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Gone with the Sin

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Oh, my baby how beautiful you are
Oh, my darling completely torn apart
You´re gone with the sin, my baby and beautiful you are
So gone with the sin, my darling

[His Infernal Majesty - Gone with the Sin]

It was a clear evening with a full moon, and although the night was chill on his exposed chest, it did little in easing his restlessness. He was lying on his back on the king-sized mattress, staring out the nearby window at the full moon and the millions of stars in the midnight blue sky. Feeling that he wouldn’t be going to sleep anytime soon, Alucard let out a contemplated sigh. His golden eyes gazed admirably at the sky, hoping the clear sight would eventually put him to sleep.

Since his newly acquired partner, Rosalyn departed to another town for a mission, he had been unable to sleep much. Her scent throughout the castle became faint in a matter of days, adding to the loneliness and emptiness he was already feeling. He wanted to see her again; it was the only way he would know for sure that she wasn’t a mere figment of his imagination.

It had only been about three, almost four days since Rosalyn left for her mission to take care of some rogue night creatures that were causing chaos following the death of his father, Dracula. He knew that she could handle them on her own, but it would have been faster if he was there with her. If not for his new duty maintaining both his father’s castle and what was left of the Belmont Estate, he would have gone after her without batting an eye. Not having her around had him yearning for her internally; it wasn’t even a week and his soul was calling out for her.

Perhaps it was due to the fact that she was the only one to have really given him absolute companionship following the departure of Trevor and Sypha and after recently dealing with the betrayal of Sumi and Taka. Even when she ran away upon the discovery that she was part vampire, he went looking for her out of love and brought her back to her village to spend time with the people she cared for. Luckily, the said village was only a few miles from the castle, giving her the opportunity to visit at any time.

Yet, even when she was there visiting and not that far from him, Alucard would miss her deeply. Whenever she returned with the smile she always wore when she looked his way, he would always feel a strong sense of relief and happiness.

When he began to slowly drift into sleep, he could see those vivid hazel-green eyes staring at him affectionately and her wavy, shoulder length auburn curls blowing in the breeze. Images came together in his mind of her curvy, nude form lying in bed for him to gaze, admire, touch and kiss with his own muscular body pressing down against hers. He shot his eyes open in response, his heart pounding madly within the confines of his chest.

He had never seen her nude before, and he wanted to see her exposed and vulnerable. Based on her curves and the swell of her breasts, she was the ideal complement for his muscular physique. He could only imagine how her skin would feel on his hands and how the walls of her core felt around his length. Just the mere thought was making his body stir to life.

Though they only knew each other for a mere month, Alucard was surprised that he desired her as much as he did. Maybe it was due to the fact that he didn’t want any other man taking her. That thought made his blood boil like the deepest pits of Hell, and he would kill any man that dared to lay a hand on her.

The sound of the front door opening and closing caught his attention, and when he took a whiff, there was no doubt about it.

“She’s back.”


It had been one hell of a week for her since taking her journey and clearing a batch of the remaining night creatures that were wreaking havoc on a village. The task was fairly simple; there were just about a whole army’s worth of them that she had to eliminate. Having just awakened to her vampiric abilities, Rosalyn ended up spending more time that she anticipated.

During the whole time she was gone, she thought of her partner, Alucard and how he was holding up being alone again for a while. She knew that he would be just fine, but she couldn’t help worrying about him. In the month that she knew him, she grew to love and care for him. When she ran off from her village after awakening to her vampiric heritage, fearing of losing control, it was he who followed after her and convinced her to return. The revelation made her choose to stay with him, believing that he could teach her how to hone her abilities. He kept true to his word, but as time went on, she slowly fell for him.

The only problem she had was that she refused to tell him, believing that he didn’t feel the same way about her and most likely only saw her as a friend and companion. With her heart hardened on the concept of falling in love, she could deal with it as time went on.

She took a deep breath as she opened the front door of what was Dracula’s castle and made her way inside. With no sight of him anywhere nearby, she assumed that he was already asleep. She was a little disappointed at the thought, but on the bright side, she would see him first thing in the morning.

