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Bad Liar (I'm trying, I'm trying)

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The first time Legosi and Louis kissed, Legosi could have sworn it was a dream. 


Louis was helping him with his tax information in the Hidden Condo on Legosi’s day off. W2’s, I-9, electric bills, adult things Legosi didn’t learn how to deal with in school (or if he did, he promptly forgot). Louis expertly flipped through the collection of documents Legosi received and scanned each form to file into organized piles. His deer friend is the C.E.O. of a multimillion company, he must understand how the adult world works.

“Good thing you’re a hoarder,” Louis said off-handedly, throwing what Legosi assumed was junk mail into a pile.
“I’m not sure what some of these letters even are,” Legosi abscently picked up a letter. “How do they know where I live?”
“Can you stop touching?” Louis snatched the letter from Legosi’s paws. “I have a system!”

In time, piles of paper filled the empty space around the small apartment, littering the dinning table where they sat. Legosi busied himself brewing them tea and picking at random chores around the room, ultimately finding himself sitting next to Louis as the deer did most of the work. Distantly, he complains how tired he is from chores, living by himself hasn't been easy. He wonders how Louis-senpai does it. Owns his own apartment, he has a driver! Louis used to be the mob Boss for the Shishigumi, Louis is not just 18 adult, but adult adult. 

“It’s really amazing what they don’t teach you in school, huh,” Louis mused. Legosi sat down with a noncommittal grunt, placing two cups of hot tea in a clear space in front of them. “You’d think with all of the trigonometry they teach, they could throw in a little tax information. Someone's priorities are in the wrong place.” 

“Thank you for helping me,” Legosi said to his tea. For taking time out of your adult life to be with me, he didn't say at all. Maybe, thought it really loud. “I’m a little hopeless at all this.” His tail swishing sadly on the floor behind him. 

“A little?” Louis scoffed, owch. Embarrassment crept around Legosi’s neck and he thoughtlessly rubbed it away. He’s 18 years old, an adult, God damnit! He has a job, his own apartment, and a criminal record – he fought a fucking bear – at this point he shouldn’t have to have his senpai helping him with taxes. But here Louis was. Legosi was grateful.

"Okay," Louis folds a piece of paper down and slaps it onto the table with a sharp smack! "One thing done!"

Legosi jumped at the noise, tail wagging on the floor for finishing... Something!

"How many more things are there?" 

"Two more," Louis sighed, flicking through papers again. "Can you sign this paper? Right at the bottom." 

Legosi obeyed, feeling way out of his depth but excited to learn. Louis' face said otherwise, said, leave me alone to clean up your mess. Refocusing his attention on the papers – Legosi agreed, hopeless. He was so grateful. Louis will always be there to save him, either through his knowledge, or his spirit, or his body. Legosi sputtered on his tea at the thought, instinctually salivating at the memory. Breathe in-Breathe in-Why am I like this?

“It’s-s-hot,” Legosi coughed. “The tea, I mean." Get it together.

“It is hot tea, Legosi,” Louis said dryly to a tax form,“You should be more careful”. 

Legosi nodded. Of course he should be more careful, he’s trying to be. Trying to be for Louis, for Haru, for Jack, for his grandpa. He wants to be here, with his senpai, doing adult things, being in eachothers lives. Safe and sound – Legosi’s gaze fluttered to his friend. Drinking in the sight of this gorgeous deer at his dining table. 

There is a magic to the way the light in Legosi’s old room cast a downward shadow onto them. Harsh light illuminating Louis’ antlers, sweeping shadows across the soft fur of Louis’ face. Beautiful, Legosi couldn’t help himself but stare with him so close – Louis’s eyelashes are so long, delicate; the reddish fur that blankets Louis’ snout gleams in the fluorescent light. His features; velvety in a way that Legosi can’t ignore, or maybe his body won’t let him forget. 

Legosi’s tail smacked the table leg with a loud thwack! as if to remind him that he was staring, like the rude pervert that he is. Louis shoots him an annoyed look, “Is something distracting you?”

Legosi adjusted his posture and chastised himself, “No.”  

Louis-senpai is a man of respect. Their relationship is of mutual respect and shared traumatic experience. Maybe if Legosi focuses all of his attention on trying to re-boil the tea in his cup with his eyes, maybe these thoughts would finally go away.

Louis lets out an exasperated noise, throwing whatever document he was holding onto the table. 

“You’re such a bad liar.”

In half of a second, Louis pulled him by the shirt collar and closed the distance. The initial touch of Louis’ mouth to his was soft and warm until Legosi’s body responded. A snarl ripped through his teeth. What is happening? Is this happening? Impervious to his body's instincts, Legosi’s fangs bared against his friend's mouth. 

Louis–senpai ! I can't! 

