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One Shots for 2020

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Jongdae‘s eyes are still heavy with sleep and he shallowly blinks them open and the first thing he sees is his husband’s beautiful face. Baekhyun is already up but his hair is still a mess of black fluff, his eyes droopier (he’s probably still sleepy) but his smile is just as bright that Jongdae needs to squint his eyes to properly look at him. Jongdae doesn’t even notice Baekhyun holding up his phone.


Jongdae closes his eyes once again, he mistakes Baekhyun’s soft call for him to wake Jongdae up as a lullaby. Jongdae stirs once again when he hears Baekhyun chuckle while he ruffles his hair.


“Wake up, love.” Baekhyun whispers as he ruffles Jongdae’s hair. Jongdae stretches his limbs out and arches up his spine before he opens his eyes once again. He greets Baekhyun with a smile until he finally sees the phone he’s holding. 


“Babe,” Jongdae croaks out, voice still grainy with sleep. Baekhyun quickly hides his phone before Jongdae can complain about being recorded. Baekhyun has this brand new obsession with this new app craze called Tiktok.


Jongdae, like always, doesn’t understand what it is nor he wants to make an account for himself but Baekhyun seems to really enjoy it. He’d always catch Baekhyun recording his everyday outfits, playing with Mongryong, singing in the car, or randomly dancing somewhere around their house. He even gained some sort of following in the app.


Baekhyun would download all of his videos and then send it to Jongdae and the latter would watch them during lunch breaks. That’s until Baekhyun started to include Jongdae in his videos as well.


It started with small videos like when they were grocery shopping and Baekhyun would try to sneak in a couple of items in their cart. And then it escalated to Baekhyun wanting to catch Jongdae’s genuine reactions - whenever Baekhyun does something out of the ordinary. Which is either a prank or a surprise (usually, it’s a prank).


“Okay, okay.” Baekhyun chuckles. “Come on, I made you breakfast.” Jongdae didn’t even make an effort to hide the suspicion in his face which makes Baekhyun laugh, “I really made breakfast!” Baekhyun grabs Jongdae’s wrist and he drags a skeptic Jongdae towards their kitchen.


Well, Baekhyun wasn’t lying when he said that he made breakfast because sitting at their kitchen island is two plates of a seemingly harmless stack of pancakes with maple syrup topped with fresh berries. Jongdae takes a seat at one of the stools and Baekhyun sits across him, “We can grab coffee later,” he says to Jongdae and Jongdae only nods. Eyes still fixed at the pancakes, he looks for any hints that Baekhyun did something to it.


“You really made these?” Jongdae asks as he grabs a fork, to study the pancakes further. Baekhyun dutifully nods, “I saw a video on Tiktok where a guy recreated the famous Japanese fluffy pancakes and I tried it myself. All I could make is the flat ones but I assure you it tastes amazing.” Baekhyun explains as he grabs his phone to record Jongdae’s reaction.


Jongdae frowns at the camera, “You know you look twice as adorable with your bed head and that cute little pout of yours.”


“If this is a prank. I swear to God Byun Baek it’s way too early in the morning.”


“Just try it Dae and see it for yourself.” Jongdae first takes a sniff at the pancakes before he cuts a piece and eats it. Jongdae lets out a sound of surprise because it’s actually really good?


“Baekhyun these are really good,” Jongdae voices out as he props another bite into his mouth. Baekhyun beams in pride, as he hides his phone to also join Jongdae and says, “Nothing but the best for the love of my life.”

Later that day Jongdae watches Baekhyun’s Tiktok. It’s a compilation of Baekhyun going to the grocery store, buying the ingredients, preparing the ingredients the next morning, his 748392929 attempts of making the fluffy pancakes, and then settling for the flat ones, waking Jongdae up, Jongdae tasting it, and lastly Jongdae giving Baekhyun a kiss.