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With how often he had thought about this, it still tasted like a surprise as Tsuda pressed his lips against Endou’s, tracing along the lines and shapes of the lips he had known so well but couldn’t get enough of, the quickened breath beneath him furthered the fire in his chest.

Their clothes were still on, but with how tightly Tsuda pressed Endou in the sheets and how Endou responded eagerly in kind with his hands gripping Tsuda's head in place, the fact that Endou had asked him to come over because his parents and siblings were out and Tsuda had accepted, they both knew where this was going.

Endou’s frame was so much smaller compared to his, that a breath of Tsuda’s shoulders was enough to cover him. A breathless moment later, Tsuda moved away. The sudden lack of contact made Endou’s brows furrow together, and Tsuda couldn't help but chuckle.

He reached to ruffle the soft hair, black as crow feather. Endou had lost the glasses now, his sparkling eyes were clear to view without barrier, and so was the mole under his eyes.

Tsuda pushed his curls away to show the mole at his hairline and leaned down to lick it. It had always been his obsession, the hidden moles on Endou’s body, the soft hair that begged to be pulled, the reactions he wanted to rouse out of.

Endou was breathing heavily, his pale face turning red, a soft breath expelled, gracing through Tsuda like a butterfly touch.

He couldn’t help but wonder, how far does this flush stretch? How many more beauty marks like constellations are hidden under this layer of clothes?

There was no stopping now, nor a reason to.

He raked the T-shirt up, and Endou helpfully pulled it off his head, showing the bare chest rising up and down with heaving breaths. Tsuda traveled downward; tasting the top of his hairline, to the mole under his left eye, his collarbone, on top of his sternum, before closing his lips around a pink perky nipple.

Endou gasped and rucked up against him, pushing his chest into Tsuda’s mouth and letting out the most beautiful sound, and he would have teased if he weren’t equally affected. He licked and sucked and grazed his teeth on it, drowning in the song escaping Endou’s lips, full of his name and incomprehensible moans, urging him on and on. His hands weren’t idle, one came up to pinch and knead and grab the other nipple, causing Endou’s voice to be even louder and higher, nothing like the usual composed and aloofness, while the other ran up and down on his body, greedily touched every single inch of skin on Endou's body, never feeling enough, never satisfied his insatiable urge, as it moved to take Endou’s pants and underwear in one pull.

When Tsuda moved away, Endou had been reduced into moaning and panting mess, his nipples pink and swollen from the abuse, and he wished nothing more than to have his mouth on them again, wondering if he could get Endou to come just by playing with his nipples.

But this wasn’t the time. They still had many more chances to explore.

Thought as he continued to move downward, any touch and lick made Endou gasp, his self-restraint long forgotten. Tsuda touched the mole under his ribcage, on the side of his stomach, dipped his tongue in the navel small as a button, right above the hairy bush. His eyes fell on the mole on Endou’s inner thigh, where the skin was so much paler than the rest of his body that the black mole contrast was glaring. He bent down and bit on it, earning a full-body shudder from Endou.

A red spot blooming on the pale skin was unspeakably erotic, and his possessiveness surged, wondering if he should have done it a few moments ago, to fill Endou’s body with his marks, to touch him the way no one had, to leave evidence of where his mouth had been.

Tsuda continued down to the rest of Endou’s body, laving the mole on the outer side of his left thigh, on his wobbling knee, in the sole of his feet, causing a huff from Endou, and the corner of his lips curled up at it.

After he finished, Endou had pulled him up by the collar of his shirt (why did he still have it on?) and into a chaste kiss.

“Don’t be down there,” Endou said between his breath, his glassy eyes struggled to stay focused. “I… I want to see you.”

Tsuda gladly complied and kissed the mouth that tasted the sweetest, his tongue roaming through every corner before he parted, a silver line connecting their mouths as he did.

“Are you comfortable?”

Endou nodded.

His eyes trailed back to the body beneath him, to the skin glistering from the wetness, to the cock that was now fully erected and beading with precome, and feeling his reacting in return, straining in his pants and making a tent.

