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Johanna’s arms screamed in pain. She wasn’t sure how long they had left her strung up this time. The ice cold water would turn on randomly above her. She was defeated, there was nothing more she could do, she wasn’t helpful, she had no use here, not for the revolution. She heard gun fire and her head snapped up. It was from Peeta’s cell.

“Peeta!” Johanna started screaming, struggling against her chains. “Peeta!” She screamed again. Her cell door opened pouring bright sunlight into the dark room. “What’d you do to Peeta?” She snarled, her eyes cast down trying to adjust to the light.

“Get her down!” A female voice yelled through the small cell. Soon Johanna was on the ground and someone was holding her up. Johanna struggled against them.

“Get the hell off me!”

“Johanna Mason stop. We’re from 13.” Johanna finally looked up at the woman, she was tall, and looked like she was from the capitol at one point or another. Part of her head was shaved free of her blonde hair and she had a green vine tattoo running down the side of her head to her neck. “It’s ok, I got you.”

“Johanna!” Annie said as she walked up to Johanna. The woman knelt in front of Johanna, she pushed the girl’s hair away from her face. “We’re getting out of here.” She smiled. Johanna sighed and stopped struggling.

“Let’s go.” She said trying to stand up, falling back to her knees. The woman had picked her up.

“I got you.” She said and Johanna gave up on keeping any part of her body up. “I’m Cressida, we’ll be working closely with one another as time goes on. First we have to get you out of here and checked out. We got Peeta, Boggs loaded him into the hover craft.”


“She’s waiting for you to get back.” Cressida smiled down at Johanna. “Just close your eyes, we’ll be in 13 soon.” Johanna nodded slightly letting her eyes drift shut.


Johanna woke back up as they entered the airspace of 13, she was still in Cressida’s lap and Peeta’s face was inches from her own.


“Oh thank god!” Peeta said wrapping his arms around Johanna tightly. Johanna couldn’t help but smile at his reaction as she hugged him tightly back.

“Peeta, can’t breathe.” She joked and he loosed his grip smiling at her. They didn’t have to say anything else, they knew exactly what the other was thinking.

“They better have some food waiting I don’t know about you and Annie but that gruel they gave me was terrible.

“Sure bread boy. You excited about pastries?” Johanna smirked curling back into Cressida, the woman was becoming a safe haven for her.

“Hey even terrible pastries are better than the capitol slew they fed us.”

“If they fed us at all.” Johanna said and Peeta nodded. The rest of the ride no one spoke, they all were thinking about what happened at the capitol.