He grinned evilly. The red head whistled.

“Damn Bakugou, that kind of cruel.” Katsuki shrugged.

“Well what’s the point of a prank if its nice? Besides I’d make him dinner or something to make it up to his weak ass.”

“Awe bro, that’s so manly!” Kirishima went to hug Bakugou, he only partially succeeding as he was being pushed away. “Get the fuck off of me you-!” A loud beeping noise came from the surveillance console they were watching. “Dude, do you know which one it was?” Kirishima asked puzzled, looking over the many icons and buttons.

“No idea dumbass. Maybe if we listened to the communication we’d find out.” Bakugou spat out, but it lacked him usual ire. Kirishima nodded and pressed the only blinking blue button. A girl’s voice resonated in the room.

“To anyone who can hear me… Please send help..." A sob came from the speakers. “My name is Melissa Shield,”  Katsuki froze and it didn’t go unnoticed by his friend. “People have invaded I-Island. They’ve taken prisoners, they’ve killed so many. They are after something here and i don't know what. We need help! Please help us. We are hiding, we are scared. They’ve taken the heroes on the island captive and my friend, he’s risking his life to help keep them contained.”  Katsuki knee gave out and nearly collapsed before his friend caught him. Kirishima took note at how pale he was but couldn’t ask what was wrong as the message continued. “I think it’s the League of Villains. Someone is named Dabi showed up with them and one of them, Kurogiri, has some type of mist portal quirk. Please if anyone can hear me… please save us.” The message ended with more sobbing before effectively being cut off, signaling the end of the message.

“Bro… are you ok?” Kirishima looked at his friend who had moved to the console. Katsuki didn’t answer the question, only stared at the data log to see the timestamp. His eyes widened as he bolted out of the room. Kirishima looked out the door that Katsuki just rushed out of before making his way to see the timestamp of the call as well. Message Received Date/Time: 01:24:20XX /19:24. Message Sent Date/Time: 01:23:20XX/22:01. His eyes widen and he took off behind his friend. It had been almost a full twenty-four hours since it was originally sent. He ran to Fat Gums office where he knew Bakugou would most likely report the message to. 

“So, you’re telling me that this message was sent yesterday, and we are just now receiving it? That doesn’t sound like I-island at all.” Kirishima heard Fat Gum say before he entered.

“Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying god damnit! Why don’t you believe me?” Katsuki yelled. He clenched his fists so he wouldn’t blow anything up.

“Bakugou it’s not that I don’t believe you, it’s just seems very unlike the island. Who sent the message?”

Kirishima answered before Katsuki lost his temper anymore. “Melissa Shield, Sir.” Fat gum paused and then turned toward him. “Melissa’re sure?”

“Positive.” Bakugou growled out clenching his teeth.

“Hmm…” Fat gum turned towards his computer and pull up a satellite. “This satellite is something that follows I-Island in case of disasters and emergencies. Only heads of agencies have access.” He explained as pulled up a recent image of the floating island. They gasped.

What should have been a shining gem of a city in the middle of the ocean, stood a partially charred piece of metal. Flames were still burning in areas of the city and a barrier of some sort was up. Fat Gum focused in on the streets. They seemed deserted, until they found a mound of bodies lining the roads. “Oh god.” Kirishima covered his mouth in horror.

“I-I need to make a call to the other agencies…” Fat Gum whispered fumbling with his phone and ran out the room.

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“So, what do we do? We all know that the barrier is up and won’t let anything in until it comes down.” Hawks stated to the group of heroes, sidekicks, and their interns.

“I’m not sure. There isn’t anything that leads to a shelter above ground and we know there is nothing underground in the sea other than the island stabilizer. We would’ve been informed otherwise.” Gunhead pointed out.

The Hero’s had come together and have been discussing what had happened and possibilities as to why. They seemed to have a decent grasp on what happened, but not why it happened in the first place. Katsuki scoffed. This wouldn’t help them if they can’t figure out why.

“Then where would the citizens have gone?” Someone had asked.

 “Maybe the League just killed them all.” Endeavor stated. Several people scowled and glared at him for suggesting such a thing. Meanwhile, Katsuki was thinking hard. He knew there was something he was missing, something that was obvious to him.

“If they had a bunker underground it- “ Another hero had started to say when Katsuki realized what he was missing. He almost felt ashamed for forgetting it. “That’s it.” He whispered; eyes wide. The heroes all turned toward him. “Do you have something to add Bakugou?” Fat gum asked him. He looked up from his trance eyes widened and slightly surprised but shook it off. “Yea, there is something. The Island has an underground bunker.” He stood up and went to the projector pointing to a bottom portion of the underside of the Island just before the stabilizer. “It’s between these layers. However, there is a problem. Only those with authorize access can enter as a precaution. It’s only been implemented recently, which is probably why we haven’t heard of it”

“And how, pray tell, would you know about it before us?” Endeavor spat at him.

“I…” Katsuki mumbled his response, turning into himself. Aizawa noticed this and felt a new headache come on.

“Speak boy!” Endeavor demanded.

“I said… I may have…” Katsuki took a deep breath to calm himself. Eijirou exchanged looks with his classmates around the room. This wasn’t the Bakugou they knew.

“Katsuki,” Aizawa called his attention. “Just tell us problem child.”

Katsuki nodded and took another breath, closing his eyes he began. “My… friend… is on I-island and after the attack a few years ago, he helped both come up with the idea and develop the bunker so it could function. He made sure that I knew in case anything happened and then proceeded to key me into the system.” The room was silent. No one knew what to say to this. His classmates had very wide eyes and some of them had their mouths open. Aizawa felt a headache come full force, there was more to it, he could tell but now was not the time. It put them in a tight enough position already. They needed him to go so he could get them in but couldn’t go due to his closeness to the situation. He turned to his student. “Do you believe that you can prioritize this mission over anything else that we may come across? Including this…friend?” Katsuki paused and thought. He knew he could, but still hesitated.

“Yes, I can.” Katsuki replied. There seemed to be a sigh of relief from the older heroes.

“Very well. I suggest sending a group of seasoned heroes, along with class 3-A from UA, as they have faced the League multiple times and would know how they work, and how to handle them.” Aizawa stated to the group. That’s when the outbursts started. But quickly ended when it was pointed out that the island would only suffer more if they sat there and argued. So, the plan was made and they agreed that they would move out via rescue boat to the current location of the island in two hours, giving everyone time to get ready to head out, and giving class 3-A time to grill their resident hot head about his connection to the island.

“What the fuck do you extras want?” Katsuki exclaimed, leaning in his chair.

“Well for starter- “Kirishima began but was cut off by Kaminari and Mina.

“WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ABOUT YOUR IN DUDE?” They yelled in unison. Katsuki gave them a blank stare.

“I didn’t want to make it a big deal about it you fucker’s…” He stated blushing slightly.

“Awe look guys! Bakugou is blushing.” Uraraka exclaimed pointed out. “Must be some friend?” She winked at him, which only made him blush harder.

“Shut UP Round face!” He jumped up with his hands popping and the class laughing at the two of them.

“Enough.” A voice called out. They all turned to see Aizawa leaning in the doorway. “Bakugou, a word.” Katsuki became silent as he followed his teacher out the door and down the hall.

