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One Night Stand

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Feng Douzi meet You Dongdong one night, and they were joking at the bar they were so drunk, they didn't know each other and they sleep together and had sex.

They don't remember what have happen.
But some month later You Dongdong feel not good so he tried some pregnancy test, since he had sex with someone and he was freaking out "I can't be pregnant"

And he do almost 10 test who are all positives he continues to freak out more and think at the part "I'm not gay"

He tries to remember with who he had sex, but it's still blurry until the moment where he sees again Feng Douzi and some moment of the night begun to arrive in his head.

Some months later You Dongdong faint because of the pressure and stress and he goes to the hospital where work Xie Nanxiang who is his cousin

And he announces to You Dongdong "You are really pregnant, you should be careful at your health because you have one little one inside you"

He freaks out really at the announcement because it's was one stupid one night stand, and he hates Feng Douzi so Xie Nanxiang tell him "Maybe you should tell him why happen"

"Why I should tell him? We are not friends" he screams a little

"It's him who have take you to the hospital and he was concerned about you," says Xie Nanxiang

You Dongong say nothing when he saw Feng Douzi waiting for him, he was more friendly with him and he doesn't know why, because they had just one night where they have joked at the bar and they had sex. He doesn't need to be friendly.
But he is always talking to him, texting him, see how he is and then Feng Douzi say "I'm sorry we had this one night stand, if I could I would have been sober"

You Dongdong try to not be angry because he wanted to shout at him "You took my virginity, the fact that I'm gay because of you and pregnant because of you" but he says nothing and leave and was crying outside.

Feng Douzi tries to romance You Dongong with flowers, food, date, You Dongdong doesn't know if his hormone of his child but he is getting soft around him, he can't resist him and be so angry at him so they start a relationship where they sleep together

Until one day, Feng Douzi thinks that You Dongdong have cheated on him because he have discovered that he is pregnant "So I wasn't your first, I really planned that we could have a family later when your job will be more stable"

You Dongong was a fashion designer and Feng Douzi was the heir of one rich family.

You Dongdong was crying and having a breakdown and he faint, Feng Douzi take him again at the hospital where it's again Xie Nanxiang who heal him

Xie Nanxiang kinda gives one sermon at You Dongdong "He deserves the truth now or you will lose everything".

When Feng Douzi arrive in the room of the hospital Dongdong finally say "You are the only one I had sex with, you are the only one who took my virginity, it's you who have make me pregnant, how I can I cheat on you when I didn't know I was gay until you came"

Many month later You Dongong give birth to one little girl, he said to Feng Douzi "I love you"

And Feng Douzi kiss him and say "I love you I had one crush on you since the first night"

And later Feng Douzi say "I'm gonna take care of our daughter while you will work hard as Fashion Designer and we will support you".