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One Shots for 2020

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Mobile Legends


“Babe?” Chanyeol can already hear that Jongdae is up to no good. So, he doesn’t bother looking up - his eyes remain glued on his book and lecture notes. He already told Jongdae this a while ago, that he can come over but Chanyeol still needs to study - he has a quiz tomorrow. Jongdae happily agreed, saying that he’d just be happy to watch Chanyeol study and then cuddle him after.


Chanyeol should’ve known it was a trap to let Jongdae inside of his room because all his boyfriend ever did was distract him. They reached a compromise an hour ago, that Jongdae could sit on Chanyeol’s lap while the other is reading through the material - but of course, Jongdae saw that as the perfect opportunity to leave hickeys at the long column of Chanyeol’s neck. 


Jongdae doesn’t seem to be fazed with Chanyeol’s blatant ignoring, as he calls again, “Babe.” His tone is a lot more demanding, somewhat needy . And Chanyeol turns to glare at Jongdae and probably give him a lecture that he really needs to focus right now.


But all of that goes down the drain when he’s greeted with the sight of Jongdae perched on top of his bed, only dressed in one of his big grey sweatshirts, Chanyeol’s wire-rimmed glasses placed on the tip of Jongdae’s nose, with Chanyeol’s phone clutched on Jongdae’s tiny little hands peeking out of his sweater. Jongdae looks at him with the most innocent face on, his eyes blinking cutely at Chanyeol.


But Chanyeol knows that there’s nothing innocent when it comes to his boyfriend.


Even if his head unhelpfully screams at him of various ways to wreck Jongdae right then and there, Chanyeol still stubbornly powers through his glare and Jongdae just gives him a sly smile, Chanyeol is so fucked.


“What,” he snaps but it comes out breathier than he intends to be, like a plea. 


“I think I’m finally getting this game,” Jongdae gleefully tells him, he even bounced a bit from his excitement. The answer catches Chanyeol off guard,


What? ” He repeats.


“I mean the one you would always loudly play with Baekhyun,” Jongdae explains conversationally, flashing the screen of the phone to Chanyeol. The screen of Mobile Legends is flashed on the screen. This makes Chanyeol blink in confusion because is Jongdae really talking about games right now? “Or I’m getting bits of it, like the classic and ranked type - classic is causal right?”

“Yeah,” Chanyeol agrees mindlessly, his eyebrows furrowed together as his head is trying to decipher where on earth is this conversation going. His review materials, long forgotten. 


“I fully understand the difference between casual and ranked competitive gaming, now” Jongdae continues, he paid no heed to Chanyeol’s confusion. “How casual is that laid back, just for fun round. While ranked competitive one is the type you prepare for - or to show how good and better you are type of round.”


“Are you really explaining this to me?”


“But at the same time, casual sex exists and therefore it implies that there is ranked competitive sex." And Chanyeol looks at Jongdae in shock with how he transitioned the conversation. “And if I were to rank how good your dick game is,” Jongdae taps his pointer finger on his chin - faux thinking. “Hmmmmm, what’s that rank again?” He asks Chanyeol and before Chanyeol can even respond Jongdae cheerfully claps his head, the perfect picture of a eureka moment in his face. “Warrior!”

Let’s just say that Chanyeol forgot that he has to review that night just to prove to his boyfriend of his Mythic level skills .