“What do you want?”

“Will you be alright?” Aizawa asked.

“Honestly?” Katsuki sighed. “Yeah. Just the moment I see my friend, I’m probably going to kill him. Not going to lie, he's a trouble magnet. You think I’m bad? Then just wait till you meet him. I just hope he wasn’t the one who most risked his life.” His teacher nodded and sighed deeply.

“I get that your worried but remember we need to get everyone out and evacuated, not just your friend.” Katsuki nodded at his words.

“Yes, Sensei.”

“Now go tell the others that it’s time to head out. I’ll be waiting in the front.”

“Yes sir.” Turning back towards the room to get his class, Katsuki kicked open the door “Alright, get your dumbasses up! It’s time to go!”

The trip to I-island was a huge blur for class 3-A. It had started to storm, and everyone was a little tense as they got closer and closer to the island. The boat itself was big enough for the Islanders to fit and then some, however, to avoid further suspicion they were taking smaller crafts to the islands’ docking bay. From there it was decided that Katsuki would lead the group to the bunker. Much to the annoyance of Endeavor.

“Alright everyone!” Aizawa addressed the group. “Get into the boats and let’s get going, we don’t have all day.” He shouted over the wind and rain and motioned behind him were three black buoy boats were. Katsuki climbed into one with Kirishima, Mina, Sero, Kaminari and Jirou. Each boat could hold about ten or so people. Uraraka, Iida, and Asui followed him into the boat. Endeavor angrily sat in the driver’s seat. He turned to Katsuki. “I don’t agree with any of this. You better hope that what your leading us to is correct.” Katsuki sneered at him.

“I fucking know what the hell I’m talking about. Have some faith old man!” Endeavor gave him one last look before starting up the boat and making his way toward the island, the other boats followed suit and they were quickly on their way. It only took them another fifteen minutes to reach the port and they disembarked from the boats.

“Well problem child? Lead the way.” Aizawa said. Katsuki took a breath and walked further onto the dock with the group following him. Attempting to avoid any cameras, he came up to a part of the wall that appeared to be in a blind spot. “There’s nothing here.” Momo whispered behind him. Katsuki only rolled his eyes and he felt along a line of bolts, kneeling as he went. Grinning to himself, he pressed down on one of the darker ones near the bottom. A sound of metal was heard to the left as he stood up.  He made is way quickly towards to the sound and pushed a piece of metal further way from one side of the wall revealing a computer screen and a hand scanner with what looked like a small pin at the top of the middle finger. He typed some passcode in and shoved his hand onto the scanner, hissing as the pin pricked his finger. A robotic voice came from the computer. “Welcome, Katsuki Bakugou. Who should I alert to your arrival?” The group stared in surprise.

“Izuku Midoriya.” He grunted out putting pressure to the small wound on his finger as he waited for it to stop bleeding.

“Apologies, Izuku is not available in the area you wish to have access to. Is there anyone else you wish to alert?” Katsuki froze.

“What the fuck do you mean he’s not there?” He shouted at the computer.

“Apologies, he hasn't arrived. Is there anyone else you wish to alert?” He sighed.

“Fine, contact Melissa Shield.”

“Very well. Alerting Melissa Shield now. Please step through the doorway and welcome to I-island.” After it finished speaking a door next to it opened. Katsuki stood in front of it so it wouldn’t close and motioned to the group to go through. “It’s bigger than it looks so follow me and stay close.” Katsuki stated after everyone made it through, and the door was shut. Moving along a stairwell, He led them down into what they thought was the stabilizer. He took many twists and turns until finally coming to a large bunker door.

“Well I’ll be damned.” Hawks whispered looking at it. Everyone stared to Bakugou.

“What?! You thought I was lying? Fuck no.” With that said he knocked hard three times on a smaller entry.  He crossed his arms and waited. After a few minutes, became irritated and went to knock again. Just as he raised his fist the door opened. “K-katsuki?” A voice called. A blond-haired woman stepped out from the door and looked at the group, relief written on her face. “You came.” She smiled.

“Of course, we fucking came. What the fuck did you think was going to happen when you sent the message." Katsuki sneered at her. "Now Melissa, I need you to think real carefully.” Katsuki took a step forward menacingly. “You better not cover for him like I know you would. Where the fuck is he?” Melissa paled.

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Izuku ran as fast as he could towards the tower. He knew it was only a matter of time before someone found him and either killed him like everyone else or took him hostage. Ducking into a corner alley he pulled out his tablet and booted it up. “Come on, come on.” He whispered staring at the screen.  With a low beep the tablet came to life , displaying all sorts of applications. Quickly Izuku chose the ones that would activate some safety precautions, so the islanders have the best chance of escaping. In the back ground he could hear the security drones coming to life to protect and destroy. He only hoped it would be enough for most to get to the bunker.

Nodding at his work, Izuku  took off again towards the tower. Keeping to the back roads and alleys, he slowly made it to the main tower, and realized he had a problem. The villains were guarding the known entrance. “Damnit.” He mumbled glancing around, he bit his lip to avoid any thoughts from spilling out as he went through scenarios on what to do. Ok, so I need to get into the building, but how… He thought as he scanned the building with his eyes. Not seeing an opening, Izuku took his tablet and pulled up a diagram of the tower itself, looking for an alternative.  He was so engrossed in finding a way in that he didn’t realize someone had come up behind him.

“Hi.” The high voice whispered in his ear. Izuku jumped away and turned, quickly hiding his equipment.

“H-hi.” He responded, taking a few steps back away from the blond woman, who was making her way to him. “What’s your name cutie~.” She said with a crazed look in her eye. “My names Toga. I gotta say, you don’t look like you belong over here.” She sang. Izuku gulped. “In fact,” She moved closer as Izuku hit a wall. “You- you kinda look like someone we’re looking for.” Izuku gulped. “Yeah! You’re the green-haired one! Oh! Shiggy is going to be so happy if found you!” She started to jump up and down in excitement.

“I’m sorry… Who?” Izuku asked.

“Oh, just Shigaraki. Now come on! Let’s go! I need to get you inside, and don’t think about running either cutie. I will find you!” She giggled and grabbed his arm. Izuku attempted to get out of her hold but realized that this blond was much stronger than she looked. Just get in the tower Izuku. You can come up with a plan and lose her in the tower. Izuku was internally panicking as he was forced to follow this crazy woman, Toga, into the tower.

“Toga! You’re back so soon?” One of the guards posted at the door asked when he noticed her.

“Yup! I have something for Shiggy so can you let us in? Pretty please~” Toga asked batting her eyes.

“Whatever Toga. Just watch yourself.” The other guard said.

“Hmph, I can handle myself assholes.” She stalked forward, dragging Izuku along with her through the door. Once they were out of earshot, she started mumbling to herself. Izuku took this as an opportunity to carefully remove a wand from the side of his tablet. “Seriously, men! Just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean that I can’t take one prisoner to Shiggy. It’s not like this weak kid is anything special strength wise.”

