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Mission Critical

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2080s: The War of the South China Sea breaks out, cascading into a global war and environmental collapse

2090s: First Lunar seed vaults and greenhouses established

2132: ERA founded

2140s: Korea reunified (sort of), Lenape protest-occupation of New York City becomes legitimate government

2170s: World's first space elevator is completed in Gabon, swiftly turning Lagos into the world's largest city

2183: New Svalbard Relay founded

2194: Lunar Federation secedes from ERA control, becoming an independent polity

Across the 2200s: Space elevators built in Borneo and Colombia, turning Kuala Lumpur and Bogotá into the world's second- and third-largest cities, respectively

2200s: AIs re-emerge in public life

2226: Malang confirmed to have a biosphere, mission planning begins

2230s: Alexandria Systems launches Alexandria as a consumer product

Unknown point between the 2230s and 2299: A sapient Alexandria is created for the Malang mission

2260s: Oblast Strike Tactics launched

2272: Arjun Khalsa-Bajracharya born

2274: Emmanuel Olukolade born

2277: Phạm Kuiper born

2278: Yang Eun Sol born

2284: Oblast Strike Tactics becomes abandonware

2287: Emmanuel visits the Gabon elevator

2288: Arjun Khalsa-Bajracharya visits Lenape City

2290s: Aryabhata Singh elected as Prime Minister of the Lunar Federation

2295: Eun Sol travels to Busan for college

2296: Kuiper takes an ill-advised trip to Mars

2298: Opey marries Luis, becoming a stepfather to Xiomara

2299: Human crew for the Malang mission is selected, training begins

2303: Gabon elevator renovated, Aryabhata Singh narrowly re-elected as Prime Minister of the Lunar Federation

2304: Launch of the Malang mission

2313: Crew arrives on Malang