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Rainbow Six Wars Battlefront

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- The Opening Ceremony (or not) -


4th of May, 2020, 8.30 am 


(after breakfast and morning stretches)


The day of the event began at dawn, the stadium packed with excited audience members who had pre-ordered their tickets a month ago. Screams of excitement filled in the air, flags of the Jedi and Sith teams waving around. With the soundtrack of the classical Star Wars playing in the speakers.


“Announcing the beginning of the one day only Rainbow Six Wars Battlefront event! Arriving live, here are the operators of Team Rainbow Six!!” 


At the sight of the operators running to the stadium, their cheers became louder, some stood up from their seats jumping in excitement. As the operators ran towards the center of the field, where a makeshift stage and a podium was made, there stood the three leaders of the team: Thatcher, Harry, and Kaid, all stood with pride and dignity.


However, the operators’ faces of excitement dropped to horror whether noticed the five pages of papers held on Harry’s hands as he walked his way to the podium.


“Oh hell no,” Valkyrie groaned.   


“I would like to thank everyone that contributed to…” However, the operators groaned in misery and the crowd echoed with them, familiar with how long the man can sometimes make his speeches a bit too long and boring .


“This is taking too long!” Smoke whined with a groan, head leaned back and arms left dangling to the side like limp noodles. 


“Got any ideas to quickly wrap this up?” Capitao scoffed, both of his arms folded to himself.


“Allow me,” Sledge offered and began walking towards the stage, breaking the formation line. Thatcher tried to stop the man, however, Kaid held the British man back by holding his shoulder. “Wait, I would like to see what happens next.” 


“Sorry luv,” apologized the giant Scots man, startling his companion as he dragged the man by the arm. Jager turned to the taller man in surprise, following the man to the front of the group. He also let out a squeak when he realized Sledge proceeded to carry him in a princess style


“Hey everyone,” said Sledge, and proceeds to raise the tiny German to the sky with both of his hands. And screamed out loud, lifting the man up and down. “RIOT!!!” 


And everything became chaotic within seconds.


It started simply with a fist thrown at Zofia by her own sister, and that leads to a wrestling match, where an unlucky missed kick landed on Doc who accidentally pushed Caveira to the ground and reigniting their shouting match, and that got worse when both Bandit, Thermite and Smoke declared a full-out guerilla Rambo attack upon everyone else. And Mozzie for no reason began to headbutt people one by one, with helmet included. But his actions enraged Oryx who immediately charged against the chaotic crowd to attack the Australian, knocking off people left and right in the process.


“Screw the intros, let’s fight!!!!” Smoke yelled as he proceeded to throw two more of his smoke grenades before being football-tackled from the side by Blackbeard. Thermite howled out in glee with Mozzie, howling in laughter but quickly split up in an attempt to avoid a sneaking Caveira and Capitao’s electrical arrows.


Somewhere within the chaotic mess, the sound of lightsabers is ignited, causing several unwilling victims to convulse in shock and they had to be forced to be dragged away for cover. Montagne and Clash tried to distract the raging Oryx with evasive matador techniques to give time for them to fall back while at the same time judo-chopping attackers with their own shields. Blitz helped along by flashing the crowd to make a path for the victims. But that did not deter the excited German still in Sledge’s arms, for his body is trembling in excitement. “THROW ME!” Jager yelled to his boyfriend, and Sledge obliged, throwing the German man into the fray and watched him tackle both Ace (who was recording everything) and Echo like a flying fish in mid-air.  


That got worse when Fuze unleashed one of his Matryoshka grenades at the center of the crowd, forcing everyone to part ways to their respective groups. That escalated into Mira trying to put him in a nagging wrestling chokehold but was being held back by both Tachanka and Jackal. But luckily she changed her target to attack Kali instead.


From afar, the three leaders stare at the commotion with surprise. “Well, that was easy,” Thatcher mused as he took a sip of his coffee. But none of that mattered because the crowd went wild, cheering out loud in mad joy. With the banners and flags waving in the air, the hype for the battle became uncontrollable, like flames in an inferno forest fire.


Simply sighing, Thatcher pulled out his trusty mini gong again and began to hit it continuously against the microphone, it’s deafening sound hurting everybody’s ears. “Settle down! Enough with the catfight! Knock it off! ORDER!! ORDER!!” Thatcher screamed, followed by an ear-piercing whistle from Kaid. 


Everybody froze in midway. Staring at the three leaders like cats, alert for possible movements. The operators and leaders had a full staring competition for a second, and the air of awkwardness was broken out when Twitch kicked off Ash by the face who was previously straddling on top of her.   


“We get it, we get it,” he said to the microphone. “All of yer whiny lots don’t want an opening ceremony. Now stop rioting and let’s get this show on the road!”


The crowd and the operators proceed to cheer in happiness, both hands raised to the air in fists.


“After an hour’s timeout break!” 


Immediately everybody went back to groaning in misery. “Awwww...” they whined.


“NOW GET!” Thatcher ordered, pointing at the seats. With their heads held low, the operators slowly trekked their way to the bleacher seats. At the same time, Kaid immediately snaps his fingers and Thermite ran towards the stage and quickly snatched the microphone out of Harry’s hands.


“Final bets everyone. Everybody, place your final bets! Who will it be? Will it be the Jedi or will it be the Sith team? A two, two, three hundred, three hundred Jedi dollar bet, now we gotta four, four five, six, seven hundred no make it…” 


With a skill of a Texan auctioneer, Thermite began to quickly collect and announce the bets value of each respective team. And somewhere in the background, the speakers begin to play  EDM beats that go well according to the Thermites flow of bidding speed.


“And two three three four five Sith hundred dollars, Sith hundred dollars, Sith hundred dollars, now with a seven seven eight a 12 hundred dollar, dollar, Jedi hundred dollar...” 


So for the whole hour of delay, at least the crowd and the operators could enjoy the rhythmic beats of Thermite’s speed announcer bettings.