As they turned onto an abandoned corridor, Izuku looked around and saw a maintenance door. Waiting for his opportunity, He quietly powered up the thin wand-like piece from his equipment. When they reached the maintenance door, he struck.  The stick made contact with her skin and caused a high electric volt to go through her, effectively knocking her out. Izuku shook out of her grip as she tumbled to the floor, her body shaking from the shock. He quickly made his way to the door and found it to be locked.

Replacing the stick into the tablet, he extended an antenna that connected wirelessly with the tower, giving him basic access. He unlocked the door, put his tablet away, and dragged Toga into the maintenance closet. “There, now you can stay here.” He whispered as he closed and relocked the door. He then took off in the direct that he knew the elevator was, hoping that he could make it to the room he needed with no other issues.

When Izuku arrived at the elevator, he thanked any god that would listen that it wasn’t guarded. Getting into the elevator, He opened his tablet and connect to the controls, telling the elevator which floor to let him off. While riding to the control floor, He took a program that he designed and managed to get into the security cameras. He found that the way to the Control Room was clear, but from the looks of it, not for long. He watched anxiously as the numbers slowly arrived to the 200th floor.

With a ding at the 200th floor, Izuku took off running down the hall and skidded to a stop at the door. Throwing it open, he quickly got to work in setting up the barrier; but first as a precaution he quickly changed the commands to the system, effectively locking everyone but him out of the system. He found that the first attempt didn’t work. “Fuck, fuck, fuck. Come on you stupid piece of-“ Izuku started with the second attempt that went through the system. “Yes!!!!” He fist bumped the air, only to have an alarm start blaring due to the first failed attempt. Izuku froze for just a moment in shock. “Oh shit.” He whispered. Jumping to the door.

Instead of the elevator this time however, he took to the stairs. “There he is! Get the brat!” He heard a voice call. He didn’t look back. He just kept running.

Where can I go? He thought as he ran through each floor. His eyes widened. He knew just where he could go, and they couldn’t get him. He could wait them out.

Going through one of the side doors on level 187, Izuku ran hard, to the point that his lungs were burning. He reached a bare testing room. Having stopped to put in his passcode, he could hear his pursuers getting closer. The door opened partially, and he wasted no time running in and slamming and locking the door. He then activated the safety protocols in the room, which not only allowed him to nullify quirks in the room, but also outside of the room up to a ten-foot radius. The rooms were designed so nothing could get in or out without the passcode, that he just changed. He spun around and grinned at the men who chased him through the large window. A lizard man, a man who was dressed in black and a half grey mask covering his face, and finally a man who looked horribly burnt all over his body. The man with burns looked both amused and murderous at the same time, which Izuku thought was very funny internally. Making his way to the side of the room he pressed a red button for the rooms’ intercom.

“Hello gentlemen,” He started. “Such a lovely night for a stroll don’t you think? How can I help you?” Izuku grinned as the yelling began.

Chapter Text

“Bakugou, I’m going to need you to calm down, alright?” Melissa said as she backed away slowly from the entrance. Katsuki stalked forward, glaring at her, as the rest of the teams followed him in.

“And Mel, I don’t like repeating myself. You know this. Now you tell me one good reason why I shouldn’t go and hunt him down in this mass of people right now.” Bakugou said reaching for Melissa. Right before he touched her, however, he was wrapped in several sections of his teachers’ scarf.

“Enough Bakugou. You told me this wouldn’t be a problem and that you would prioritize the mission over your friend. Am I mistaken?” Aizawa asked as he canceled the blond's quirk. Everyone stared at Bakugou waiting for an answer. Katsuki was fuming, but he knew he made Aizawa that promise, and he intended to keep it, that is until everyone was evacuated. He sighed and nodded his head. “Very good. Now, introductions please.”

“Everyone, this is Melissa Shield, a student here on the island. Mel, these are the Pro’s who have come to help…and the extras in my class.” He grumbled out as his class burst out in protest.

“Hey, man don’t embarrass us in front of the cute girl!” Mineta shouted.

“Is that any way to treat your classmates and comrades? We deserve a proper introduction!” Iida said while chopping his arms. Melissa started laughing uncontrollably and the class quieted down and just stared at her. “I’m- I’m sorry. I don’t mean to laugh. It’s just, one of my best friends studies quirks and analyzes them. We watch the sports festival every year and so I already know who all of you are.” Melissa looked down as tears started to form in her eyes.

“There’s no point in introducing your guys if she already knows who you are.” Katsuki glared at a wall and crossed his arms. Melissa nodded.

“Alright then. If you could just follow me, please? Everyone that is alive still is just through that door at the end, well- almost everyone anyway.” She turned at proceeded to walk across the large hallway.

“What do you mean ‘almost everyone’?” Endeavor asked. Melissa looked over her shoulder with a sad look on her face.

“My friend, the one who trapped us all here to keep the villain’s in, along with a handful of other scientists are currently trapped in the tower.” Katsuki felt himself grow cold and his heart picked up speed.

“Dude, you ok? You don’t look so hot.” Kirishima asked him as they walked. Katsuki shook his head.

“Fuck off shitty-hair.” He said without any of his usual bite.

“Kat,” Melissa called as they reached the door. Katsuki looked up at her. “I tried to stop him, but he already decided on his plan. But I can tell you he is ok.” With that, she pulled the door open. “We’re back! I brought the heroes that answered the call.”  She called out to a man near the front of one of many small building enclosures.

The heroes and students followed her and looked around in wonder. Katsuki just scoffed at their reaction. “It’s not that great.” He said as he continued to follow Melissa.

“Says you dude, this is great!” Kaminari exclaimed. Jirou and Mina nodded.

“Yeah dude, whoever came up with this idea must be super smart. How did they get so much space?” Kirishima asked.

“That’s easy, we didn’t. We just expanded and monopolized the space we had.” A male voice said.

The students looked and saw David Shield standing in front of them. “David.” Aizawa greeted.

“Shouta, Pleasure to see you again.” David acknowledged back and looked over the group, eyes widening when they landed on Katsuki. “Katsuki, I haven’t seen you in a few years. How are your parents?” Katsuki hunched forward and didn’t look at David.

“They’re fine, but this isn’t a social call.” He grumbled out.

“He is right.” Fat Gum said from the back of the group. “We need to evacuate everyone down here. Do you know about how many are here by any chance?” He asked David, looking around at all the people. David thought for a moment before replying.

“Around five thousand or so. I’m not too sure, to be honest. A lot of the island was closed off due to reconstruction and so most of the population took contract opportunities off the island.” David explained, gesturing for the group to follow. The hero’s nodded, following him and his daughter.

“We are going to need to move them out little by little. It will take time however.” Aizawa said to David.

“That may not be necessary,” David responded moving them into a room, just barely big enough to fit them all. They looked at him in confusion as they maneuvered to fit around the room.

“And why not?!” Endeavor asked.

“Because if need be, we have temporary evacuation pods. The problem is that we need to get them powered up and we are cut off from the power grid as of right now. There is also the issue of getting them out of the barrier. It covers not only the top part of the island but also the bottom to protect it from damage during storms and such.”

“How did you get locked out of the power grid? Don’t you people have a back-up system or something?” Fat Gum asked. David sighed and Melissa started to fidget by his side.

