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“Alright so everyone know their part in the plan?” Beetee asked as he looked around their small group.

“Yeah.” Everyone replied.

“Good, let’s get a move on.” He said handing Katniss the wire. Katniss stood up between Johanna and Blight.

“You got my back, right?” Katniss asked looking at Johanna who smirked.

“Back, front, left side, right side. Whatever you’ll give me, I’ll take.” She said as Katniss blushed.

“I want to switch with someone!” Blight whined looking around their small group no one was jumping for joy at the thought of having to be around Johanna and Katniss.

“Aw come on Blight, you love me.” Johanna said throwing an arm around the man who rolled his eyes.

“Let’s just make this as quick and painless as possible.” He said. Soon the three of them were deep into the jungle headed back toward the beach.

“So I hear 12 has a really good black-market set up?” Blight asked and Katniss nodded.

“We do, which is perfect! My friend Gale and I would go hunting every morning and trade for other things we would need.” Katniss smiled at the memory.

“We tried to set up a black-market, but turns out we’re all too cheap to be able to haggle with one another.” Blight joked and Katniss laughed.

“Though you guys did set up that after school training camp right?”

“Yeah, worked pretty good too.” Blight said looking over at Johanna, who was scanning the jungle constantly.

“Jo calm down, we out number them anyway.” Katniss said waiting a few steps till she was side by side with Johanna, she wrapped an arm around her pulling her close.

“It’s not the others I’m worried about, it’s the Capitol.” She whispered back.

“Beach!” Blight grinned as they stepped onto the sand. Katniss smiled and unwound some of the wire into the water.

“Don’t look now but Enobraia is over on the other side of the lake.” Johanna said crouching down. Katniss slowly pulled her bow out. “No Kat, she’s not a threat… look she’s leaving.”

“Fine…” Katniss huffed putting her bow back.

“Hurry up ladies, I don’t want to be in the open long.” Blight said, rushing them back into the jungle. The walk back was a lot quieter than before. Katniss heard a branch snap and turned quickly bow armed and ready. A sharp pain filled her mind as if she passed out and hit her head on a cement floor.

“Come on Johanna!” Blight yelled. “Get the damn tracker out of her and let’s go.” Katniss couldn’t move, her head was in so much pain, and then a razor sharp pain tore through her arm. It had to be a blade of some sort.

“I don’t know where it is!” Johanna yelled back.

“Dig in there!” A third voice screamed and Katniss couldn’t place it. Suddenly another pair of hands were on her, and a scolding hot pain filled her arm, someone was digging around in the cut in her arm. She wanted to scream, to cry anything but she couldn’t. Slowly her eyes opened her body reacting to the pain. Enobraia was there, covered in blood.

“Relax Katniss.” She ordered, Katniss’ eyes rolled back into her head as her stomach clenched. She was going to die.

“Roll her!” Johanna yelled ending up at Katniss’ side again, the smaller woman rolled her to her side as Katniss retched up her stomach contents.

“Pick her up Blight, she’s not going to be able to walk.” Johanna said and Blight lifted Katniss into his arms. They kept walking back through the jungle toward the others. Katniss slowly becoming more aware of what was happening.

“Katniss it’s ok. We Just had to remove the tracker from you. There is a plan, Haymitch set it up.” Johanna said soothingly as she ran her fingers through Katniss’ hair. “We’ll be out of here soon.” Katniss smiled, joy filing her chest, it was going to be over, no one else would die. That’s when she saw the Peacekeeper.

“No!” She screamed grabbing her bow, she loosed an arrow into the man’s head as the jungle around them exploded into fighting. They were outnumbered, blight had dropped her to take on a wave of Peacekeepers. Katniss loosed arrow after arrow but for each enemy that fell it felt like two more took his place. Katniss looked up and saw one of the weak spots in the force field Beetee and Wiress had told her about. Quickly she wrapped the wire around an arrow and launched it at the spot… Then the world truly exploded.