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Domestic, Post Grad Good Times

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Izumi was known as a prideful, young man but even he had his moments of nerves eating him alive, like right now for example. After so many years of knowing and pining after one Makoto Yuuki, said man had finally agreed to go on a date with him. Though, Izumi didn’t blame Makoto in the slightest for being hesitant in accepting his feelings, after all, they did hit a rough patch and Izumi did resort to unethical methods which drove Makoto further away from him. He did wish he could take that particular day back, maybe he should have tried a different approach that didn’t make Makoto fear him more than he already did. 


However, after a couple of years of proving to Makoto that he was a changed man, he finally agreed to give him a chance. They had a date scheduled for today, and as thrilled as Izumi was for it, he was a mess over making sure that everything was perfect for his precious Yuu-kun. 


Izumi was desperate and wanted everything to be perfect; they decided to hang out at Izumi’s apartment, have dinner together and maybe watch a movie. He had no objections to that as he knew Makoto liked keeping things simple, but now he was worked up on making sure every inch of his apartment was sparkling and that he had the best menu planned for their date. Izumi had reluctantly expressed his concerns to Leo, it definitely wasn't his proudest moment to admit something like that to him, but his friend could always see right through him and knew how to get whatever he wanted out of him. Although Izumi didn't ask him to, Leo offered to come over to help him sort everything out, so now he was worried for a whole other reason. Leo was one of his best friends who he appreciated greatly, but he was also quite the handful and Izumi didn't want to have to worry about babysitting him while he needed to prepare for his date, but Leo had his mind set on coming over and no amount of arguing from Izumi would change his mind. Izumi just prayed that Leo wouldn’t make more work for him. If he’s lucky, maybe Leo would get distracted along the way and completely forget where he was headed in the first place.


When there's a knock at the door maybe an hour after he had confided to Leo, he jumps at the loud, incessant banging and obviously it had to be said man. He heads to the door, whipping it open and just about yelling at the ginger when he sees Tsukasa who's holding his wrist back to keep him from knocking any further. 


"Seriously Leo, calm down. See? He answered," Tsukasa sighs and gives Izumi a knowing smile, he definitely understood how annoying Leo could get. "I thought I should come along when Leo said he was coming by… I figured you could use some useful help… And I'll keep him in line." 


"I'm not even that bad! You make me sound like I'm such a nuisance," Leo huffs and pushes his way inside, completely uncaring that Izumi was still in the doorway. "So you finally landed a date huh? How excited are you? Maybe you'll actually get him to lay you without forcing him," he teases with a smirk then moves to raid his fridge, looking for something to drink. 


“Leo! That’s highly inappropriate!” Tsukasa scolds his boyfriend and shakes his head as he clearly wasn’t paying any attention. Leo was a bit much to handle sometimes, which was why Tsukasa decided to come along with him to help Izumi out. God knows Izumi would want to murder Leo if left alone with him for too long, especially right now with how shot his nerves already were. 


Izumi groans and shakes his head at his friend’s comment. He was grateful that Leo wanted to help but at this rate he would much rather just tidy up on his own and save himself from Leo’s inappropriate comments. “Don’t waste your breath on this idiot, Kasa-kun. I gave up on him long ago,” Izumi sighs and carries on with tidying up the apartment, as if it wasn’t tidy enough. 


“Hey! Don’t be rude!” Leo shoots back as he finds a carton of juice and doesn’t even bother finding a glass to drink from. It wasn’t that Leo didn’t have the concept of respect or boundaries, he was just a bit too comfortable with his friend. “Tsukasa! He’s being rude to me!” 


“Maybe you should refrain yourself from making such unnecessary and inappropriate comments towards your friends," Tsukasa responds and immediately gets to helping Izumi out around his apartment. He could see just how nervous their friend was so the least he can do is help him tidy up as best he could, considering he didn't see anything messy to begin with. 


“It’s not unnecessary or inappropriate,” Leo insists and flops himself down on Izumi’s couch, earning a scowl from his friend. “Our boy just might finally lose his virginity. It’s a pretty big deal!”