"When Izuku locked us out unintentionally I believe when he put up the barrier. Unfortunately, that also means that any back-up power we have is limited. How he was even able to change the codes, I have no idea, but I don’t doubt that he could do it. Only high-level security and board directors should have them.”

“I see, and is this Izuku person the one that Miss Shield brought up earlier?” Hawks asked looking between both Katsuki and Melissa. The class listened to the back and forth conversation while quietly watching for a reaction from Bakugou, who was glaring intently at every one of them.

“Yes. His name is Izuku Midoriya, he is a 3rd-year student at the I-Island academy. It was his idea to put up the barrier and have Melissa here call for help. Great in keeping the villains in, however now we can’t get out. And no one has been able to contact him since this began.”

“How would a student at your academy even have the means to access this? Does he have some sort of mental quirk or something?” Endeavor demanded. Melissa and Katsuki both flinched, and it didn’t go unnoticed by Aizawa.

“Care to share, Bakugou? It’s obvious you know something.” He asked. Katsuki whipped his head towards his teacher.

“He doesn’t have a quirk,” Katsuki mumbled looking away.

“What? How is that possible then, for someone who is quirkless, to get through the security that would not only be in the tower but around it as well for them to change the information needed to access the system?” Endeavor ranted. Melissa and David both looked at him with surprise.

“You- you don’t think that someone who is quirkless can do something like that?” Melissa asked tentatively. Endeavor scoffed.

“Of course not. The quirkless are useless in today’s society and are not worth the effort.” Endeavor responded. Katsuki froze, eyes widening, as he looked upon the current number one hero.

“HE’S NOT USELESS!” Melissa shouted, startling the heroes and students around her. David nodded, agreeing with her.

“Izuku is one of the smartest kids I have ever come across. Even those with an IQ or mental quirk of some type can’t touch his intelligence and way of thinking. So yes, Endeavor. I fully believe that Izuku managed to override the system and change the codes, no matter how he did it.” David said glaring at the number one hero. “Furthermore, if you have such an issue with those that are quirkless, maybe you should think more on retiring. Discrimination, I believe, has no place in the hero world, and any heroes who do certainly won’t be getting equipment from the island. Many of the residents here don’t work with those that discriminate.” Endeavor was looked shocked. Aizawa rolled his eyes and stepped in to get everything back on track.

“I understand he changed it, doesn’t matter how. Do we have any way of contacting him? The sooner we get everyone down here out, the sooner we can go above and get to the scientists that were taken.”

“No, I don’t have any way of contacting them,” David replied.

“Um… I may have away.” Melissa quietly said.

“How?” Aizawa asked. Melissa pulled out the earpiece that was given to her and held it for the group to see.

“This is a communication device that Izuku was playing around with. He and I tested them all over the island to make sure that the short and long-range worked, along with making it nearly impossible to detect. He was working on expanding the range and worked with the durability, that way heroes could have a more reliable source of communication. Unfortunately, this is the only pair so far, and even then, he’s working out the bugs still. I just haven’t been able to get ahold of him yet.” Melissa explained.

“Do you mean to tell me,” David began. “That you had a way of getting in touch with him this whole time?” Melissa flinched at her father’s tone.

“Well, not a reliable way…” She answered, refusing to look at her father.

“Could it be possible that he just hasn’t turned it on? Do they have a battery life perhaps?” Asui asked.

Melissa blinked owlishly at her and then hit herself in the head. “Damnit, of course!” she mumbled to herself.

“Give it here.” Katsuki grabbed it from Melissa and then tossed it to Kaminari. “Dunce face, give it a quick zap.” Kaminari rolled his eyes and nodded. He held onto the device, giving it a slow charge so he wouldn't fry it. As he charged it up, it started to make a beep sound and a green light popped up on one of the sides indicating that it was done. “Is there anyways to amplify the sound so we can all hear it?” Hawks asked.

“I think so…” Melissa said taking the device back and looking it over. “Ah, here it is!” She pointed to a small headphone jack at the bottom.

“Ears, your turn,” Katsuki said to Jirou.

“Gotcha,” She said taking the device and connecting to it. She routed it to the speakers in her support equipment and handed it back to Melissa.

“Thank you,” Melissa said as she turned it on. Suddenly the room was filled with off-key singing.

“Oh, where, oh where has my mind gone? Oh, where, oh where can it be? It was here and then there, but nowhere now. Oh, where, oh where could it be?" They could hear the guy sighing on the other end. "Geeze Melissa, answer already."

"I-Izuku?” Melissa asked concerned.

“MEL?? Where have you been? I’m bored out of my god damn mind! It’s been forever, Mel. Did you lose the device I gave you? Did you get in through with the Pros? Are they coming? Please tell me you remembered to make sure Kacchan didn’t find out. He might actually kill me this time.”

“Izu-" She tried to say.

I mean remember that time I set the apartment on fire while trying to cook? Or that time I fell down that construction site and didn’t call for help because I thought I could get out without it? He was mad then but this? He might actually kill me. So please, please, please tell me he didn’t find out.” Melissa sighed knowingly. She looked at Katsuki and asked.

“Do you want to tell him, or should I?” Katsuki smirked and it sent shivers down his classmates’ spines. Leaning towards the mic, he spoke.

“Hey, nerd.” The was a long, silent pause.

“…Oh, fuck my life.”

Chapter Text

“K-Kacchan, Firecracker! It’s so great to hear from you! How’s the internship going? How’s your mom? Did she complete that dress in time for the show? I didn’t catch it sadly I was to-” Izuku rambled. Class 3-A Looked back and forth between Jirou’s speakers and Bakugou, who was slowly getting more and more red.

“Deku.” He said.

“It so nice to hear from you, y’know. I mean I love Melissa, but I honestly can’t wait to get off this Island. OH! Do you think we could travel somewhere after you graduate? I was thinking Australia or maybe even Switzerland. What do you think Kacchan?  Cold or hot?”

“I think you should shut up nerd.” Katsuki spat out rubbing his temples. “What the fuck where you thinking, you sacrificial idiot? I thought we agreed to leave the heroics the professionals Deku!”

“Well we didn’t agree so much as you, Auntie, and Mom told me to stop because you were scared I’d get hurt or something.” Izuku sassed.

“Fucking Deku. That means no running off and breaking into towers filled with highly dangerous villains! Do you know what will happen if they get you?” Katsuki continued his rant not paying attention to what the other was saying.

“Do you?” Katsuki groaned.

Kaminari looked at Mina and asked. “Are you seeing this? Spiky is showing concern!” Mina nodded.

“I know, it’s so weird.”

“They will attempt to kill you the first chance they get! This isn’t a video game or movie dumbass! If this keeps happening, I’m going to have to lock you in a sealed room!”

“As kinky as that sounds Kacchan, I’m fairly sure that’s kidnapping or abduction, either way still very much illegal. Besides how will I be entertained? Unless you plan on staying with me there?” Izuku flirted.

“Kirishima are you seeing this?” Uraraka asked the redhaired man.

“I-I-...” Kirishima was speechless as he watched his friend turn red, this time for a completely different reason.

Katsuki Blushed at Izuku’s words. “Damn nerd,” He mumbled. He rubbed his hand down his face and sighed. “Look nerd-” He was interrupted by Izuku cutting him off again.

