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From I-Island with Love

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Izuku couldn’t believe his eyes, villains had infiltrated I-Island. He could only watch in an alley, as the villains swarmed the streets taking hostages and killing innocents around him.

“Come Out~ “ A woman with blond hair in buns had sang. “We just want to talk! You science people are so boring, but you make the best toys!” she called out with a crazed look in her eyes.

“Toga,” A heavily scared man called. “Don’t go too far. Just round up those on the list and let’s get what we need before the hero’s come.”

“Okie Dokie Dabi!” The woman sang as she skipped off. Izuku sank further into the alley that he was hiding in with his Friend Melissa.

“’Zu, we need to evacuate…” Melissa whispered pulling on his sleeve. Fear was shining through her eyes.

“Melissa they are going to hurt everyone, we need to stop them!” Izuku whispered back as they moved through the  back alley ways.

“Zu, listen... we need to meet up with everyone and then activate the distress signal. That way the heroes can come. “  Izuku rolled his eyes.

“Do you honestly think that they’ll get here in time?  They are hours out at best. Besides, the only way to activate the beckon is through the control tower. The best we can do is put up the disaster barrier to contain them. but…” He trailed off in thought and started to mumble incoherently. His eyes grew wide. “ I think… I think I know what we can do.” He finally said.

“Wanna share?” Melissa asked as they looked around a corner.

“First we need to get to my place. Hopefully unseen. Then we are going to grab my tablet and a couple portable drives and those communication devices I’ve been working on. After my place we are going to yours. Y’know that small transmitter you’ve been working on? We take that. And when everything is all said and done. We split up.” Melissa stopped and stared at Izuku. Her eyes widened as she caught on to what he was saying. “What the hell?! Izu you can’t believe I’ll let you do this alone? I’ll go with you.” But Izuku only shook his head.

“No you can’t. Someone needs to send out the message and you’re better than me at getting the transmitter to work... Beside someone needs to get everyone out if my plan fails. Knowing the others, they’ll be leaning on doing nothing and just wait for help to come. We need to act fast before the villains figure it out...” He gave a sad smile. Melissa nodded, understanding where he was coming from. With a sigh, Melissa followed him. They made their way to his apartment and grabbed the communication devices and drives. Putting them into their ears they tested them to make sure they worked and that they were invisible to the eye.  Grabbing his tablet and an unknown device, He and Melissa made their way towards her home. Izuku was starting to get suspicious. They hadn’t seen anyone for a while. As a precaution he gently pulled Melissa’s wrist to him while viewing his surroundings. “Melissa I need you to listen to me.” She looked at him confused as he wrapped the unknown device around her wrist. “…Ok?”

“Make sure my mom is ok, and when you get the message out… don’t tell him? I know he’ll find out. And when he does he might actually kill me this time but… don’t tell him anything yet. Hopefully he doesn’t come though.” Izuku whispered that last part to himself but unfortunately Melissa caught it.

“Izuku Midoriya. What are you doing?” Melissa was scared of the tone that he spoke in. She had some idea of what was going on in his head and it wasn't good. The two had bonded over their quirklessness when he arrived at I-Island and were practically family. It scared her that this seemed like a goodbye from what was the closest thing she had to a brother.  He was silent for a moment gazing around them. Pressing a button on the device around her wrist he spoke. “We need to split up sooner then I thought. Get what you need and meet everyone at the designated point. Don’t come back. They won’t see you thanks to my device, just be careful. Please.” He looked in her direction pleading.

Melissa was shocked. “You self sacrificing idiot.” She cried but she knew it was futile. He made up his mind the moment he thought of this plan. She should’ve known better.

“Keep your mic on, I’ll be in touch.” He took off down the road, leaving Melissa to stare at the spot he was just at. She knew she was now on borrowed time and had to trust in Izuku’s plan. With that in mind she made her way, twisting and turning through the streets as quietly and quickly as possible. She didn’t realize how quiet it was. After a while, she found her way to her home. Pausing outside, she heard things breaking and being thrown. Melissa quickly ducked into the surrounding bushes, forgetting that whoever it is couldn’t see her.

“Where the hell is this brat!?” A raspy voice yelled.

“I don’t know but we either need to find her or the green haired one for any of this to be worth it.” Another voice hissed. That got her attention. Why us? Melissa thought to herself. Staying as still as possible so she doesn’t attract attention, she waited as they searched her home. “She's not here. Where do we look next?” The first voice asks coming closer to the door.

“We go to the green haired one’s place. They might’ve gone there.” With that said, two men walked out of her home. One tall and gangling pulled a phone out and dialed a number, the other was a reptile of some sort, stood next to him surveying the street. “Kurogiri, portal please.” Was said into the receiver. A moment later a swirling purple mist appeared, and they stepped through.

Melissa let out a breath she didn’t realize she had been holding and snuck into her home. Looking around, she noticed that almost everything was tossed carelessly. She grimaced at some of the almost finished projects on the ground that where now useless and made her way to her room. She noticed that the hidden compartment in her room was nearly visible under all the damage to the room itself.

