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“Alright so explain this to me, again.” Johanna said as she grabbed the chair next to Haymitch.

“Katniss is going to say over and over again that Peeta is the one that needs to get out.”

“Yes, but really we need brainless more.”

“Exactly.” Haymitch says pointing his knife at the younger woman. “However she cannot know that we have a plan, to get her and him out.”

“All she has to do is stay alive.”

“And all you have to do is help keep her alive till that moment.”

“Ha,” Johanna threw her head back laughing. “No all I have to do is lay down my life if need be. I’m not a needed pawn.”

“Johanna, I promise you if I can I will get you out.” Haymitch moved closer to the girl, putting a hand on either side of her knees, looking her in the eye. “I know what it’s like in there; I know how hard it is. I want you to have better.”

“No, Haymitch… leave me there. Don’t save me, I have nothing left.” Johanna looked at the man. “Please leave me there.” She pleaded with the man.

“When this is over, and we have you guys in 13, she does not have to live by the rules of the capitol. She doesn’t love Peeta, or Gale… but the way she looks at you.” Haymitch smiled. “God the way she looks at you is the way Finnick looks at Annie, and the way you look at her. Both of you deserve more of those looks.”

“Haymitch, just don’t even attempt.”

“Johanna just think, for once since your games you could be happy.”

“Haymitch!” Katniss yelled as she walked into the large gathering room, she stopped when she saw Johanna.

“Oh, hey Jo.”

“Hey brainless.” Johanna smiled back.

“So we have two hours before we have to get in the game again.”

“Shut up Brainless.” Johanna growled, she threw bottled water at the girl, “And drink this before you get in there.” She ordered as she walked out of the room. Katniss looked at Haymitch who shrugged, and waved his hand telling her to go after the woman. Katniss knew where the older woman would head, and followed her up to the roof. There she found Johanna, leaning against the railing, she walked up and took a spot next to her.


“Hey.” Johanna said looking over at Katniss. “I don’t want to go back.” Johanna said choking up, Katniss wrapped an arm around the woman.

“I know, neither do I, but guess what, we can do this together.” Katniss smiled and Johanna nodded, they stayed that way, Katniss’ arm around Johanna, staring out at the city till Haymitch and Blight came for the both of them.