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Let’s go on a date!

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"It is not for the faint of heart." Sung Wan stepped forward to tell the boys who were entering the haunted house he once worked at. The boy who was looking at the attraction turned his head to see Sung Wan standing there. "Sung Wan?" Jae Young asks as he takes a good look at the man in front of him. "Jae Young?" Sung Wan looked so shocked that he was about to cry. It has been so many months since he last saw the ghost, well now in his living body.

"I missed you..." It was the first ting Sung Wan blurts out after realising that the person standing in front of him is the one he loves so damn much. Jae Young ran towards Sung Wan and gave a tight hug. They share a moment together as their respective company left them alone. "How have you been? Doing well?" Jae Young asks as he looks at Sung Wan from top to toe. "I'm good. I am actually going for a test to be a teacher soon." Sung Wan proudly says. He studied really hard to get Jae Young off his mind, the time and effort used are paid off.

Jae Young looked shocked, "You really need to help me then. I'm going to take the high school exams and then college entrance exams straight after. I've already wasted a lot of time being in a coma." Jae Young blabs. Sung Wan just doesn't even mind, he missed the voice of his first love. "Forget about those now, I want to bring you out on a date." Sung Wan gave the kiss that didn't count back when Jae Young was a ghost. Jae Young blushed but still kissed back and deepens the kiss.

"Yea sure. How about now since we are at the amusement park? Let's make up for the last date we had." Jae Young is extremely excited. He grabs Sung Wan and goes around the park. They went on every ride possible and went again and again. It is the first time that Sung Wan has seen Jae Young smile so brightly. He once again realises the love he has for the older. "Hyung, can I call you hyung?" Sung Wan asks. Jae Young just finds him extremely adorable.

Jae Young took Sung Wan's hands and nodded. He placed a kiss on the back of his love's hand. "Will you be my boyfriend then, hyung?" Sung Wan asked without any hesitation in his voice, eyes staring at Jae Young as he waited for an answer patiently. He would wait for a thousand years if that is what it takes to be with his beloved Jae Young. Jae Young can't even be more shocked than this at this time when he is met with a sudden proposal.

He heart is fluttering and beating quickly at the same time. Is it even normal to feel so nervous from answering such a simple question, one with such a absolute answer from the start. "Uh... Sung Wan ah, we just reunited, is it really a good idea to pop up such a question? Plus, strictly speaking, I have never broken up with you. Have you already cheated on me?" Jae Young is over reacting to hide the anxiousness in his voice. Sung Wan just laughs, "No, I have ever only loved you."

A deep red blush creeps up Jae Young's face as those cheesy words are registered in his mind. Sung Wan hugged Jae Young once more, tighter and more yearning, like he was scared the same thing would happen once more - Jae Young disappearing. Jae Young wrapped his arms around the younger to reassure that he would be here to stay this time. He has gotten a lot better. "I'm here, I won't be leaving this time, you don't have to worry anymore." Jae Young smiled slightly. He finally has an attachment to the real worl and that is Sung Wan.

"Come on, let's stop with all this emotional reunion. Let's continue with enjoying our day at the park." Jae Young pulled away and run off towards the roller coaster he has been yearning to ride since he got here. Sung Wan just followed behind wherever Jae Young went. After the roller coaster, the boys went to get some food and drinks from one of the shops there. They sat near a shooting range, almost like the one where Sung Wan won the soft toy for Jae Young.

Sung Wan looked at the toys with a serious expression on his face, “I’m going to win that toy there for you.” With that, he left the table and headed towards the shooting range. Let’s just say, he had to play a few rounds to get the biggest soft toy they had. It was a huge brown teddy bear with a giant white bow around it’s neck. He carried the bear away with a huge smile on his face and handed it to Jae Young. Jae Young is literally sparkling as he took the stuffed animal from Sung Wan. “Oh my god, thank you so much! This is so huge, it’s almost the same height as me. It’s going to be difficult to carry.” Jae Young hugging and kissing the bear from all angles making Sung Wan smile at the childish behaviour.

Maybe it was because of the coma, but it seemed as if Jae Young is still a lot like a child despite being older than Sung Wan. “What do you want to ride next?” Sung Wan asks as he carries the bear for Jae Young.

They went on the carousell, the haunted house (that is no longer haunted), the boat rides and many more. They decided to end the day with the ferris wheel. Cliché? I know.

The sky is dark and just like the previous time they went together, fireworks are going on as they went on the wheel. Slowly turning as they separate themselves from the real world. “It’s quiet up here.” Jae Young said as the only thing they could hear were the fireworks far away. “Yea it is. It’s like we are the only ones in the world.” Sung Wan says and Jae Young laughs.

Then silence again as the two of them enjoy each other’s presence. “I’ve been looking all over for you. I came here straight after I could stand on my two feet again. I thought you would still be working as a ghost in that haunted house.” Jae Young has a slight smile as he stare at the fireworks display. “I love you. You have become my most precious and important figure in my life.”

Sung Wan is shocked, he would have never expected a full blown confession by his playful hyung. He caught himself before he said those 3 very important words and kissed the older right as they reach the highest point of the ferris wheel. Sparks fly.

They pulled away and both of them are slightly flushed. “Urm, sorry, I couldn’t help myself.” Sung Wan awkward scratch the back of his neck. Jae Young laughs and says it was fine, he wanted it too. Sung Wan relaxed a little as he got the confirmation that they both wanted the same thing.

They got off the ride and went to a nearby park where it was quiet and not populated. They leaned on the barricade that stops them from going into the water. The moonlight shining on their faces, bringing out their features. Both are enjoying.

“I love you, and I will continue to love you from now on. I will never let you feel alone or unwanted or useless in any way. I’ll be here for you all the way.” Sung Wan hugged Jae Young tightly. It is the promise he will keep forever. “I’ll hold you to your word Joo Sung Wan.” Jae Young wrapped his arms around the younger as they share one more special moment with each other.


Meanwhile Min Jae hung out with the two boys who came with Jae Young.

“Hi, I’m Kim Min Jae, 26.” Min Jae introduces himself.

“That makes us your hyungs then. I’m Park Jung Soo and he is Im Joo Hyung. We are both 27 same age as Jae Young.” Jung Soo introduced the both of them and they head out into the amusement park, avoiding the happy couple at all costs.