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Undressed to Impress

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He had an odd charm to his youthful appearance. That sort of bright-eyed joviality that teetered on a paper-thin line of innocence and ignorance.

Maybe that's what made Olivia gravitate to him.

Oftentimes, mayors were old farts keeping up appearances cutting ribbons and kissing babies when they weren't golfing like every other stuffed shirt.

Who was this baby faced runt planting trees and catching bugs?

...Her taste in men was becoming an enigma, even to her. It became more apparent with the atrociously droll and basic attire he wore constantly. She never gave the time of day to anyone who bothered to spread heresy that hoodies were a valid fashion choice.

Yet here she was.


Her palm was on his mouth, his eyes wider than a deer in headlights. Just about every thought in his mind boggled itself trying to make sense of his situation. She could tell. On some level, she probably felt the same.

Most customers at GracieGrace only came to window shop and ogle at how ridiculous the prices were. Olivia was all but certain there were a handful of poor souls in the dressing rooms ogling at what they couldn't have.

That was their problem, either way.

Her attention focused solely on the hopeless young man. The kind of hopeless that did wonders in emphasizing her natural flawlessness, keeping eyes focused on her rather than his common folk appearance. She hated to say it but it got old. 

One by one, Olivia retracted her digits from his lips until her index finger was left. It began to trail down, opting to rub slightly under his chin. Olivia purred right as he shuddered.

"Well, Mayor." Her eyes satisfyingly drank in her handiwork. "Aren't you fetching? I could just eat you up."

At no point did Olivia take no for an answer as she slipped him into a variety of outfits. Fitted jeans, designer jackets, shirts stitched only by expert stylists. He was probably thanking her. She knew she would if such opinions came from a fashion savant such as herself. He almost looked presentable enough to walk next to her. 


She straddled him, lightly tugging on the button-up shirt that complimented him so well. Olivia didn't forget his fondness for red, of course. Yet another instance of her generosity.

Olivia smiled coquettishly. The cat settled herself into his lap, keeping his gaze focused on where else but her? In hindsight, the pants she gave him might have been a size too small. One could say that it was maybe for her benefit. Maybe not. It was a mystery. She wasn’t talking.

He was so adorably skittish. The slightest touch, no matter where had sent red all over his cheeks. Olivia surmised he was already sensing what was on her mind. Which isn't to say she didn't already hint towards it just by dragging him along with her.

She found him...cute.

Just cute enough for her to cling around his arm while dangling more shirts to try on. Or to offer a little smile when he complimented a dress she would pick out. Or to huskily whisper into his ear the dirty things she was planning on doing whilst at the mercy of being in a public area. Little things like that.

"Amazing what a change of clothes can do for such a darling little face."

There was much less sarcasm to that comment in her mind but he didn't need to know that. Fingers tangled themselves in his scruffy hair - nothing a quick haircut won't fix.

She kept her sultry look focused on him while her hips impishly began to shift. Helplessly, the mayor could only allow her to do what she wished, staring back at Olivia with his nervous yet eager eyes.

He looked ravishing. In need of being ravished. 

Tantalizing hips ground against him, already sensing the telltale signs of his new pants getting even tighter.

Feline ears stood at attention whenever she heard someone pass by their door. On some level, maybe she did enjoy the idea of being scandalously caught with the town’s more-or-less elected official riddled with every manner of love mark all over his body. Although, the moniker of “banned from the most high-end shop in town” didn’t exactly get her libido revving up much more. Such prospects kept her volume down do a husky whisper.

"Mayor!" Olivia teasingly looked aghast. "I never took you for being so forward!"

He might have laughed at the irony of the statement if he hadn't been locked in such an unholy combination of nervous and horny.

Olivia tail swayed as she watched him fondly, looking so ready to do whatever she wished. The sweetheart.

"Compliment me on my new dress."

There was a small glimpse of confusion in his eye. One that was easily rectified with an expectant stare. After all, even with GracieGrace's fine selection of clothing, Olivia was quite the picky buyer. It should be expected that he offer some well-deserved praise for her latest find. 

So he did. The way that it accentuated her body so seamlessly, the way the dark purple complimented her eyes, the way it rode up on her-

He caught himself, eyes locked in mortification as the color drained from his face. 