“If it makes you feel better, I  think I know why they are here.” Everyone paused.

“What do you mean ‘you know why they are here’? You know why they are attacking?” Aizawa cut in before Katsuki could. He wanted to get this done and get back home soon, not stand there and listen to his problem child lecture a hostage.

“Well sir, Toga, I think it was, spilled it to me. They may or may not be here for me and Melissa. Or just one or the other. They don’t seem to picky.” Izuku spoke as if he was commenting on the weather. Aizawa glanced at Melissa and crossed his arms. She froze in place under his gaze. “Really now?”


“And what information pray tell, would either of you too have, that they would be interested in?”

“Oh, it could be a number of things!”  Izuku said excitedly. “It could be an idea, something locked in the vault, the serum Mel and I accidently found.” There was a pause. “Now that I say that, It’s probably the serum.”  Aizawa rubbed his temples. David stepped up before anyone could ask the question.

“Izuku, what serum?” Izuku was silent, so David turned to his daughter. “Melissa?” Melissa fidgeted with her hands.

“Well you see…” She began, not looking at anyone of the people in the room. “We may have... possibly… accidently of course! Discovered a synthetic to cancel quirks. It only worked for a little bit though! With consent from our teachers and classmates, we were able to work out the kinks. Izuku thought that maybe it could be used in hero work and the police force.”

“Yeah, but when we took it to the Commissions Board, they ruled against putting it out there. Which really, that’s fair, kinda. It sucked though. They made us destroy it, under guard supervision of course. Nothing survived, we everything about it is gone. They didn’t even want it in the vault David!” The heroes and students went rigid, having flashbacks of Kai Chisaki. Hawks spoke up.

“If you destroyed everything, why are they here?”

“Well… all PHYSICAL evidence was destroyed.”

“Meaning what? Speak boy, no more riddles!” Endeavor shouted. Izuku scoffed at him.

“Oh, shut the fuck up, I was getting to that, Endeavwhore.” Looks of amusement and horror washed through the group.  “Like I was saying, physical evidence was destroyed but I have a photographic memory. I could possibly remake it, but I also understand the complications that could arise if I do. They probably think Melissa knows or something, but any backups or samples were destroyed. So…”

“So basically, You are trapped in a giant metal trap where it’s only a matter of time before they find you, and you hold the key to a possibly highly dangerous serum that the league has been looking for since Chisaki was brought down?” Fat gum asked.

“Basically, but I did lock myself in an observation room. They can’t get in without the password!” The group could hear pounding on the other end. “Fuckers, anyways no password no go. And I changed everything beforehand so… I’ll be fine for now I think.”

Bakugou let out a noise that sounded like a dying whale. “Oh, don’t be so dramatic Kacchan, now hush the adults are talking.”

“Is there anyway for you to unlock this section so we can evacuate the people left on the island?” Hawks asked.

“Oh yeah I can do that one second.”  There was silence for a few minutes as Izuku attempted to deactivate the barrier around the bunker. “And… done. Ok they are all clear to evacuate the island. And the league is none the wiser!”

A low-pitched beep sounded throughout the bunker, a robotic voice went off above them saying, “Protocol override. Prepare for evacuation. Please make your way to the nearest vessel and prepare for launch.” This had repeated over and over.

“Sounds like its working. Anything else you need?”  Izuku asked.

“Yes,” Aizawa said. “How exactly does this serum work? You mentioned that it only lasts a few hours or so. Can it be made to have a longer effect?”

“Well it works by being injected into the skin. As for if it can be tampered with, of course it could! It’s chemicals one wrong dose and its bye-bye quirk. But they shouldn’t even know about it. We didn’t tell anyone except the board, a select few students, our teacher and my mom, but that one was an accident! I was ranting about all the research we lost to Mel and she overheard. I know she wouldn’t purposely give over information about this.”

“I see. We’ll have to discuss this more later then. Stay where you are, and we will find you in a few hours.” Aizawa responded.

“Roger dodger! Talk to you later. Bye Kacchan!” Izuku called before disconnecting.

“Everyone,” Aizawa turned to the group. “Prepare for evacuation. Help these people to the vessels and then report back here. Only after everyone else is off this island will we go after the rest of the hostages. Am I clear?”

“Yes sir!” Class 3-A said.

“Bakugou, Stay behind.” Katsuki gulped and walked up to his teacher while the rest scattered to see what could be done. Aizawa looked over him carefully. “You told me that this wouldn’t be an issue when we left. Is that still true or do I have to put you on one of those vessels myself.”

“No sir. You don’t need to worry about anything.” Aizawa looked at him blankly before nodding.

“Then get to work.” Seeing that he was dismissed Katsuki took off to help the other. Hawks gave Aizawa a side look. “Do you believe him?” Aizawa sighed for what seemed like the hundredth time.

“I want to, but I think his reaction to this kid is a little to emotional for just friends, and if what I’m thinking is correct then it would be best to send him home. But I’m not going to, because there is always the possibility I’m wrong.”

Chapter Text

Ok so I’ve been thinking, and I’m sure some of you maybe wondering where these stories are going right? Fear not they will be continued. Just a lot of personal stuff has kinda happened all at once in the span of the last couple of months that have led me to put like EVERYTHING on hold.

On this upside. During this time, I have finally figured out how long Home To You will go on for and how long From I-Island with Love will be so there’s that. I sincerely apologize for the waiting that everyone is doing. But What's Down Below will probably get updated periodically as it is based off The Meg.

My son starts distance learning soon so that’s fun and I just started a new job and College full time in a few weeks, so please bear with me, I will do my best to get these updated for those that are waiting.

Again. I Am NOT abandoning these stories, just getting my shit together first.

I hope you all are staying safe during this time and I’ll catch y’all later <3

Chapter Text

Izuku paced the room, bored out of his mind. “You know kid, you could just turn yourself in. makes our job a hell of a lot easier.” A voice came in from the other side of the door. Izuku was startled and slightly concerned. Why didn’t the sensors alert me, He thought. Turning towards the voice he saw the villains guarding him had parted to make way for a patch-worked man with staples in him. He only looked a little bit older than himself. Opening in the communication link on his side of the door, he responded.

“And why the hell would I do that? I know what your capable of.” Izuku retorted, rolling his eyes.

The other man smirked and held up his hand, revealing a bright blue flame. Izuku shivered, remembering past experiences with flames similar. “You must be Dabi then?” He said keeping his voice from trembling too much.

“Correct. I gotta say Green bean, I saw what you did to Toga on the camaras. Very quick. She won’t be too happy when she wakes up. And she will find a way in. Just give us what we want, and we can spare you the pain.” Dabi paused for a moment and thought. “Well at least most of the pain. I’m sure our boss will allow some for our trouble.” He chuckled, and to his surprise Izuku did to.

“Yeah? I’m sure your ‘Sensei’ will want to get a few licks in himself. After all, it what he’s good at.” Izuku’s eyes filled with tears at his memory, leaving Dabi confused. Smirk falling into a frown, he leaned back slightly, looking over Izuku to see if he could decipher his words. He shooed away the villains guarding the door and carefully choose his next words.

