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Wounds Not Yet Healed

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Ravager first mate Kraglin Obfonteri woke up feeling lousy. He could not initially put his finger on it, but he just felt like crap. As he sat up, ruffling his mohawk, he felt a dull ache flow throughout his limbs.

Ugh. Welcome to motherhood, he supposed. Scratching the stretching skin on his belly, he stood up, failed to ease any of the pain from his bones, and wandered to the toilet. Perhaps a hot shower would help.

The things I do for you... he silently mused, shaking his head.

The first mate stood for several minutes under the spray, doing little else but enjoying the heat against the ache. He could not stay much longer, however. Yondu was already generous enough to let him sleep as long as he wanted, to excuse him when he had to leave his post and be sick. The life of a Ravager did not exactly give days off for good behavior, let alone lower expectations over a little something like the act of reproducing.

Sighing, Kraglin reached for a sponge to hastily wash himself. Perhaps if he hurried, there would still be some food left, hopefully even that dish the captain had gone out of his way to acquire just for his second in command...

He was on the floor before he had truly registered the pain which stabbed his lower back. In fact, the agony was so intense he thought he really had been attacked by an armed assailant. Out of instinct, he reached for the source and found no blood on his hand. So why was the water escaping down the drain steadily becoming redder?

Kraglin struggled to his feet and managed to shut off the faucet. Looking down, he knew he was not seeing things. Blood was dripping down his thighs.

He remembered screaming for his captain. Yondu was by his side and shouting for a medic, though the time in between the cry for help and the response was lost in the pain. Kraglin had not wanted to scream. He had sworn to himself he would not do so even when he would give birth, so many months from now.

So much more time... he needed more time... this wasn't enough...

Yondu was speaking to him. He could not understand the words, but he could hear the voice, uncharacteristically soft for the Ravager captain. He hated the softness; it meant the worst was happening. He heard the sound of fabric tearing, then vaguely felt the balled up material being pressed between his legs. Then more tearing, then the pressing again.

Then things got silent for a few painfully slow seconds and Yondu finally said, "oh hell."

His first mate was in too much agony to notice much of what he did next. Kraglin felt Yondu leave his side and bark orders at someone else - the medic? - and then opened his eyes and saw him pass a wad of bloodstained shredded sheets to them. Kraglin would not be able to put the imagery together to make sense of it until hours later, when the physical pain would be overcome by that of the emotional variety.

For now he would continue to moan and bleed and fall into welcome unconsciousness, with Yondu's head touching his own and strong, gentle hands cupping his face.