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Rainbow Six Wars Battlefront

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The story begins with a video camera being set up. After a few fumbles on the camera’s position, the video reveals the face of Harishva "Harry" Paday, the current Six of team Rainbow Six. Readjusting his position and his appearance, Harry then immediately gave a sharp cough to himself as he began his speech.


“ 7th of May, 2020, 3.35pm.


This is Harry Paday, or as most people would call me “Six”; though in my opinion that title should always belong to Aurelia. I am here today


Now these interviews will be recorded and stored away as performance assessments on the strategies and decisions made throughout this event. And there is no other event that can bring excitement to any other level other than April Fools day; a Star Wars battle event.


But my viewers, what you are about to see and hear is an event that I will never forget, for the team’s preparation is every fanboys’ greatest daydreams of all time.”




1st of April, 2020, 2.35 pm.

1 month ago…


Everybody gathered in the already cramped Lounge room, with a whole lot of seats already taken causing several people either had to stand, sit on tables or on their significant other’s laps. Smoke, who was too tired from the arduous morning training he had gone through and too lazy to get himself a seat, opted to lie flat on the ground with a pillow underneath his head. 


Bandit and Mozzie are currently having a toilet paper ball fight among each other, not caring whether the missed shots had hit other people until Caveira let out a menacing growl at the duo causing them both to freeze and halt their skirmish fight. Valkyrie and Gridlock are having an arm wrestling match, earning a certain amount of audiences surrounding them. Rook is bottle feeding a week old orphan puppy swaddled in a warm hand-knitted wool blanket as he sits on the ground. And by his side, sitting on one of the cushioned chairs is Doc with a basketful of puppies on his lap, both of his legs shaking in an attempt to rock the pups to sleep. 


Echo and Dokkaebi are deeply focused in their Nintendo switch, pushing each other by the elbows. Vigil, as always, stood by the furthest corners of the room, listening to his earphones in silence as he watched over everything. Lesion, who came late into the meeting, and not taking any chance to skip lunch, is slurping a bowl of samyang instant noodles stolen from Dokkaebi’s stash. Maestro is cooing at the puppies with baby talks alongside Alibi, Mira and Maverick while the newer operators like Kali, Wamai, Iana and Oryx are doing their own respective things by themselves.


Everybody immediately kept quiet when the three head figures of the team entered the room in unison; Thatcher with a mug filled with coffee in one of his hands, Harry with both of his hands behind his back and Kaid with both of his arms folded to his chest.


Harry then proceeds to begin with a brief announcement. “Alright, this will not take very long so I will go straight to the point; as for today we will be preparing ourselves for another battlefield event,” and that caused everybody to groan and boo out loudly, even making Bandit throw a crumpled toilet paper on them. 


“No more…” Smoke groaned from his place.


“Do not fret, Mr Porter. This is no ordinary event…” Harry said, earning a few interested eyes from the crowd.


Harry eyed at the two senior operators by his side. “ Because we are having the event on May 4th,” he said.


“May 4th?”they mouthed, staring at each other in question. Is he serious? It can’t be right?


And out of the blue Blackbeard stood up from his seat, with both of his hands clapping together in unison. His loud booming laughs echoed through the silence of the room. Now everybody is staring at them man keenly, waiting for a response.


“Ha ha, very funny Harry. As if we’re gonna have a battlefield event on Star Wars day. Great joke,by the way,” Blackbeard said, fingers gun-pointing at Harry.  


“I am not joking here, Mr Jenson. I assure you I am speaking of the truth,” he replied calmly.


Blackbeard froze his movements, eyes wide in surprise.


“You’re not bullshitting us, are you Harry?” he asks, his voice once filled with confidence slowly faltering.


All Harry did was raise a hand, holding on a piece of paper. The piece of paper reveals to be an official notice of the higher officers and Blackbeard immediately snatches the paper off his hands to take a closer inspection. Behind him the rest began to huddle up to catch a glimpse of the notice itself. 


For the whole 3 minutes of reading, everything was filled with silence. And then....


Thunderous cheers from the crowds begin to erupt; everybody jumps out to the air with delight, joy and excited glee. Lion went down on his knees, thanking God for the blessed news alongside Maestro. Bandit and Mozzie celebrated by tearing up the pieces of toilet paper and throwing it around like confetti. The FBI squad threw their hats up to the air, and then they began to football huddle each other, chanting “Star Wars, Star Wars!!” again and again. This has attracted several others into joining the huddle, forming a massive human circle.


Everyone was chanting like crazy until the puppy began to whine, startled from all of the commotion around it. Immediately Rook quickly left the room in a hurry, gently shushing the frightened puppy to calm it down. Following behind the worrying French man was Doc, the half empty bottle of milk and the basket already in his hands and his pace fast knowing that if a puppy is whining then the other pups will follow as well. 


I’m sorry, so sorry , Rook repeatedly mouthed at the crowd, before disappearing to the corners of the hallways. For a pair that is recently married for 6 months, they’re handling parenting very well , everybody thought.


“Seriously, you’re telling us about this now!!? I could have brought out my Princess Leia wig from the storage back in the US,” Thermite whined, trying to change the subject.


“And how exactly do you literally own a Princess Leia wig?” Ash incredulously asked, an eyebrow raised in question at her squadmate. “You don’t seem to look like a Princess Leia cosplayer to me,” Pulse joked, earning several laughs from the group.


“Don’t ask; don’t tell;” he hissed, clutching to his pillow tightly to his chest. “Besides, it used to be my sister’s…” he mumbled silently.


Kaid then let out a deep cough, silenting everyone from their chatter to focus back on the speech. Harry then continued, “ As for the plannings we have created a few rules to be made and obeyed throughout the battlefield. And as starting from today all training regimes are now meant to adapt yourselves to the arenas and obstacle courses we have designed. Now then, ladies and gentlemen…”


“Are you all now ready for the rules?”