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One Shots for 2020

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In Secret


Chanyeol and Sehun were set out to be enemies. Born under opposing political clans, heirs of the families that are far more influential than the royals.


Even without their family rivalry both seem to be situated at the far ends of the spectrum.


The loud young master Chanyeol would be seen running around under the blazing hot sun. His long robes flowing wildly after him. While, quiet young master Sehun, would be patiently waiting under the cool shade of a tree. His long robs elegantly spread out from where he sits.

It came as a surprise when both heirs became fast friends upon growing up. No matter how different the two were, how much their family does not vote for it, they would always manage to make it work.

Together they are a perfect balance — young master Sehun keeps young master Chanyeol from straying too close to the sun while young master Chanyeol will make sure young master Sehun will experience what it’s like to fly.

They would always be seen together, two of the most eligible bachelors in the kingdom - their presence will always make a commotion from everyone graced by it - even if they were merely taking a stroll through the town.


Chanyeol dressed in simple yet sophisticated long black robes lined with blood-red accents. His robes tailored to showcase the perfect lines of his broad and strong body. His long black hair, half tied up in a bun that’s safely secured with a pin that has his family emblem, a deep and dark red phoenix.


Sehun, in contrast to Chanyeol, wears long white robes adorned with swirls of light blue silk at the hems. The robes tighten around his waist, it perfectly showcases the young master’s broad shoulders and narrow waist. Sehun’s long black hair tucked in a neat bun.  A silver pin with three flying doves sits neatly at Sehun’s right chest, it’s his family emblem.

Everyone around them, regardless of their sexuality nor their age, makes way. All are appreciative of getting to lay their eyes on the pair, completely enamored at the sight. It is like the young masters have bewitched the kingdom with their beauty, for no one can take their eyes off the two.

But, maybe they truly bewitched the kingdom - not by their looks. No. Not that. But into thinking that they were only friends .


Because out of the public eye, with just the two of them, there are no titles, no family names, nor Phoenix’s and Dove’s.


There’s only Sehun and Chanyeol.


Two soft and laxed bodies - all pliant and extremely tired but completely sated. Kiss swollen lips. Valleys of marred skin, marred with deep purple love bites, waists covered with light blue handprints, bright red claw marks from blunt nails. Throat hoarse from screaming, moaning, whimpering, pleading .


Eyes hungry. It will always be hungry.


All hidden under layers upon layers of clothes. All hidden behind closed doors and secluded hot springs. All hidden by loyal servants and allies.


All hidden from the judgemental eyes of anyone that wouldn’t understand what it’s like to love.


What it’s like to have someone you’d choose over and over again, no matter how many times - whatever the circumstance.


But what if somebody finds out?