“Y’know, it’s not just Shigaraki, All for One is coming if we don’t finish this quickly. We are on a time crunch here kid. Really just give us what we want, and we will leave.” He watched as Izuku froze at the mention of All for One. Sighing, he ran a hand through his hair.

Izuku stared at nothing as a million and one thoughts went through his head. As much as it scared him to go against Him, he knew that he couldn’t, WOULDN’T, give them what they want. At least not willingly. Blinking away the tears in his eyes and shaking his head as if to shake any stupid thoughts from it, he put on the cockiest smile he could, one that Kacchan would be proud of him for, and looked at Dabi. Dabi stared coolly back at him, still observing, and gave his answer.

“The Hero’s are here, as you probably know.” Dabi nodded. “And I’m the only one who can lift the lockdown. So, my answer to you...” He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Opening them, he watched Dabi shift under his glare. “My answer is that you guys can go get fucked. I’m not giving you shit.”

Dabi’s jaw dropped slightly and then he broke out into uncontrollable laughter. “Oh, Green bean, if only you had a choice. We’ll talk again soon.” He waved as he walked away from the door, and Izuku turned off all communication, putting extra firewalls and precautions in place so he couldn’t be hacked. If they were in the comm’s even a little bit, then that means they are working their way through. He would have to sit and watch everything closely on one of the computers in the room.

Taking a deep breath to calm himself, he thought back to what Dabi had said. “All for One is coming. We are on a time crunch.” All for One… His dad was coming. This wasn’t good, but it did explain why they were here now. After all, his mom had probably told his dad about his work on I-island, and he had just vented to her how they scrapped the project they were working on. Too bad she didn’t realize she was married to a supper villain. Maybe then she wouldn’t tell him anything about Izuku.

Sighing, Izuku pulled out his earpiece. “K-kacchan?” He whispered into it.

A few minutes past before he tried again. “Kacchan? Are you there?”

“Nerd? What’s wrong?” Katsuki’s voice filled his head. The weight of what Dabi told him was heavy, but just hearing that voice made it a little bit better.

“Kacchan… Dabi came and talked to me. The one with the scar’s?” Izuku began to tear up and leaned against a wall. Sliding down it, He told Katsuki what happened. “They want the project, but that’s not all…”

“What else Deku? Come on talk to me babe.” Izuku mumbled about All for One. “Nerd? Can you hear repeat that? You know I can’t hear you mumbling.” Katsuki jokes. Wiping the tears that started to fall, Izuku repeated himself.

“All for One is coming… Kat, my dad is coming here soon.” He heard Katsuki’s breath hitch. “Kat, You guys need to leave… He’ll kill you all, you know he’s been looking for an excuse to for you especially since the new came out to our families. Hell, he hates us both in general. I’m sure he’s looking for any excuse to kill us both.”


“And you know I won’t let him kill you. I can’t live without you. But you’ve always been the strongest, “I’m sure you’ll be ok. I mean…”


“What if I just blow kill myself now? That’ll be better then whatever he has planned right? Then he can’t- “

“Izuku Midoriya, if you finish that train of thought so help me, I will make sure every plan you have put into our special day is scrapped and handed over to our mothers.” Izuku stopped speaking. “Thank you, for god sake Deku, if you think for one minute I could live without you, you’re a bigger dumbass then what I thought! We’ve been together, willingly or not, our ENTIRE lives. He’s not going to kill you either because by the time he gets there we will all be long gone. Our priority is to clear the island. Not to fight All for one. My priority, whether they have caught on yet or not, is to get you home safely.”

Izuku giggled. “That’s not very hero like Kacchan.”

“Whatever nerd. What did you tell Stitches when he gave you that little bit of juicy information though?”

“Told them to get fucked. You’d be proud.” A small smile graced his lips as he tilted his head back and closed his eyes. He listened to Katsuki laugh for a solid minute before he was able to calm down enough to talk.

“Damn right I’m proud nerd. Keep it up ok? I’ll see you soon and then we’ll blow this place.”

“Yes Kacchan.”

“Good, Now I gotta go. SOMEONE looked himself in a tower and needs to be rescued.”

“Sorry… Hey what about the other Scientists?”

“… Some made it out, but others… Let’s just say it’s not pretty. And Deku?”


“Stay safe and clear a path. I’m coming for you.”

“Yes Katsuki…. I love you.”

“Love you too nerd.”  With that the communication cut off and Izuku was left by himself again. Looking around, his eyes fell on the computers in the corner and his tablet that was discarded on the floor from when he rushed in the room. “Well, I guess I better start then.” He mumbled to himself as he pulled himself up and started to inspect the code he implemented and kept an eye on the building’s cameras.

Katsuki sighed as he hung up the com with Izuku, things seemed to be going from bad to worse and he was going to blow if he didn’t let off some steam soon. Shaking his head, he walked back toward the opening of the alley he had ducked into to have the conversation with Izuku. What he wasn’t counting on was his so-called squad leaning and listening in on their end. He glared at Jiro and then made his way over the faces of the rest of them, daring them to say something. Denki, being the comical genius, was the first to speak up. “So… just a friend huh?” Well fucking great, Katsuki thought as the squad started to shake their heads at their friends obvious death wish. 

Chapter Text

“Ow, ow, ow! Geeze bro! Take a joke!” Kirishima said rubbing his head. The group looked expectantly at Bakugou who just crossed his arms and glared.

“Come on dude! We won’t tell anyone.” Kaminari smirked. Katsuki rolled his eyes before stomping past them. Looking over his shoulder, he gestured for them to follow. The squad scrambled after him.

“Look,” He started. “Obviously, he’s not just a friend. Any idiot with two brain cells could put that together.” Katsuki cast a sideways glance at his group of idiots. “He’s my …” Katsuki mumbled.

“What was that Baku?” Mina asked, grinning. Katsuki glared at her.

“He’s my partner bug eyes.” The group halted.

“What do you mean… partner?” Kirishima asked suspiciously.

“Yeah dude, if it’s what I think it is, how did you convince everyone to even let you within a hundred miles of this place?” Sero asked. Katsuki stopped and stared to the heavens as if they held the answers.

“I didn’t give them the option.” He said moving forward again. “I was the only one with access. And I’m already here, but I’m not leaving without him.”

“Well on the upside, now we just need to get into the tower,” Jirou said looking towards the large building in the center of the island. Katsuki nodded. They turned another corner and met up with the remainder of their group. Aizawa raised an eyebrow.

“Well? Anything of interest from your ‘friend’?” He asked. The team of hero’s and students turned their gazes to the group that just arrived. Katsuki nodded his head.

“Yes sir, All for One is on his way. Apparently, Scarface gave it away when he was trying to taunt him.” The Heroes froze and looked at one another.

“Bakugou, are you sure kid?” Fat Gum asked. Katsuki nodded.

“Well, this just got increasingly more difficult,” Aizawa said. A murmur of agreement swept through the group. “Well, then let’s get started,” Aizawa said. They all gathered up to listen to the plan.

Izuku stared at the screen, watching the cameras. The villains were scrambling around like ants, looking for anything and everything they could take from the island. His gaze turned to the camera outside his door. Seeing someone outside he turned in his chair and rolled it to the intercom. “Uncle.” He said looking at the black mist through the window. Kurogiri stood there staring at him.