Olivia wasn't having any of that.

"Ah." An index finger quickly yanked the neck of his shirt, bringing him mere centimeters from her face. "Care to repeat that last bit?"

He swallowed, letting the rest of his sentence leak from his mouth. In his defense...

She did have quite the eye-catching rear. 

"Oh? So you were ogling at me, naughty boy!" Olivia's grin gave him more of a detailed look at her perfectly sharp fangs. Contrary to her flabbergasted act, she flaunted them as though she would just as soon gnaw into his neck. He definitely couldn’t stop her if she did.  "I would've never mistaken the mayor of our town for having such prying eyes!"

Those eyes better have been prying if he knew what was good for him. A dress showing off this much backside didn’t come cheap.

She forced him onto his back, taking up most of the fitting room bench. Oliva sat herself on top of his stomach like he was nothing but a personal chair.

“Seems we may have to punish such behavior.” Her grin widened as she crawled up her quarry’s chest.

Olivia wasn’t one to take off her panties for just about anyone but he was an exception. Her scanty black underthing was carelessly flung aside.

Well maybe not carelessly but she made her point.

Putting her devilish little plot in play, her folded legs placed on sides of the mayor's head. Olivia looked down just in time to see his eyes shrink to the size of an ant. He couldn't tear his gaze away. Not from a sight that no other soul in town had laid eyes on.

The information he gathered from his brain had told him that A – she groomed herself well down there, and B – she was just as raring to go as he was. Maybe more.

With a tug of her finger, Olivia's glistening sex was no longer curtained under her dress. He was at her mercy and there wasn't a thing he could do to stop her. Nothing of any real surprise.

He didn’t take too long to get with the program once the cat’s hands grasped his head. Before she could manually yank out his tongue like he was sure she was planning, the mayor went with a more proactive approach. The gap to her luscious pink folds had closed.

Olivia's keen grip on her volume kept her from slipping out anything that clearly was never heard in a fitting room. She settled on shushed hums of approval as she felt him down there; slowly running the wet muscle along the outside of her entrance. The clever boy knew how she wanted it. Slow, savoring motions that were just enough to make her fur jolt and her tail frizzled.

"Good boy..." 

She savored every minute of simply just riding his face, letting both their budding carnal urges take over. While there wasn't anything particularly outstanding about his tongue, that could've been interpreted as a blessing in disguise. He lacked the standard roughness found in feline tongues. Such traits often made extended servicing a challenge. At least now, she was able to go on until she was good and satisfied.

"Nnn...little higher."

Olivia released a pleasant hiss just as his tongue brushed her swelled clit. Without hesitation, the mayor complied with her order, shifting his mouth higher and hitting just the spot she wanted. The resulting stimulus made her want to squirm. His tongue teetering back and forth between lapping her outer folds and forcing itself inside of her, his hot breath tickling the inside of her loins, his hand furiously tapping the outside of her thigh-


"Oh, whoops."

He didn't need to make such a melodramatic gasp for air. So what if she had a gorgeously full set of thighs and gets a little grabby with her legs when in the mood? It wasn't like she was going to suffocate him.

In fact, just for rudely mussing up the finely maintained fur on her leg, she squeezed him again.

And again.

And yet again.


Once more since he made a cute face.

And the last one just because.

He was no longer entertained.

Out of courtesy, Olivia reined herself in, getting up from on top of her future favorite seat. He impressively got her some of the ways to her finish line but they weren't done yet. She felt his eyes on her, watching attentively for what their next endeavor was planned to be.

She had a good one. 

With a deliberate sway in her hips, Olivia made her way to the mirror provided in each fitting room. Naturally, her first instinct was to admire her lovely dress, free of any ruffles nor imperfections. It hugged her luscious form like a second skin, all while emphasizing the best and curvier elements of her figure. The mayor could take his eyes off of her. Unsurprising.

As her eye (albeit reluctantly) drew away from her reflection, her palms placed themselves against the mirror, supporting her weight as she arched herself forward. The bottom of her dress bunched up at her waist with the intent of keeping the ivory-white fur of her hips and burgundy dipped legs visible. Sly feline eyes turned to him, her back arched enough to show off the alluring plump crease of her backside. If the eye candy didn’t leave him mystified, she didn’t know what did.

