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The boy was enticing. Everything about him set Mitchikatsu's nerves on edge in a bad way. The man was on the ends of his ropes, waiting for something, anything, to take away his fear of death. It seemed the boy came from nowhere, promising that. Muzan told him he's been watching him, that he wanted him, that he had the cure for Mitchikatsu's disease.

Mitchikatsu couldn't go with him. It wasn't right. The boy turned and shrugged before walking away. It wasn't right. It wasn't right.

Mitchikatsu followed.



In his long long life, Muzan had grown bored with fucking and being fucked. He had several plans all working at once, and one of them involved him as he was now, primed and proper as a young heir to a house and land of some idiotic family who think he's their son. It's no surprise to him, he's seen many neglectful families in his time. They didn't need to know their real son was long dead, consumed by Muzan in a delicious feast. Still, it was fun to impersonate a young boy.

One of his favorite pastimes in this body was to seduce the disgusting men around him. There's been several times where after they sneak into the estate into his room, after they fuck him silly that they start to pull their clothes back on and Muzan screeches at the top of his lungs. All the maids see when they enter his room is him, disheveled and deflowered covered in sweat and cum and a mysterious stranger above him in a panicked state. The jail cell near the estate has filled up quite nicely now, actually. It serves good as a quick midnight snack, at least.

The maids are no different, but he likes to keep them around. They're pretty and easy to take his anger and frustration out on. This form is irresistable, after all. It's more fun to convince the maids to discipline him than it is to get men to fuck him. For one thing, the women are always worse, somehow. More nasty. Men are typical, they only want to fuck their cum into him. But the women? Women like to tease him and eat out his pussy. Women like to bend him over their knees and spank his ass red until his cunt drips. His body's small enough that it's no huge task to hold him down in their laps, hand pressing against the small of his back while another runs its fingers down his crack to rub at his throbbing pussy.

Mitchikatsu is not like the other men. He can sense the power running through the man's body, and it makes Muzan throb. It's almost too easy to lure the man to his bedroom, almost too easy to get him to bend his small body over the bed while he runs his hands up and down his small body. Mitchikatsu's breathing hard, cock straining in his looser clothes.

Neither of them are naked. Muzan's still in his dress shirt and socks. His shorts are small, barely covering his thighs. Mitchikatsu's hands rub up and down the creases in his shirt, fingers itching to slide under his shorts. Muzan's on his belly, soft downy pillow tucked under his thin waist. The arch it gives his back has led many men down a dark path. The boy sits up on his elbows, putting his head on his hand. He spreads his legs and lets Mitchikatsu get closer, ever closer. If he shifts, he could grind back and feel the length of the man's cock against the back of his thigh. But he likes this part the most, the teasing.

"You want to touch me, don't you?" Muzan's voice comes out slyly. The man is still hesitating, hands nowhere near his ass. "Come on now, are you going to show me your fat cock or are you too weak for that?"

It angers the man a little. Muzan can smell it on him. But it also makes him hook his fingers in his small shorts and slowly peel them down his ass and off his body. Mitchikatsu exhales a deep breath after that. Muzan's pussy is wet and slicking up already, pink and hairless. It turns his cock hard, instantly. He grabs onto the boys ass, hands covering him completely and pulls apart the boys cheeks, watching both his pink holes spread. Muzan spreads his legs more, arches his back a little more. Mitchikatsu swears and undoes his robes quickly.

His own fat dark cock sits against the back of Muzan's ass. Thick curly hair sits at it's base, a dark contrast to Muzan's hairless pussy. Mitchikatsu rubs his fingers against the boy's asshole, thumb sliding down to spread his lips as he groans at how hot it feels against his thumb. He wants to drive his cock into him, wants to feel the boy pulse around his cock. Mitchikatsu slides his thumb to the knuckle inside, hissing at how tight it already is. Muzan huffs, turns back around and reaches for a book. "You bore me," the boy says as he flips a page.

Of course, it's just an act to Muzan. Mitchikatsu doesn't need to know how much he wants to get fucked into next week. Riling up the men is always part of the fun, of course. Mitchikatsu huffs, falling for his trap as he starts to finger the boy with this thumb. He pulls out and runs his fingers through his wetness, rubbing his fingers up and down his sex. Slowly, he slides his middle finger inside. In and out, until the entire thing is inside the boy. Muzan licks his finger and turns another page as Mitchikatsu starts to finger him.

