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Katniss looped her arms around Johanna, holding her up.

“Woah there Jo.” She said softly, as Johanna tried to regain the strength in her legs. Katniss looked over to Cressida and nodded to her to grab Johanna, Cressida gently pulled Johanna into her arms before picking her up.

“No one… ever… speaks of this.” Johanna said as everyone nods. Cressida carried Johanna back to the hospital wing. When the doors slide open they watch as Prim’s head pops up over the counter top, quickly she’s at Johanna’s side.

“What happened?” She ordered and Katniss turned slightly red at the fact her little sister was being so demanding.

“It’s ok kid, Johanna… stood up against Coin.” Gale said. Cressida kept walking till she was able to put Johanna back into her bed. Katniss curled up next to Johanna, as the others sat in chairs. Prim worked around them as she checked Johanna out.

“On a scale of 1 to 10 where are you landing on for pain.” She asked setting up an IV again.

“A seven.” Johanna groaned, burying her face in Katniss’ shoulder. Prim shook her head and pulled Johanna’s arm to reinsert the IV.

“That’ll help.” She said. “I’ll check on you in a little bit.” Prim said before walking out of the room, Cressida got up and followed her out.

“Prim wait.” Cressida called after the young girl, when she caught up to her Prim noticed the worried look on her face.

“What’s up Cressida?”

“You said earlier that Johanna was going to be released in a few days?”

“Yeah, tomorrow actually.”

“Why would she be in so much pain if she’s being cleared to go?” Prim cocked her head to the side at the question.

“How long has it been since she removed the IV?”

“Nearly 7 hours.”

“Did you notice…” Prim started but Cressida interrupted her.

“Shaking hands? Darting eyes?” Cressida nodded.

“That’s not good. I knew we should have weaned her off sooner.” Prim said as she grabbed Johanna’s chart again.

“There was a drug that the Capitol gave me after I asked not to get Morphling.”

“We have just a ibuprofen mixture besides the Morphling, though the newer drugs we haven’t been able to get.”

“We’re going to District 2.”

“No.” Prim said. “You can bring it back if they have it and can spare it, but I think it would be a bad idea to give to Johanna. Dr. Jacobs,” Prim said as a man walked passed them.

“Prim?” He asked looking at the young girl.

“I have a patient addicted to Morphling.”

“Switch them over to the mix and slowly pull them off of that.” He said before looking up at Cressida. “A solider?”

“A Victor.” Cressida replied and the man shook his head.

“We were going to release her tomorrow.”

“Still allow her to get released, but whoever she is staying with needs to know, and we have to make sure our supplies don’t get pilfered.” He said before walking away.

“I have the room on one side of her.”

“And Katniss will be with her, we should tell her.” Cressida shook her head.

“No, we don’t need to worry her with that, plus there is so much at stake for Johanna she might just hide the effects and we don’t need Katniss asking questions, leading Johanna to believe she knows. I’ll keep an eye on her and if something changes you’ll be the first to know. Promise.” Cressida said and Prim looked worried still but reluctantly agreed.