He was already shambling towards her with a beckon of her tail. Making him crack was far too easier than she could’ve expected.

The smallest hip shake had magnetized his hands to her. As Olivia’s eye ran down, there was no mistaking that tent in his pants. Her hand extended to his chin where she was able to scratch him like a common pet.

“Go on,” Olivia said with a smirk. “Indulge a little.”

Her advice all but triggered a switch in the mayor’s mind. It wasn’t long before Olivia sensed his wanting fingertips at her rump. He certainly wasn’t one to waste time. That dopey look on his face suggested that that just made his day.

Digits carefully rubbed and kneaded her exposed flesh. Trying to conceal her giggles proved to be far more difficult than she thought. Shifting weight soon had her pressed against the wall – specifically the mirror. The cool surface tingled her pert nipples.

By the time Olivia’s sharply dressed partner had his arms wrapped his arms around her, the mayor’s length was already acquainting itself with her rear. She couldn’t say she expected him to take to rubbing between her cheeks.

He seemed to be full of surprises.

Olivia felt the prodding organ teasing her, rubbing her yet-to-be-penetrated pussy like some smarmy troglodyte who thought he was the one calling the shots. That’s why she had a tail.


She seized him, no faster than he kept that breath lodged in his throat. He was lucky she went for his length itself and his equally vulnerable package underneath. She wasn’t that cruel, Olivia supposed.

“Let’s not get carried away, hm?”

Then and there, she decided it was her turn to tease. Her tail guided him between her legs, glistening wet arousal making her inner thighs slick. The mayor’s little friend poked out from underneath.

How she loved to hear her men moan. To be gifted that fleeting sense of pride as she stripped them of that dominance.

Along with the sudden notion to beat that bratty Egyptian feline over the head with a roll of newspaper for planting such wants into her mind. She really had to stop inviting her to brunch.

Nonetheless, Olivia bit her lip as his manhood soon found itself at the mercy of her thighs. She began to move, thrusting her hips back and letting friction do the rest. It made her stupendously needy but she made certain to pace herself. There was a jovial playfulness in how she would press herself against the glass as she moved.

She stopped just as he made a groan at a pitch higher than what’s generally excusable for a man. There was little need to say anything. She supposed he earned a small breather to prepare for what was to come.

Her ears remained attentive to her surroundings. The unsuspecting hums of window shoppers and customers just “trying things on” was enough to keep Olivia’s mind anchored on staying quiet.

Olivia turned around, her fingers catching the mayor’s dazed face. Her signature purr loosed itself from her mouth out of habit. Playful fingers danced down his form, jerking him to attention when they slipped into his pants. She flicked his still standing erection. If he wasn’t fond of being toyed with so plainly, he didn’t show it.

He swallowed, gazing at her intently. Behind that tense glance, Olivia saw those amorous doe eyes all too clearly.

 “Mayor~,” she sang. “Tell me again how beautiful I look in this dress.”

He blushed before opening his mouth. Even then, she stopped him.


She was expecting more from him. She knew where his eyes went.

The bottom hem of her dress lifted only slightly. The gleam of Olivia’s eyes suggested it would only go higher should he comply. His mouth opened seemingly against his will.

The dress.

It made her breasts ample.

Her hips plump and full.


Olivia hiked up her new favorite dress.

No goading, no teasing.

She was ready and waiting.

As was he.

Gentle palms returned to her hips, holding her steady as he guided himself to her. His tip rubs her entrance before sliding into her. It takes a bit of effort to keep herself quiet as he parted her walls but-


They both froze solid.

Olivia’s palm immediately went to the mayor’s mouth, keeping whatever piercing yelp he was going to make firmly in his throat. She’s the first to look at the door and confirm that they hadn’t been found out.

It’s next door.

Acute hearing recognizes a voice, humming serenely followed by the ruffling of clothes and hangers.

It’s Gracie, isn’t it?

Olivia sighs quietly. Maybe it was best if they slowed things down just a bit before the worst-case scenario-


Olivia sharply bit back a sudden mewl. Her partner didn’t seem to share her immediate concern as shown by his continued edging into her. Of all the times to realize how horny he was, he picked the worst to act on it.