Muzan tsks. "If that's the best you can do, you might as well just leave." Mitchikatsu stops moving his fingers, glaring down at the small boy, then down at his cock. Every word the boy says makes him throb, he wants to turn him completely into mush. But his cunt is so tight, he'll never be able to fit it. Mitchikatsu starts to finger the boy faster, scissoring his fingers to open him up quicker. By now his cunt is starting to make loud squelching noises in the room, followed by slick sounds coming from him jerking his own cock off in a loose fist. He's three fingers deep into the boy when he curls, letting the boy let out a surprised moan and twitching. Muzan whips his head over his shoulder. "Do that again," he orders. Mitchikatsu continues to finger his pussy until Muzan's cunt throbs, juices spilling down into the ruined pillow and soaking it. Mitchikatsu pulls his fingers out, sucking air through his teeth at how slowly he has to do it because the boy is still so tight. Muzan moans and reaches back, small hand reaching for his cock.

Mitchikatsu freezes at the sight. Muzan's hand barely can close a fist around his cock, his small grip jerking him off and guiding him towards his pusy. The pale skin on Muzan's hand is a stark contrast against the red hot color of his own dick, and it makes him throb, hard. Muzan rolls his eyes and arches his back, glancing over his shoulder as Mitchikatsu finally, finally starts to slowly slide inside.

"Ah, ah holy shit," Mitchikatsu groans out. He's barely halfway inside Muzan but the boy is already making it hard to move any further inside him.

"Don't-" Muzan cuts himself off with a high pitched whine. "Don't stop, keep..keep goinnn-nnh!"

Mitchikatsu is thick. So so thick inside him. Muzan feels like he's being split open and it feels so damned good. Mitchikatsu slowly starts to pull out and shallowly thrusts inside him. He does it until his hips meet the boy's ass and he nearly collapses on top of the boy. Muzan is shaking under him.

Nothing...nothing compares to this feeling. Muzan forgot exactly how small this body is. He can't stop his pussy from throbbing against the man, can't stop the noises coming out of his mouth. Mitchikatsu hunches over his body, thick arms caging him in as he presses his nose against the boys hair and inhaling his smell deeply. Muzan lays his head against the man's forearm, thick enough that it's covers his entire cheek. When Mitchikatsu looks down while he pulls out, he sees Muzan's pussylips stretch wide against his cock. It's hot. The stretch of skin on the push and pull, it's too hot. Mitchikatsu practically growls as he grinds his cock into the boy, making him moan sweetly.

Muzan's losing it. He's losing his control on the situation and it's making his head spin. He feels the cock inside him so full and thick he swears he can feel it in his throat. They stay like that for a while, Mitchikatsu slowly pulling out and sliding back in as the boy whines underneath him.

Mitchikatsu sits up again once he's able to properly pull out and thrust back in. His hands wrap themselves against Muzan's waist completely as he pulls the boy to he knees. Muzan shudders and claws at the sheets as Mitchikatsu beings to fuck him hard and deep.

"Ooooh oh my fuckin...Oh, oh oh....Oh!" Muzan moans out as Mitchikatsu continues to thrust into him. By now, no doubt the maid across the hallway has heard him being fucked and is eagerly pressing her head against the door. Muzan doesn't care. He doesn't care about anything except the feeling of Mitchikatsu's hands sliding up his body to push his dress shirt up, exposing the rest of his small body to the air. The cold air hits him and causes him to groan, too many feelings all at once on his oversensitive body.

Mitchikatsu is groaning, leaning back and watching his cock fuck into the boy underneath him. All at once it seems, the boy siezes and moans loud into the air, practically screaming out his name while he creams all over himself, turning Mitchikatsu's red cock white.

It's the final straw for Mitchikatsu too. He swears and pulls out, flipping the boy over to his front and jerking his cock off all over the boy's body. Cum paints the boy's skin and shirt, some landing on his face. Muzan breathes heavy and deep, thighs shaking as his pussy throbs with aftershocks and the sudden feeling of emptiness he hates.

It takes a moment of them both breathing heavy into the night air before Muzan blinks and wipes a finger down the cum on his face. He glowers up at Mitchikatsu, eyes deadly.

"You fucking degenerate," he hisses as he suddenly moves, clawing down the man's face, chest, anywhere he can reach before Mitchikatsu grabs his arms and pins the boy against the bed. "You're fucking disgusting, you're-"

"You liked it." Muzan stops moving. It catches him off guard. The man above him eases off when Muzan calms down enough. The boy sits up again, licking at the cum on the edge of his mouth, small pink tongue darting out while he stares at Mitchikatsu, thoughtful. The man may have hesitated before, but he knows now that he has him wrapped around his little fingers.