“You perverted wolf,” Louis smiled wolfishly, pressing a short kiss to his teeth. Growling, Legosi hated this feeling. The way his body just growls, involuntarily, raw and harsh. Trying to gain any sense of control, Legosi dug his claws into the wooden table. His wolf heart reverberated, knocking against his chest like a war drum. It's all he could hear, short of his own panting. Take. Take. Take.

“Settle down, boy.” 

On cue, Legosi’s body relaxed into Louis’ pull. The grip on his shirt unwavering, an anchor keeping Legosi present and calm. Louis's face is so close to his own and he takes a second to really drink him in. Speechless, thoughtless – Breathing this beautiful creature before him. For a brief second, Louis’ eyes reflected something predatory, hungry. Legosi realizes all at once that he wouldn't mind being devoured by Louis, right now.

“If this is what you want, you have to be obedient,” the deer demanded. Legosi's wolf howled inside him.

“Is this what you want?” Legosi feels his head nod in response. “Good. If you want it that bad we have to be present...” This close to Louis’ face he can smell the cigarette he must’ve had on the way here,” –and calm ourselves.” Then the smell of pine trees and salt water, a scent that is uniquely Louis.

“Let’s try that again.”

There was something else in the air. Something heady, luscious and thick. Lust, his instincts supply him. 

Louis’s lips touching his own feels like burning and Legosi is catching on fire. Bursting into flames. A simmer quickly boiling over and so fucking hot – Louis’ mouth is turning him to ash, guiding Legosi in a soft tug and pull of their mouths. There's a wolf inside him howling and tearing himself apart to be where Legosi is now. Jealousy and something way more complicated move through him, his fingers flexing somewhere far from them. He has to keep Louis safe from himself. Louis flicked a lick at Legosi’s canines and his wolf body moans at it. Or else I will kill him, Legosi body hungers.

Lunging forward to chase the taste when Louis pulls back, “Legos– Slow .” The deers voice feels so far away, even being as close to his mouth as Legosi is. Legosi wants more. He growls. Their mouths clashed again wetly, the wolf inside him needed more!  

Settle! ” 

A yank on his neck pulled him from the heavy daze. Legosi’s body reacting wanton and blatantly shameless for Louis, kicking and screaming for what it wants. Maybe to knock Legosi out of that brain space or just because he can, Louis shoves the wolf onto his back by the neck with a hard thud. He makes himself comfortable straddling Legosi’s chest in a fast motion and arching over him – Legosi can't keep up. The deer’s right hand squeezes, flexing to grip hard at Legosi’s neck.

“Settle down!” Louis all but growled.   Alpha. 

Louis is the strongest person Legosi will ever know, he decides then. Stronger than him, stronger than Riz. Legosi pants against the weight on his neck, his body submitting. With the wild way Louis is looking at him right now, Legosi thinks they've been wrong all along. Louis might have been born a carnivore. 

“You need to learn how to control yourself! Keep control of what your instincts want!” Louis shouted after a breathless moment. “You let yourself get swept up in your urges.” After a beat, Louis whispered, “Can you be tame for me?” 

For you – Legosi nods, unconsciously licking his lips, practically tasting the tension between their heaving bodies. This makes Louis scoff and shake his head. “You’re going to have to try harder than that.”  Oh, no.

Legosi breathes deep, watching how Louis’ body rises and falls on this chest. He breathes again. His innate wolf need, wanting to take what's being given, to chase the savor of Louis’ mouth – the wild animal inside him swimming in heat. Legosi lets out another deep sigh, tampering down on a pressure in his chest. It's searing but he finally relaxes into Louis’ weight. Is this really happening?  The grip on his neck softens.

 “Can you stay still?” Louis asked. The question sounded more like a demand. You will be still for me. Legosi’s body obliges.

Louis takes this moment to crawl up the wolf until his thighs are kneeling around his head, his small shiney noise brushing against Legosi’s big wolf snout. Legosi's heart flitters at the sight. He marvels at how calm Louis is in all this, how collected he is. Powerful. Louis is touching him like he's so sure Legosi won't hurt him. Legosi doesn't know what to do with that knowledge, doesn't know what to do with the way it makes his heart sore. Settling into the weight on his chest, Legosi’s whole body flushes, consumed by how thick and strong his senpai’s smell is, how enclosed he is in the headiness of it. He knows the taste so well, he knows the sweetness of his skin. The ripeness; the juice of his muscle. 

Legosi’s mouth responds by drooling, letting out a low growl as he breathed in.

 “Can you be a good boy for me?” 

Everything in Legosi’s body screamed, Yes! I want to be a good boy for you. His tail thumping uncontrollably, his body craving the attention. I want to be a good boy for you. I want to be good for you. 

Louis smiled, happy with whatever he’s seeing. Pride bloomed in Legosi’s chest, seeing this. He can be good, he can be good for Louis. 

The deers delicate hands started smoothing the hairs around his muzzle, hushing the excitement vibrating Legosi’s entire body. He closed his eyes into it, letting Louis’ fingers comb through the fur on his cheeks. The motion lulls his wolf, and his body falls silent. 