…She couldn’t blame him.

He didn’t remove her palm from his mouth, whether out of necessity or because of how hot it was, she couldn’t say. Maybe even both.

Uttering quite a few choice profanities in her mind, Olivia bit down on her lip as he slid further into her.

To the cat’s anxious horror, the wall she was pressed against made a slight creak. She heard their neighbor utter a curious “Hm?”

She swore she wasn’t getting off on this. No matter how wet she got.

The assumed-to-be-fashionista-giraffe made no other sound for a minute. That’s what probably gave Olivia’s heart more beats than necessary. The mayor pushed in further, his eyes telling the story that his mouth currently could not. His hips finally tapped against her’s, having not much space left to go. If only she wasn’t so on edge to properly enjoy how much her insides clung to him.

After what felt like an eternity of holding her breath, the sound of a door closing had signified their potential audience was now gone.

Perfect. For the moment, she didn’t have to worry about being put on a banned list. Now she can strangle this idiot for giving her a heart attack.

…She was exaggerating of course but the fact that she even had to think it.

While he was still savoring the euphoria like a twit, Olivia pushed back from the wall, forcing him down flat onto the bench. Dominance rightfully asserted, she grinned impishly while pressing the weight of her hips down on to him.

He let out a sharp breath and though he tanked a blow to the gut. The drama queen. Before he could take to whining, Olivia began her movements. Her hips lowered on his rigid spear, taking him to the hilt with a looming grin.

She was riding him now, incited by his hissing moans. As much as she hated to suppress such lovely noises, a fiery kiss soon stifled him. Though it was less of a kiss and more of a need to nibble onto his lips.

Olivia’s hips rolled atop his lap before she finding a suitable pace. She felt the mayor twitch beneath her, his back arching by the second. Tiny clapping noises mingled with their hushed breaths and moans.

She began to feel him matching her bobbing hips, thrusting upwards to meet her motions. Releasing his mouth allowed her to get a good look at his face as it contorted into orgasmic bliss.

“That face is very unbecoming of you, Mayor. Though…you look like you might ‘becoming’ in a moment.”


With what little energy he had left, he managed to shoot her an unamused frown. The wry smirk on her face translated efficiently how much the reaction affected her.

“Oh hush, that was funny and you know it. Now~” Olivia’s finger traced circles beneath his shirt as she returned to rocking herself. “Getting close?”

Between huffs, he nodded his head.

In a fashion befitting the teasing cat, Olivia alluringly buried her face into his neck. She felt it as well - the overwhelming sensation of her floodgates giving away little by little. It made her cling to him just a smidge harder. The sex riddled high buzzed in her mind like a wasp’s nest. She wanted to say she hoped the ruckus of their indecency wasn’t loud enough to raise more eyebrows but she’d be lying. A higher priority was on her mind.

Or between her legs rather.

Olivia purred and mewled. Her body tensed. Her claws would loosen themselves when she got tense. A bit of an embarrassing reflex if she was being honest. It made her prone to leaving unsightly scratches against her better judgment. At worst, the result was some of her favorite lonely night toys looking more battle-scarred than what would be acceptable. It would make for an interesting conversation topic one day. Who on earth would inquire as to why her dildo looked like it crossed paths with an irate woodchipper was beyond her, but the notion was there.

That begged the question, what problems would arise in the case of a non-plastic nor technicolor purple manlet?

The mayor deduced that inquiry long before Olivia’s haze allowed her to ponder.

She winced, not because of the red hairline marks being left underneath his shirt, but due to the rapid thrums of her orgasm shaking up her very core.

Despite the agitating sting, he followed suit.


Deep breaths.

Calm, composed, deep breaths.

On Olivia’s instruction, they both had their bells ready. No casual small talk, no opportunities given for Gracie to wonder the mayor was consistently keeping his palm at a specific spot on his neck or why Olivia’s saunter was comparable to a newborn fawn.

Naturally, she couldn’t look Gracie in the eye.

“Ah, hello Olivia. And Mister Mayor, a pleasure to see you as well. Did you find the selection to your liking-“

“We’ll take them.”