“Izuku,” He finally greeted. “Your father isn’t pleased with you, you know.” Izuku rolled his eyes.

“Since when is that ancient fucker ever happy with me?” He retorted. Kurogiri shook his head.

“Boy, your father is very pleased with you most of the time-”

“Except when I choose to go off on a path he hasn’t deemed ‘worthy’.” Izuku cut in. “He can go fuck himself. He may have mom convinced, but not me. He wasn’t happy when I didn’t take a quirk from him, he wasn’t happy when I came out gay, and he definitely wasn’t happy when Kacchan and I told everyone we were getting married.” Izuku yelled standing from his chair. It rolled away as he started breathing hard, getting worked up. Kurogiri lowered his head.

“I admit… he isn’t the most tolerant.” He started. Izuku scoffed. “But he just wants what’s-”

“ ‘Wants what’s best for me.’ Yeah, I know. I’ve heard it over and over throughout my life. But that’s just it, it’s MY life. I’m happy with it. He can get bent.” Izuku turned his back and started to walk away from Kurogiri, who stood there while Izuku ranted.

“Izuku,” Kurogiri called, making Izuku pause. “We need that formula.” Izuku felt his shoulders fall.

“My answer is the same as what I gave Dabi, but I’ll be nicer in telling you, Uncle.” He turned and looked Kurogiri in the eye. “No. I will not give you the formula. Nothing you say will convince me otherwise.”

Kurogiri nodded solemnly. “I was afraid of that. Your father will be here in two hours and come speak with you. Hopefully, your tune will have changed by then.” With that, he left Izuku with his thoughts.

Biting his lip, Izuku started pacing. What would Kacchan do? He thought. Glancing at the cameras, he noticed that the hallway was cleared. Having a half-baked plan forming, he turned on his device and attempted to contact Katsuki.

“Kacchan?” he whispered, watching the cameras closely, verifying that he was truly alone.

“Izu. What have you got?” Katsuki responded.

“What’s rescue looking like?” He asked, thinking of multiple escape plans. Katsuki sighed.

“Honestly, everything we come up with is met with some form of issue. No one wants to get too close to the tower.”

“What if…what if I come to you?” He was met with silence. “Think about it. If I could get out and meet you near the airstrip, no one has to get close to the tower.”

“Nerd… No, we’ll come and get you. Stay put.” Izuku closed his eyes.

“No Kacchan, I can’t. My fucking asshole of a father will be here in less than two hours.” He took a breath. “I get that you don’t like it but if I have an opportunity to get out, I’m taking it.” Izuku glanced at the cameras again. Quickly doing a check to make sure that he still had control of the system he made his way to the door.

“Izuku, don’t you dare do anything reckless. Wait for us, the Pros. We will get you out before he gets there.”

“Hey, Kacchan?” Izuku smiled, knowing how much he is about to piss him off.

“What?” Katsuki asked cautiously.

“I’ll see you at the docks in 20 minutes.” With that, he disconnected the connection and darted out of the room towards the elevator. Pressing the down button, he only had to wait momentarily for the elevator to get there. Pulling out his tablet, he got into the elevator, going down. And locked all elevators and doors, creating a maze, that only he could navigate. He smirked. I may just have a chance after all.

Chapter Text

Bakugou stared at his phone. Quickly he took off towards the tower. “Bakugou! Get back here we need a plan!” Fat Gum shouted at him.

“Yeah, and if we don’t get to that tower now, any plan we could’ve thought of won't work! The nerd’s already implementing his escape. That he hasn’t thought out!” Bakugou shouted. That seemed to get the hero’s attention as the group took after him towards the tower.

Damn nerd, Katsuki thought as he flew through the air.

Izuku breathed deeply as he watched the elevator go down. He kept an eye on the cameras as well.

It seems like they noticed I’m gone. Izuku thought as he watched the villains check on the room he was in, only to find it empty, and that they were now locked on that floor. Smirking, Izuku put the tablet under his arm and waited patiently for the elevator to reach the second floor. He closed his eyes and leaned back.

A few minutes passed before the elevator came to a slow stop and the doors opened. Izuku slowly made his way out of the elevator without checking where he was. He trusted in his abilities. Hearing the doors start to close behind him he slowly opened his eyes. The site he was met with was a group of villains, with one Toga Himiko leading them. His eyes widened comically.

“Well…” He said out loud. “Fuck.”

“Bakubro! I hope you're coming up with a plan in that head of yours!” Kirishima called as the streets were swarming with villains. He punched his way through several and was pulling others off of ambushed classmates.

“I’m working on it shitty hair!” Katsuki yelled as he blasted a villain in the face, effectively knocking him out. “It’s a work in progress.” He Looked up at the tower again and saw a familiar shape falling from the middle of it. His eyes widened.

“DEKU!” He screamed as he took off again, praying he got there in time.

“Oh Izu~,” Toga cooed. “It’s been so long~,” she said with false sweetness. “It was so rude of you to lock me in that dusty old storage closet! I mean is that any way to treat a lady?” She took a step closer to him and pulled out a knife. “Maybe I should teach you some manners?” Toga giggled manically. Izuku swallowed and took a quick look at his surroundings and calculated his chances and odds. He spotted a small, blown-out window near the end of the hall that looked like it led outside. Another crazy plan forming in his head. Anything’s better than here. Izuku thought before turning his attention back to Toga.

“You’re right.” He spoke. Toga paused. “It was rude of me to do that to you.” He slowly backed up and glanced behind him to make sure he got the angel right. “I shouldn’t have done that and I’m sorry.”

“Really? Oh, Izu~ I forgive you!” Toga jumped up and down with excitement. “Did you hear that, Jin? He apologized!”

“That’s great! No, it’s not. ” Izuku quickly backed up again and pressed a switch, covering the hallway in darkness.

As the group of villains shouted around them in confusion, Izuku quickly and quietly made his way over to the broken window. Izuku looked down and then back into the room, quickly ducking behind a plant as he saw Togas yellow eyes looking around as they adjusted to the dark.  “Oh, Izu~ Where are you?” She sang as she skipped around. “Sensei will be here soon; don’t you want to see him? He’ll be really happy to see you!”

“Yeah, no thanks,” He whispered as he carefully made his way out of the window. Standing on the edge, he crept along the side, and he started contemplating if this was the best idea. Maybe I should’ve waited for Kacchan. He thought. A Gust of wind shook him, and he lost his balance just as Toga stuck her head out and found him. “Ah-ha! There you are…” She watched as he plummeted down to the ground. Izuku heard her quietly mumble, “Fuck.” As he fell.

Izuku watched as the ground became closer and closer. He lost grip on his tablet and he watched it fall faster than him. He closed his eyes and accepted whatever was going to come when the familiar sounds of explosions echoed in his ears. Izuku suddenly found himself longer falling as he was snatched, instead, he was flying away from the tower towards a cleared alleyway.

“WHAT THE HELL DEKU?” Izuku looked at Katsuki’s panicked face with relief. “WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING? I SAID WAIT FOR US! NOT JUMP OUT OF A BUILDING!”

“Kacchan…” Izuku whispered, his eyes tearing up.