Louis' fingers dust against his whole face, and Legosi realizes if he wasn't so hard right now, he could fall asleep like this. His wolf heart purring, on his belly, waiting to be praised. All he ever wanted was to be good; in this moment he knows he has to prove himself. One of Louis’ hands brushes against his eyes, tilting his face to meet Louis' own. The sight of Louis so close, his eyes wide and glistening above him, dominating him. Legosi gasped.

Tsk Tsk –So desperate,” Louis chastised. But the words weren’t harsh, just noting Legosi’s visible aching desperation. His ears burned – why is he an open book? How does Louis read him so well?

“We’re going to do this slowly,” Louis breathed, peppering kisses on Legosi’s muzzle. “Just breathe, Legosi.” 

Legosi tried. Gripping the floor with his claws (there goes his security deposit), he breathed through the waves of heat, through the thick scent of Louis around him. The deer didn’t weigh much. Even though he was placing all of his body weight on his chest, Legosi could flip them with little effort. Legosi could scrape up the deers soft body and claim the heat for himself. The wolf inside him howling at him to take, take, take all of Louis.

Be a good boy for me. Suddenly, Louis met their lips again to a softer, sweeter kiss. Calm, a little playful, comfortable and Legosi eased into them, letting the feelings of warm collide into him like waves. He rolled through them, not letting himself drown. 

“Good boy,” Louis said, pulling back slowly. The praise exploded in bursts of joy, tingling his skin – I’m a good boy. A moan escaped Legosi’s throat and Louis laughed. “A greedy wolf, you are.” 

“I am,” His own voice startled him, raspy, and harsh, “I need–”. 

Louis shushed him, “I know, I know. Patience.” 

The wolf inside him satiated, calm. Legosi feels at peace in his body suddenly, relaxing into it. As if instinctually, Legosi’s nose dug toward the heaviest trace of Louis’ scent. Burying his muzzle at zipper of Louis’ pants, “Legosi–Hey! ” watching Louis’ body jump at the contact of Legosi’s nose brushing again the deers own evidence of hard wanting. 

“Not tonight dog,” Sternly grabbing his muzzle, forcing Legosi to meet his eyes. “You haven’t earned that yet.” 

Yet – Legosi’s skin buzzed. The potential of earning all of Louis, was... something else. Legosi’s tail thumped, this is all he's ever wanted. 

“I thought I asked you to be tame,” Louis teased. Something in Legosi’s belly shamed him for frustrating his senpai, but the wolf greedily loved Louis’ flushed face and cheering at the obvious bulge in his senpai’s trousers. 

If Louis was annoyed he wasn’t showing it, leaning back to take-in the full blown mess Legosi knows he probably looks, just from a kiss nonetheless. A panting virgin. Shame mixed with pleasure was a weird feeling Legosi, right now, was not going to dwell on.

“I think that’s all for tonight,” Louis said definitely. Legosi whined, tracking how the deer adjusts himself, before standing. The wolf whimpered at the loss of contact, his body going cold.

“We can finish your taxes another day.” Louis said like a promise, like he'll be back to do this again. Whatever this is. Legosi watches as Louis seems to try and collect himself. Legosi’s tail betrays his silence by wagging under him– to think he (virgin, Legosi) caused this reaction – for Louis to smell and look like this. 

“You do need to mail this however,” Ignoring Legosi’s leering, Louis grabs a form and folds it into one of the empty envelopes on the dining table. “I filled it out for you with all the information you had. You can buy stamps at any grocery but there’s a post office in the city center which is a train ride away. It’s important to have a few stamps with you, just in case.” 

The tension in the room dissipates for a moment, he sits up in a comfortable position at his, now clawed through table. Sitting like how he and senpai were before–before–Legosi breathes a full breath for what feels like the first time in hours. “You won’t forget, will you?” 

“No–” Legosi said, trying to find the energy to sound convincing. Body swimming. “I-I mean, I won’t forget. Thank you again for helping me, Senpai.” His ears flatten.

Louis pulls on his jacket and shoes to leave, a smile painting his face as if, here, the deer can’t control himself. Legosi tries to do something other than stare, so he starts picking up the papers on the floor. Tea cooling in their cups, forgotten. Legosi suddenly loses all the tension that was built up over the past few moments–hot moments, and unceremoniously scatters some papers on the table.

"Shit– I'm sorry–" Legosi scrambles to organize them again. Louis huffs from where he’s standing by the door. Legosi decides he hates him. 

“Here,” Louis hands him the filled envelope. Their fingers brush. Legosi tries to clamp down on his body's reaction to just the touch. Louis’ fond chuckle tells him otherwise. Can’t hide anything from his senpai – he watches as Louis turns to the door but he pauses.

“Have a good night!” Legosi said into the pregnant pause. In a sudden movement Louis turns, taking a long stride to pat the top of Legosi’s head before taking his leave.

 “Good dog.”