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Johanna always found something very comforting about being alone. The knowledge that you would be just fine in life without having to constantly be near another person, that your own mind was enough at times. However now, being alone means that not only do her own thoughts have to keep her busy in the pitch black cell, but also try and not wander into thinking about what exactly they are doing to poor Peeta as his screams of agony ring out. The only thing she takes from it, is when she is screaming he hears her too, so they aren’t alone. Never has there been a moment of silence from one of the two rooms. So she sat in her cell, staring up into the darkness listening to Peeta howl in pain. She started to think about her family, her home, being there in the woods with her brothers, her father. Slowly she slipped into unconsciousness.



One thing Johanna loved about her parents was that they had a deep love for one another. Her favorite days were always when her dad would come home with fresh cut flowers from where Johanna could never figure out. He would make a big spectacle of it, handing his wife the flowers and he went and found the vase, as he did he would put the record player on, something smooth that he could dance to. He would take the flowers back from her and put them in the vase, before scooping his wife into his arms, pulling her impossibly close so they could dance slowly around the living room with their children watching, smiling. He would croon along with the songs, a smile of his own plastered on his face.



Johanna gasped as ice cold water was dumped on her, snapping her back awake. Before she even had a chance to gain her bearings they had turned on the electric coils under her, as the electricity surged through her she went ridge a strangled cry escaping her throat. The power cut off and she slumped forward, the restraints hung from the ceiling, connected to her wrists keeping her upright. Suddenly the door opened letting blinding sunlight pour into the small dark cell, Johanna cringed and attempted to hide her face. Snow in a crisp white suit walked in, commanded aura about him, he grabbed a chair from the side of the room and placed it right in front of Johanna.

“Miss. Masson.” His voice seemed to boom in the small room. He took a seat in the chair, taking Johanna’s face in his hand he forced her to look up at him. He shook his head at the sight of her, dirt covering her face, blood staining the sides of it, matting her hair down to her scalp. “Tell us where they are. Just tell us and all this ends.”

“Fuck you.” Johanna spat back at the man.

“I can make this stop, I can let you go back to your life. Just tell me…” Johanna spat in Snow’s face. The man sighed, grabbing his handkerchief from his pocket wiping his face off. “As you wish Miss. Mason.” Snow said, he grabbed the chair putting it back. “Hoist her up.” He ordered, Johanna was lifted off the floor, her feet unable to reach at all. “Keep her there.” He said walking out, the door slamming shut behind him.