“Jesus, you scared the crap outta me! What would have happened had I not been there huh? Where you just going to die? God dammit Izuku just-“ Izuku cut Katsuki off with a quick kiss. Katsuki seemed surprised but slowly relaxed into it. Izuku broke the kiss and wrapped his arms around Katsuki, hugging him with every ounce of energy he had left as he trembled.

“I’m sorry Kat. I was trying to get out and got cornered. I didn’t- I didn’t realize how high up I was at first…” Izuku started crying into Katsuki’s shoulder as he attempted to explain himself.

“Sh, sh. I got you.” Katsuki whispered soothingly in an attempt to calm him down. “Just don’t do it again, ok. Scared me to hell and back.” Katsuki attempted to joke. Izuku gave a dry chuckle.

“Ok Kacchan.” Izuku re

plied, closing his eyes, still leaning on Katsuki. Katsuki Rolled his eyes and knelt. Wrapping one arm around Izuku’s legs and another around his shoulders, he picked Izuku up.

“Ok, now that I’ve rescued the princess ,” Katsuki chuckled. Izuku rolled his eyes and leaned against his shoulder. “We should make our way back to the others.” Izuku could do nothing but nod as he slowly slipped into unconsciousness, his near-death experience catching up with him. Katsuki smiled softly and started to make his way to where he had left the others.


Chapter Text

“Do you have any idea how much you could’ve fucked up?” Aizawa shouted once Katsuki had found his way back.

“Chill teach, If I hadn’t taken off, HE,” Katsuki gestured to the green-haired man in his arms.  “Would have died. I caught him just as he was about to hit the ground.” He sighed as he gently sat Izuku onto a cleared-off table in one of the outskirt buildings near the docking areas.

“Be that as it may, Next time more than a two-second warning would be nice.” Aizawa sighed and rubbed his irritated eyes before turning away from Katsuki. Katsuki rolled his eyes at his teacher and began checking Izuku for any immediate injuries.

Looking over Izuku and not finding anything too bad, Katsuki changed his focus to Izuku’s face, taking in the small changes he missed due to their distance. Katsuki gave a small smile as he ruffled the other's hair, resting his hand gently on Izuku’s shoulder. Katsuki grinned a little before violently shaking Izuku awake.

“DEKU!” HE yelled.

“AHHHH!” Izuku screamed. Shooting straight up. Izuku turns his head side to side looking for any threats. Katsuki laughed softly.

“Hey, nerd.” He spoke. Izuku relaxed as he took in his surroundings. Katsuki saw a brief look of relief flash across his face before Izuku launched himself at Katsuki.

“Kacchan!” Izuku exclaimed as he hugged the blond.

“I got you Deku.'' He whispered into his hair. Katsuki gave him a quick squeeze before pulling back and exploding. “Now what the fuck were you thinking?! I told you to stay put! Not jump off a goddamn building! What the hell, Deku! I thought you were supposed to be smart, that doesn’t seem like a very smart thing to do now does it. Jesus Izuku, you’re going to give me a heart attack before I even have a chance to get on the charts, never mind become the number one hero!” Izuku fiddled with his hand in his lap.

“Sorry, Kacchan. I just...” Izuku sighed. “I just didn’t want to stay there any longer than I needed to with my dad on the way. He won’t be very… tolerant, with my resistance. I didn’t want to stick around and see what he would do to get me to cooperate.” Katsuki sighed, seeing where he was coming from. As he was opening his mouth to give Izuku more of a piece of his mind, He was interrupted by Kirishima.

“Hey bro!” He said as he got closer. “The pros want everyone on the boats now that the dock doors are opening. We need to get to our travel ship and get outta here. They said we’ll debrief on the main ship.”

Izuku looked at Kirishima curiously. “What do you mean ‘Now that the dock doors are opening.’ They should be locked. I haven’t unlocked anything new yet…” Izuku fell into a low mumble, completely ignoring the two others. Kirishima nudged Katsuki subtly.

“So that’s him huh?” He whispered to Katsuki. Katsuki nodded and noticed a lack of chaos that usually followed with Kirishima.

“Where are the other extras?” He asked straining his neck in an attempt to see where his class may be.

“Already on the ship, they’re getting checked over from the fight earlier. Don’t worry dude.” Kirishima laughed before turning his attention back to Izuku, who had gotten up and walked to a wall panel screen and was typing away. Kirishima nodded to him. “Hey, is he ok Kat?” Katsuki looked over to Izuku, who was now frantically typing away with a frown on his face.

“I’m not sure.” They made their way over to Izuku.

“No, no, no, no, no!” Katsuki heard.

“What’s up nerd?” Izuku turned and looked at him.

“Get everyone into those boats, Katsuki,” Izuku said, grabbing him. “The disabled all of the protocols. I don’t even know how they did it. We’re going to have to blow the tower and the Island.”

“Woah, dude. Don’t you think that’s a little extreme?” Kirishima asked, holding his hands up in a placating way. Izuku turned a glare to him.

“That tower,” He hissed. “Has more things in there that, if found in the hands of a villain, could destroy the Hero Society as we know it. It’s a tower that has now found itself crawling with those villains. So no, I don’t think blowing it is going to hurt anything.” He turned to Katsuki. “The shields are down. One for All could be here any second. We need to leave now.” Katsuki nodded and dragged him over to Aizawa. as Izuku started playing with a pen he had found, he retold Aizawa what needed to happen. The teacher looked more tired than usual.

“Alright, problem child. Can you set it up on a timer?” He asked Izuku.

Izuku nodded. “Yes, I can set it up for a thirty-minute timer. Enabling us to get far enough away from the blasts.” Aizawa nodded in understanding before turning and coordinating the boats. Soon, only a handful of people left as Izuku bypassed any protocols to activate the self-destruct.

The boats lined up as the doors opened. “When those doors are opened just get outta here,” Aizawa called to those that were ready. He turned to Izuku again. “Almost done kid?”

“Yeah, just one more annnd…. Done! Ok, I just need to hit this, and we can leave.” Izuku responded with a smile. The group breathed a sigh of relief.

Before he could press the button, he was interrupted by a swirling portal appearing next to him, a hand reaching out to Izuku.

Izuku looked quickly over to Katsuki in terror. The hands reached out, clinging to Izuku and before anyone could process what was happening, he was already halfway through.

“Kacchan…” Izuku whispered as he accepted his fate. “Run.” He gave him a sad smile and threw the pen he was still holding at the self-destruct button. As Izuku was fully immersed in the void, the portal disappeared as quickly as it came, and with it, an alarm started blaring.


“DEKU!!” Katsuki cried as he attempted to lunge at where Izuku was not even a minute ago.

“Bakubro, we gotta go!” Kirishima shouted over the blaring alarm, as he tried to hold Katsuki back.

“No! Fuck that! He’s still there! No, you have to let me-” Katsuki screamed frantically.

Kirishima sighed before whispering, “Sorry bro.”

Katsuki felt a hard hit to his temple, and everything began to grow dark. He fought to stay awake as he heard people yelling for an evacuation and felt himself being lifted onto the last boat.

“Deku,” Katsuki mumbled as he attempted to reach his arm towards the space Izuku was last at before Katsuki finally slipped into unconsciousness.