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Dear Members of New Directions,

Despite your ridiculous name and truly mediocre performance, you deserved your second place. What you did not deserve was the prank that was pulled on you. I assure you that the people who stole your plaque have been dealt with and will never compete in any form of show choir for as long as they live. 

The members of Throat Explosion hold themselves to a higher standard than the average person. We have three major tenants. First, we believe that our members must show excellent responsibility. You know that a show choir cannot run on unreliable members. Every person must give there all. A machine cannot survive if one part is not doing its job. We are an extraordinary machine. Second, we believe that our members must show a love of music. Obviously, music is a major part of show choir. It is the thing that runs through our blood and makes our hearts beat every moment of every day. We are inspired by music because we are music. Third, our members must show faith. They must have faith that what they do is the right thing. They must have faith that the decision they make is for the betterment of the show choir and their fellow members.

I did not know Finn Hudson. Of course, I had heard about him. I knew all about the insane kiss on the stage and I heard about something involving a hot tub through the grapevine. He seemed like a perfectly ordinary person, like someone I never would have looked twice at. I was expecting nothing when I watched your older performances but then I saw what you saw. Finn Hudson personified all of our tenants. He put aside his own life to give his all to your club, music flowed through his veins and glowed through every part of him, and he had faith that you all were doing exactly what you needed to do in that moment. 

Finn Hudson was your inspiration that night and it showed. I felt him in that audience that night and knew that he would have been proud of your performance. Someone who could make an impact of that magnitude in such a short amount of time on Earth had to be special. 

I know that he will continue to inspire and help you grow no matter what you do. He will be there to celebrate your victories and he will be there to console you in your defeats. We will tell future members of Throat Explosion about Finn Hudson. We will tell them about the love he had for music and the love he had for his members. It is my hope, and I’m sure it is yours as well, that his message is spread to as many people as possible. 

Although it’s a strange message “The show must go…all over the place…or something,” has truly humbled me. I used to be a person that thought that I could control everything. The show is what we truly strive for. We strive for that moment when the lights hit us and the music starts. Sometimes the show really does go all over the place but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it. 

I have packed the plaque that was stolen in a protective box. I have also included a check for $5,000 from Throat Explosion’s own funds to go to a scholarship fund in Finn Hudson’s name. 

Next time, we will beat you again, but we will have to work much harder with your guardian angel on your shoulder. 

All The Best,

Jean Baptise 

Sam smiled down at the letter and his eyes skimmed the words again. Every day he was reminded of Finn’s generosity. He had truly been changed by him and knew that he was going to try to live just life like Finn did.

He was going to strive to be the best he could be.

He was going to love with his entire heart.

He was going to wish and dream so high that he went past even the moon.

Carefully, Sam hung the plaque back up in its proper place and stepped back. He knew that Finn would be happy here, watching over the students in this room. He would have wanted nothing more than to see people grow, watch them discover their passions. 

With a final look at the plaque, Sam turned off the lights and slipped out.