Tsuda stripped at record speed, feeling Endou’s eyes on him as he settled back and reached for the lube bottle placed at the bedhead.

That’s Endou for always being prepared.

He squirted more than he needed, the sticky liquid dropped from his fingers to the bedsheet. He slowly moved back to fit between Endou’s legs, hissing at the direct skin contact -- the warm sensation of Endou’s skin against his heightened his senses, and instinctively lowered himself to press against every inch of Endou’s, and they both groaned at the overwhelming senses coming from everywhere on their bodies.

Endou's arms had winded up around his neck, as his fingers traveled down to Endou’s entrance before dipping in.

Endou’s eyes still trained on him as he did, his brows trembled the moment Tsuda’s first finger slipped inside, but his expression was fierce.

“Tell me if it hurts.”

Though the reason in his mind was slipping away, too focused on the tightness wrapping around just one of his fingers that he wondered how it would have felt around his cock.

Endou shook his head. “Don’t worry, I want to do this.” He was quiet for a moment, then added. “I have tried it before. It will be okay.”

Tsuda stopped in his tracks, and Endou squirmed, trying to get the finger to move again, but he was too awestruck to pay attention.

“You’ve practiced… for this?”

He was silent this time, but the new flush coloring his skin and the fingers tightened around Tsuda’s neck was enough for an answer.

Images flooded his mind without stopping, of Endou fingering himself on this bed not long ago, panting Tsuda’s name -- Not Tsuda, Masaru -- hips bucking up against his fingers, yet quiet enough to not draw his family’s attention.

Tsuda groaned and added another finger, scissoring and stretching the hole, moving in and out furiously, the sluicing sound filled the air, before he added a third, changing his angle with every thrust to search for the spot that would feel good.

Then Endou arched off of the bed, screaming so loudly they could have woken up the whole house if there were people at home, and Tsuda wanted to hear it again, more, as he targeted that spot again and again.

“Tsuda, w-wait…” Endou panted, his physiological tears rolled down his cheeks, as he reached out to hold Tsuda’s wrist, stopping the relentless motion.

“Are you not comfortable?”

“It’s not that. I don’t want to…” Endou was too embarrassed to say it, so he rephrased the sentence. “Not yet. I want you.”

He sucked in a sharp breath and nodded, ignoring his painfully aching cock to kiss away the tears.

“Tell me when you don’t like it.”

Endou nodded and smiled, his eyes curled up into crescent moons, the expression Tsuda could never get enough of.

“Ever so serious.”

He lined himself up against the entrance and sank in, and as soon as the tip caught in the entrance, his brain short-circuited, and he rammed into the hilt, in the midst of Endou’s startled cry.

It was so, so tight. Endou was so much smaller than him, no amount of preparation was enough. The inner walls were as if milking his cock, biting on him so hard he saw stars.

Endou’s loud mewling around him made some of his senses return and he realized what he had done.

“Sorry, I’m… Sorry, are you OK?”

Endou’s forehead was beading with sweat, his brows scrunched deeply together, trying to even his breathing and failed.

“It’s okay, keep going.”

Tsuda wasn't in the right mind to challenge it, but he buried himself slowly, pistoling in and out by instinct, relishing the warm blankets enveloping him.

Eventually, Endou’s brows relaxed, the repressed breathing quickened, along with soft and hitched sobs that fueled Tsuda like aphrodisiacs. He maneuvered Endou’s body to spear on his cock as he pleased, and Endou was too far gone to mind.

“Tsuda, f-faster--”

That worked better than any magic. He groaned and plunged in rapidly, pushing Endou to the bed head and pulling him back to meet his thrust.

Endou’s moans became louder and louder, mixing between gasps and screams of Tsuda’s name, urging him on further.

He grazed against that spot, and Endou arched off of bed with a wanton moan. Tsuda hoisted him up against his groin, penetrating as deep as he could, and watched Endou writhe under him.

“You're so good, so tight around me.” Lust was blocking his mind, bypassing his reasoning and letting out the dirty words he had only dared think.