"You can leave anytime now!" Izumi frowns and goes over to grab a pillow, whacking Leo upside the head with it and earning him a sharp 'ow'. He honestly found that rewarding. "Who says I'm a virgin anyways?" 


"All of Knights? We all know you only had it in for your precious Yuu-kun," Leo smirks as he grabs the pillow to chuck it back at the other. "You wouldn't dare sleep around, you're too pretty for that, and that was Ritsu's role." 


Izumi doesn’t answer to that, his cheeks red from embarrassment. If the stress wasn’t enough, he was now also annoyed by Leo’s comments regarding his personal life. Tsukasa gives him an apologetic look and shakes his head at Leo, clearly unamused by him. “Seriously, I don’t understand why Kasa-kun hasn’t dumped you yet.” Izumi mutters and turns to fix the cushions when Leo finally hops off the couch and over to his boyfriend, throwing his arms around him. 


“That’s because Tsukasa loves me too much! I make his life much more exciting!” Leo insists and squeezes his arms tight around Tsukasa’s shoulder. “Isn’t that right?! You love me too much to dump me~!” 


“Don’t test your luck,” Tsukasa mutters and snickers at the pouty look on Leo’s face, even Izumi was laughing as Leo definitely deserved that. "Maybe if you help with cleaning the bathroom I'll keep loving you," he hums as he drags Leo to the kitchen, handing him what he could find for cleaning products under the sink. 


"Fine~, I'll do it because maybe Izumi will get lucky there, you love showers don't you? You gorgeous model~," Leo teases as he scurries off to the bathroom to avoid being hit by something which he knew was likely. 


Tsukasa just sighs, shaking his head as he faces Izumi, "Now that he's occupied, is there anything I can help you with?" he asks with a smile to the other, trying to do anything to help him relax. 


“I’m pretty much done everything,” Izumi admits with a sigh and takes a seat on the couch for a breather. He hadn’t slept very well either as he was both too excited and anxious about the upcoming date. “Just let Leo keep cleaning, the busier he stays, the better for us.”


Tsukasa can’t help but to agree with Izumi on that. Leo needed to exert all his energy somehow and Izumi certainly doesn’t need Leo’s teasing or yelling of inspiration right now. “Are you sure there’s nothing I can do to help you though?” Tsukasa asks as he fixes up the cushions and sits on the couch across from Izumi. He likes being able to help his seniors after how much they looked out for him during their high school years. Not to mention, it was kind of strange seeing Izumi so nervous. He was always so composed (for the most part), and confident about himself. However, it just shows how serious he must be about this date. It was no secret how much Izumi likes Makoto so for him to accept a date is a huge deal for Izumi. Tsukasa remembers just how nervous he was with his first official date with Leo, Izumi seemed to be beyond that. 


“I’ll be alright,” Izumi answers but gives Tsukasa an appreciative smile. “Everything is practically done besides dinner… I guess now I just need to work on calming the hell down and actually enjoying myself when Yuu-kun gets here, huh?” He looks to the time, seeing that he still had a good few hours to prepare dinner for Makoto. He was really hoping to woo him with his cooking skills at least; Izumi was pretty great at cooking, he couldn’t deny that. 


"Everything will go fine I know it," Tsukasa reassures him with a soft smile, "The fact he said yes means a lot already, he actually wants to be here… that's already a pretty big step for you two." He was still surprised that Makoto even said yes, sure Izumi has matured a bit since high school but his previous motives were definitely dramatic enough to leave a lasting impression. 


"I guess, I was pretty bad huh?" Izumi laughs quietly with a subtle blush to his cheeks. Tsukasa was right, Makoto actually saying yes to coming here did mean a lot. 


"Yeah, a bit," Tsukasa agrees with a laugh too. "Just… please don't lock him up here or anything," he adds with a grin that makes Izumi blush even further, his memories haunting him. 