Moving closer to it she carefully removed the protective plating surrounding the front of the compartment and pulled out a circular disk. Relief flashed through her as she looked at it. Standing, and gazing around the room for anything she might need. Finding nothing that would be of use, she moved out of the house and sped down the street. She could smell the fire as it rampaged through the island and she could hear the screams of people who were frightened. She was desperately wanting to help but knew that for the plan Izuku had concocted to work, she needed to get to the underground bunker. Only the islanders knew of it. Those who could make it through the chaos would grab whoever they could and lead them there.

Many times, she had to stop until it was safe. Although Melissa was still invisible to the naked eye, she didn’t want to chance it. She was almost to an opening that lead to the bunker on the edge of the island when two bursts of light went through the night sky. The first burst was short and didn’t do anything, the second one however was longer, and an audible crackling could be heard. Looking up at the wall she saw why. Izuku had activated the disaster barrier to keep thing from getting in… and effectively locking everyone in. Melissa shuddered at what that meant for Izuku to activate it. He most likely gave away his positions and- Melissa’s eyes widened in realization. Izuku doesn’t know they’re looking for us! Whipping her head towards the tower, she could only imagine what the villains would do and none of it was good. "Izuku, can you hear me?" Melissa asked over the communicator. She received no response. After several failed attempts she gave up. She knew time was up and she looked around the area she was in for a secluded spot to do her part, that way his distraction wasn't in vain.

“There.” She said to herself when she found darkened house right against the walls of the island. Moving into it quickly she found a small closet and sat down. Activating the disk, Melissa prayed it would get through. Taking a breath, she began speaking quickly and quietly into the disk. “To anyone who can hear me… Please send help…” Melissa felt tears run down her face.


“And I’m telling you man we could totally get Denki to fit 40 marshmallows into his mouth if we offered him a hundred dollars.” A spiky red haired exclaimed in his seat. He grinned at his scowling partner who was regretting his choice of internship placement.  “Fuck no shitty-hair! He’d probably do it for free if we mentioned it in front of Eye bags or Headphones. What I want to know is how many can he eat if we fill them with habanero sauce before he notices.” He grinned evilly. The red head whistled.

“Damn Bakugou, that kind of cruel.” Katsuki shrugged.

“Well what’s the point of a prank if its nice? Besides I’d make him dinner or something to make it up to his weak ass.”

“Awe bro, that’s so manly!” Kirishima went to hug Bakugou, he only partially succeeding as he was being pushed away. “Get the fuck off of me you-!” A loud beeping noise came from the surveillance console they were watching. “Dude, do you know which one it was?” Kirishima asked puzzled, looking over the many icons and buttons.

“No idea dumbass. Maybe if we listened to the communication we’d find out.” Bakugou spat out, but it lacked him usual ire. Kirishima nodded and pressed the only blinking blue button. A girl’s voice resonated in the room.

“To anyone who can hear me… Please send help..." A sob came from the speakers. “My name is Melissa Shield,”  Katsuki froze and it didn’t go unnoticed by his friend. “People have invaded I-Island. They’ve taken prisoners, they’ve killed so many. They are after something here and i don't know what. We need help! Please help us. We are hiding, we are scared. They’ve taken the heroes on the island captive and my friend, he’s risking his life to help keep them contained.”  Katsuki knee gave out and nearly collapsed before his friend caught him. Kirishima took note at how pale he was but couldn’t ask what was wrong as the message continued. “I think it’s the League of Villains. Someone is named Dabi showed up with them and one of them, Kurogiri, has some type of mist portal quirk. Please if anyone can hear me… please save us.” The message ended with more sobbing before effectively being cut off, signaling the end of the message.

“Bro… are you ok?” Kirishima looked at his friend who had moved to the console. Katsuki didn’t answer the question, only stared at the data log to see the timestamp. His eyes widened as he bolted out of the room. Kirishima looked out the door that Katsuki just rushed out of before making his way to see the timestamp of the call as well. Message Received Date/Time: 01:24:20XX /19:24. Message Sent Date/Time: 01:23:20XX/22:01. His eyes widen and he took off behind his friend. It had been almost a full twenty-four hours since it was originally sent. He ran to Fat Gums office where he knew Bakugou would most likely report the message to. 

“So, you’re telling me that this message was sent yesterday, and we are just now receiving it? That doesn’t sound like I-island at all.” Kirishima heard Fat Gum say before he entered.

“Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying god damnit! Why don’t you believe me?” Katsuki yelled. He clenched his fists so he wouldn’t blow anything up.

“Bakugou it’s not that I don’t believe you, it’s just seems very unlike the island. Who sent the message?”

Kirishima answered before Katsuki lost his temper anymore. “Melissa Shield, Sir.” Fat gum paused and then turned toward him. “Melissa’re sure?”

“Positive.” Bakugou growled out clenching his teeth.

“Hmm…” Fat gum turned towards his computer and pull up a satellite. “This satellite is something that follows I-Island in case of disasters and emergencies. Only heads of agencies have access.” He explained as pulled up a recent image of the floating island. They gasped.

What should have been a shining gem of a city in the middle of the ocean, stood a partially charred piece of metal. Flames were still burning in areas of the city and a barrier of some sort was up. Fat Gum focused in on the streets. They seemed deserted, until they found a mound of bodies lining the roads. “Oh god.” Kirishima covered his mouth in horror.

“I-I need to make a call to the other agencies…” Fat Gum whispered fumbling with his phone and ran out the room.