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That's the Spirit!

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"—won't start learning about them! New rules, new regulations—they just. Won't. Learn. Them!"

"What are you drinking, Hermione?"

"What am I—have you even been listening to me?"


"Ginger beer and lime over ice, that's what. Why?"

"Give me your glass."

"Why? Severus . . . Severus?"

"There. Better. Drink."

"What did you do? Is it a sleeping potion?"

"No. It's a Moscow Mule."

"What is?"

"The glass in your hand. Before, it was only ginger beer and lime, an unfinished drink. Now drink."

"Mmm. Oh, that's just the same as I had before—and you're ignoring—"

"Drink more of it. Yes, good. Tilt your head back."


"Give it a moment."

"What did you put in it?"

"Vodka, and if you wait a bit, you'll feel the kick."

"How much—oh, that's a lot."

"Yes, I like a strong drink."

"And the throat, I mean, my throat."

"When it's working, yes. Is it working, Hermione?"

"Not yet. Let me finish thish, and we'll shee."

"Yes. Much calmer."



"Perhaps after a nap?"

"Damn. Too much vodka."