Endou mustered the best glare that he could and clenched down around him, but it faltered when Tsuda jerked and slammed into him.

“Shut up!”

“You're so good, can you react more for me?” Tsuda didn't mind the scold with no bites and continued, punctuating his words with each push, the breathless gasps coming from Endou after each.

Endou's face was so red, as if he was burning, and he pulled Tsuda down to cover his lips, effectively shutting all the nonsense from coming out.

The room was filled with sloshing and slapping sound of skin against skin, with unrepressed cries and moans, more pornographic than any adult movies he had watched, feeling so much better than all of the times he had comforted himself combined.

Pleasure built and built, as his fingers trailed down to wrap around Endou’s cock, hard and throbbing into his hand, hot as a torch burning his fingers. Endou was hot everywhere, in sharp contrast with the usual ice-cold look he walked around with.

“Tsuda… Ah!--”

When Tsuda started jerking him off, Endou cried out loud, his fingers dug into Tsuda’s shoulders, undoubtedly leaving marks. The pain only drove his movements quicker, his hand going up and down at the same time as his thrust, and Endou arched off the bed and clung onto him, breathing hotly against his ears.

Then Endou screamed his name and climaxed, hot splashes shot out between their bodies. Tsuda continued to pump his cock, letting Endou twist and use his hand as he pleased to ride off his climax, never stopping his thrust. Endou’s hole clenched so tightly that it hurt, and it took everything for Tsuda to not follow over the cliff.

After Endou relaxed, some of his senses came back, and the blood tang filled his mouth. When had he bitten his inner cheek?

It took Tsuda several pushes for Endou to realize he was still hard. He squirmed from the over sensitization, trying to scramble away, but Tsuda’s hands were clamping on his hips, preventing him from doing so as he continued with the ravaging rhythm.

“Tsuda, I can’t---” Endou managed through the overwhelming sensation wrecking his body.

“Say my name.” His pace didn’t slow down, he reached down to lave on a nipple, causing a reaction from Endou.

“Tsuda, Tsuda…” Endou was still rocked back and forth, all his limbs clung around Tsuda, his fingers gripping painfully at his scalp.

Tsuda merely answered with a bite, tearing a cry out of Endou’s mouth before releasing it. “Not Tsuda.”

“Masaru, Ma-kun, I… Ah--”

As soon as his name left Endou’s lips, the effect was immediate: He could feel himself growing larger and harder in Endou, he began plunging in hard and fast. In the midst of Endou jerking and screaming his name, Tsuda made one last thrust and shot into the deepest part of Endou’s body, scorching and branding him with his seeds.

He had never had such a violent orgasm, his fingers clasped against Endou’s buttcheeks so hard it undoubtedly left a bruise. The inner walls contracted around him, as if intending to milk every drop, but even so, some of the excesses still flowed out at the conjunction.

As Tsuda pulled out, the rest of the come came along, painting Endou’s thighs with pearly white color, highlighting the pink mark he had bit on earlier, and Tsuda looked away, fearing the reaction this image would stir in him, even after his most amazing climax.

He followed Endou’s instruction and found clean cloths to help him wipe down. Once it was finished, his rational mind came back, along with all the dirty words and things he had done, and his limbs turned into noodles. Before he could do anything, however, Endou already pulled him in and settled down, his head lying against Tsuda’s chest.

After a long moment, Tsuda hesitated.

“Sorry for… doing those things. I wasn’t thinking straight.”

Endou shook his head, his voice was hoarse from the cries earlier.

“Don’t apologize. Didn’t we say we can do whatever we want? Besides,” Endou nestled in closer, his face turned into Tsuda’s chest, “I enjoyed it.”

He stared at the tip of Endou’s ears turning red for a moment before he too wrapped his hand around Endou and pulled him close, until every inch of them was flushed against each other. He pushed down the rising hotness in his chest again and felt the sleepiness wash through him instead.

“Endou, don’t say things like that before we sleep, you’ll make me feel things.”