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“Play it again.” Johanna ordered and the Avox that was assigned to her looked at her his eyes pleading her to stop. “Again!” She screamed and the man restarted the video. The screen was the length and height of the wall, Johanna had watched the film over and over for the last few hours. On the screen Johanna was walking up the stairs to the building, Snow’s arm around her shoulders. Her family was kneeling in the dirt still, Peacekeepers all around the town center. No one moved as the doors shut.

“Pa,” John said, a tear sliding down his cheek as he looked at his father.

“Yes John?” Red asked looking toward his eldest.

“I am honored to be your son.” John said nodding toward the man. “I know I won’t be able to tell you again, so I just wanted you to know.”

“John,” Red inhaled deeply as he looked back up at his son. “The honor was mine.” He said as the first shot rang out. John was the first to hit the ground, face sinking into the mud and blood mix, Red struggled against his binds starting to sob. “John! No! John!” He screamed. Jax muscled his way to his feet, arms still tied behind his back he charged a Peacekeeper knocking him off his feet. Jax flew to the ground with him and used every ounce he had to drive his shoulders into the man’s chest, his screams echoed through the small town center. The Peacekeeper pulled out a knife, using Jax’s own weight against him watched as Jax impaled himself on the knife, gutting himself. His eyes flew wide as the Peacekeeper shoved him to the side letting him bleed to death alone.

“Stop!” Jay yelled running up to the Peacekeepers, he pushed one away from the family, grabbing toward his gun. “This isn’t right!” The man yelled, he flinched as another shot rang out, freezing he stepped back and looked himself over, not finding an injury.

“Marigold!” Red’s sobs were nearly unbearable now. He fell onto his chest and tried to work his way over to his wife, a thing line of deep red blood trickled down her forehead. A Peacekeeper walked over and grabbed Red setting him upright again roughly.

“Stay still!” The man ordered, when Red fell back over and started back toward Marigold the man started kicking him repeatedly.

“I got this.” Another Peacekeeper walked up, he withdrew a knife from his side and grabbed Zepher’s hair, yanking his head back. “Red Mason! You will stop or we will kill the rest of your children.” The man ordered, Red froze instantly, tears, dirt and his wife’s blood staining his face. Tomahawk was snarling, teeth bared at the Peacekeeper who was holding Zepher, the dog lunged and grabbed the arm of the man. The knife managed to slice through the dog’s side and the Peacekeeper kicked the dying dog to the side, by Jay. Jay leaned down taking his jacket off to cover the wound and keep pressure on it.

“This is about me, my sons have no part in what I have done.” Red admitted, head hanging in shame. “Let them go, I’ll go with you if you let them go.”

“Too late for that Mason.” The man with the knife said as he once again grabbed Zepher’s head and slit his throat open, taking the knife and not wasting any time he thrust the blade into Blake’s chest. Zepher quickly fell to the ground, Blake stayed kneeling, his hands gripping the blade in his chest, face pale as he looked at his father, tears streaming down his face. The small boy gasped for breathe, trying to pull the knife from himself, being unsuccessful. Blake slumped forward, landing half atop Zepher.

“No!” Red screamed tears streaming down his face. “This won’t change anything! You can’t stop what I worked for! What is already in place. Even without me the plans will live on!” He shouted, red faced, his anger causing veins in his neck and forehead to appear. Suddenly the doors opened back up and Johanna walked back out, head held high, Red smiled, they couldn’t kill Jojo, she would continue the work.

“Daddy…” Johanna said seeing her family laying in the dirt.

“Johanna baby, look away.” Red said and Johanna shook her head starting to move toward her father faster.

“No!” She screamed.

“I love you Jojo.” Red said as the last shot rang out, Jay intercepted Johanna as she ran toward her family, he held onto her tightly.

“We’ll get them Jo, I promise.” Jay whispered in her ear as the newly orphaned girl sobbed.

Johanna looked over at the Avox. “Again.” She said. After a moment when it did not restart she snapped around to look at them. “Again! Don’t you get it! I want to see it again.” She screamed. The Avox walked up to Johanna and grabbed her shoulders, shaking his head no. He searched his pockets for a moment before finding her a pin, a Mockingjay, he handed it to her. “No I want to see it again! Not some stupid pin.” She choked out, throwing the pin across the room. The Avox went and picked the pin up and handed it back to her, he grabbed her face and forced her to look at the pin. Engraved in the sides were ‘Edge of a Revolution’. Johanna looked up from the pin to the man, he handed her a paper.

‘Your family, your brother and parents, they started this, it will be over in a few years. It all depends on the one they deemed the ‘Mockingjay’, she’ll arrive in a year.’