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One Shots for 2020

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Potted Plants


Baekhyun is mad at Jongdae - maybe not mad as in mad. Mad but to a much lesser degree. Upset. Yes, upset. Baekhyun is upset at Jongdae. Well, if you ask anyone Baekhyun has every right to be upset with Jongdae.


The reason for this started out last night when Baekhyun came home to their apartment with a multitude of potted plants placed all over their living room.


“Are you planning on converting our apartment into a rain forest?” Baekhyun asks while he looks around the room. His eyes then land on a guilty-looking Jongdae and look at him for some sort of explanation. Jongdae’s really nervous so he explains everything in one breath. He smashes up some of the syllables, making it hard to fully comprehend what he’s really saying.


But they’ve been together for such a long time now that Baekhyun seems to understand Jongsae’s language because he only narrows his eyes at Jongdae before he pinches his the bridge of his nose - as if it will stop the headache from coming - nd asks, “What do you mean you accidentally bought it? How is that possible?”


Jongdae then explained that there was a summer sale on this online garden shop and that he didn’t read the fine print because he thought he only placed an order for 3 potted plants and he ended up with 3 dozen potted plants.


His explanation seems to only aggravate Baekhyun even more. Baekhyun then went into a full tirade of how Jongdae should have been more perceptive on what he’s buying especially if it’s online. Jongdae thought the older one was done, but he went on another tirade about they no longer have any space in their apartment and what the hell will they do with 36 potted plants.


Baekhyun didn’t even eat dinner that night, he immediately went to sleep after a very long shower. Jongdae was just grateful that the other didn’t kick him out of the bedroom. But when Jongdae woke up the next day, Baekhyun was already gone. Jongdae assumed that the other went out to the gym


While Baekhyun was out, Jongdae went door to door on every single unit at their floor and offered them the potted plants. Luckily, no one refused - an old married couple even took five and by lunchtime Jongdae only had 8 potted plants left.


Baekhyun seems to be in a much better mood when he comes home after lunchtime but he still ignores Jongdae. He sits on his gaming chair and sets up his gaming pc then equips his noise-canceling headphones on. Jongdae takes that as another sign that Baekhyun still doesn’t want to talk to him so he sits on the corner of the couch and opens the tv to catch on some Saturday afternoon drama.


But Jongdae can’t seem to focus on whatever he’s watching because he’s sad that Baekhyun is still upset with him and usually when he’s sad Baekhyun will chase the sadness away through cuddles but Jongdae can’t get cuddles because Baekhyun doesn’t even want to talk to him right now.


All of this frustration makes Jongdae’s lips unconsciously form into a pout, with his straight eyebrows furrowed together.


It would’ve been quite aside from Baekhyun’s annoyed remarks at his opponent and teammates, and how he harshly types at the keyboard. Baekhyun all of the sudden slams his fist at the table and takes off his headphones.


“Why are you pouting?” His eyes directly pierce through Jongdae’s soul. Jongdae takes a second to answer, as he stutters out an “I need cuddles.”


Baekhyun literally deflates at Jongdae’s honest answer and he slightly moves his gaming chair and shifts his legs wider before he taps one of his thighs. Jongdae doesn’t waste any second and quickly acts upon the unsaid invitation.


Jongdae straddles Baekhyun, his feet dangle behind the chair, his arms wrapped around Baekhyun’s waist, and his face buried on Baekhyun’s neck. Baekhyun’s hands circle around Jongdae's body and he presses his cheeks on Jongdae’s shoulder.


“I am sorry for buying 36 potted plants.” Jongdae mumbles against Baekhyun’s neck.


“I’m sorry for ignoring you.” Baekhyun replies. They stay like that for a while, Baekhyun can still play his game with the position but before he goes back to playing he tells Jongdae. “Now, give me a good luck kiss.” And Jongdae is far too happy to oblige.