"Yeah, don't scare him off. He might not be into the kinky shit like you," Leo chimes from behind the couch Izumi was sitting on, making him jump since he had no idea he was there. He finished cleaning the bathroom as much as he felt like, though he did think it looked pretty good, he really did want this date to go well so he put in a decent amount of effort in such a short time. Wrapping his arms around Izumi tight from behind he squeezes him, making the other squirm to get out of his grasp. "You little devil, you really were a nasty one weren't you? I'm actually surprised you're still a virgin with that sadistic side of yours."


“I don’t have a sadistic side to me and I’m not into kinky stuff!” Izumi argues as he attempts to get out of Leo’s hold. His blush was darker than Tsukasa’s hair from Leo’s accusations; although, he knew his friend was just trying to get a rise from him but it was definitely working. 


"Hey, there's nothing wrong with getting kinky," Leo grins and let's go of him enough to ruffle his hair which he knew would annoy him further. "Right Suo~?" 


“Leo… please stop, he doesn’t need your comments right now.” Tsukasa insists with a sigh, ignoring that last comment, and shakes his head at his boyfriend. He knew Leo meant well, he was probably trying to get Izumi to relax but his methods were definitely not ideal. Leo has a good heart, he cared about their friends deeply and really did want the best for them. His intentions were purely to get Izumi to stop overthinking so much and relax, though he probably was causing him to have an internal meltdown from embarrassment. 


“I’m just saying so he knows how not to behave if he hopes on getting lucky,” Leo says with a grin and flops down on Tsukasa’s lap when he goes around to the other couch. Tsukasa rolls his eyes but places a hand on Leo’s head, gently stroking his hair. “But I’m sure his date will go well! He’s not as high strung anymore and I think his precious Yuu-kun is braver too. He can handle what this psycho has to throw at him,” he snickers, giving a wink to Izumi as he wraps his arms around Tsukasa’s waist.


“Don’t worry, I’ll get Leo out of here soon so he doesn’t drive you insane,” Tsukasa promises as he looks at the time. He figures they should be heading out soon so Izumi has enough time to himself to get ready for the evening without worrying. “I’ll even confiscate his phone for the night just so he’s not texting you every second. I know he’s going to be looking forward to hearing about how it went.”


“Mhm… He’s very curious about matters that don’t concern him in any way,” Izumi snickers, giving Leo a smirk when his friend sticks his tongue out at him. As much of a pain Leo was being, and how embarrassing his comments were, Izumi was kind of grateful that he decided to come by to help. For sure if it were just him alone at home right now, he would be worrying into overdrive. At least with having Leo and Tsukasa around, he was comparatively calmer about the situation. 


"Can I give you some honest advice though?" Leo asks more seriously after a short moment of quiet. Izumi stares him down for a couple seconds before slowly nodding, deeming his intentions to be fine. "Just be yourself. When it's just us you're actually pretty nice and you're a good person, I know you can be that way with Makoto," he says with a smile and his genuine words make Tsukasa's heart flutter, he always melted when Leo was being sweet. "Don't let your nerves get the better of you." 


Izumi takes that advice to heart, he knew he needed to just breathe and be himself, though that seemed easier said than done. He felt like he had a lot of damage control to do with what little of a relationship he had with Makoto, he wanted to go above and beyond to make things up to him… but maybe that was striving for too much. Maybe he did just need to show his true self to him and things would go okay. "Thanks King," he says with a smile and Leo gives him an appreciative nod back. "Hopefully I can remember that when he gets here."


"You will be just fine, we have confidence in you," Tsukasa reassures him and gives Leo a gentle pat to his head. "We should go, we need to give him time to get ready," he says and Leo reluctantly pushes himself up off his lap. 


"Alright, you better entertain me good tonight since you're taking my phone," he says with a wink that makes Tsukasa blush and Izumi groan. 


"Please leave," Izumi insists. Tsukasa gives him a reassuring hug at the door then pulls Leo out of the apartment before he can say anything else inappropriate. After the couple head out he tries his absolute best to get his nerves in check, taking a quick shower and doing whatever he could to occupy himself.