She quickly retreated to her room upstairs in the eastern hallway, and dug through a bag full of clothes rewarded to her from the female villagers. She pulled out a lingerie set, consisting of a crimson lace chemise and a matching pair of underwear, and chuckled at it. It was a joke from one of the female villagers, who was under the impression that Alucard was her lover when she mentioned that she was living with someone. Still, she found the outfit to be incredibly cute and sexy, and decided to try it on. With nothing else to really wear to sleep, it would be a one-time thing until she got back into rhythm.

Another flash of crimson from the bag caught her eye, and she pulled out a crimson satin kimono robe; the perfect complement to the outfit and excellent cover-up in case Alucard heard the front door and decided to drop by. With a nod of approval, Rosalyn stripped out of the dress and boots she wore home and changed into the chemise and underwear. She lit a nearby candle, and examined herself in a vast mirror. She liked the way the fabric hugged her figure, and she mentally had to admit that she looked sexy. She thought of how Alucard would react, which made her body freeze in place.

At that moment, she heard a knock on her door.


The velvet voice of her partner made her quickly grab the satin robe, wrapping herself up and securing the fabric with the sash. Only when she was covered did she open the door, and sure enough, Alucard was standing in the doorway.

“Hi, Alucard. I figured you would be sleeping around this time.”

“I wasn’t sleeping, actually. I was lost in thought when I heard the front door.”

“Oh. I apologize for disturbing you. Well, now you know. I’m officially back.”

She took notice of his golden gaze carefully eyeing her figure, which triggered her self-consciousness.

“May I come in?”

She was silent for a brief moment before nodding and stepping aside, watching as he walked in. When she shut the door behind her, he turned around so that he was facing her.

“I wonder what it is you’re wearing. That robe with the shade of crimson looks beautiful on you.”

Rosalyn felt her cheeks heat up at his compliment, which got her wondering if he was playing her or if he was being sincere. As if he was seeing her doubt in her gorgeous hazel-green eyes, Alucard extended an arm out towards her, his palm caressing her cheek and then moving down to her neck. His touch sent jolts of electricity throughout her nerves, which added to the growing feelings she developed for him.

“I could only imagine how sexy you look in whatever is under that robe.”

She could hear her heart pounding madly in her chest, a part of her excited at the fact that he was possibly wanting her.

He stepped towards her, closing the distance between them and backing her up against the door. With her exactly where he wanted her to be, Alucard reached for the sash that held her robe in place, pausing as soon as he got a hold of the end.

“I know we’ve only known each other for a month, but I want you, Rose. I want to open that robe and take you on that bed behind me. However, one word will silence me on the matter forever. Will you be mine to love?”

She couldn’t believe that he felt the same way as she did. She couldn’t lie over the fact that she wanted him too, and to have him for life was like that of a luxury. Unable to give an answer verbally from the shock, Rosalyn wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders and pounced him, kissing his lips hungrily. Alucard was able to hold his own from her pounce, and pinned her against the door. He answered her kiss with just as much passion, his tongue dancing within the cavern of her mouth. She tasted sweet, almost like an elixir of heaven combined with the forbidden fruit of Adam and Eve, and he wanted more.

The kiss seemed to have lasted for quite a long time before the two broke apart for air. They gazed into each other’s eyes as they breathed heavily, the lust each had for the other heavily reflected. Keeping his eyes locked with hers, Alucard brought her hips up to his waist before pulling her from the door and carrying her to the bed, jumping on the mattress and pinning her down with his body. A soft gasp tore from her throat at the feel of him on her, and she forced herself to keep still as she loosened her hold on his shoulders, allowing her arms to fall freely to her sides.

He pulled away from her and pulled apart the sash that held her robe together, parting the fabric to reveal the chemise. He thought her body to be stunning, and the sight before him was just sheer perfection. He pulled her robe down her arms before positioning himself on top of her once again, locking his lips on her neck and suckling every inch of her throat. Rosalyn squirmed underneath him, gripping the sheets beneath her as she moaned loudly with pleasure. Her reaction the signal he was looking for, he pulled the straps of her chemise down her arms, exposing her breasts and rosy pink nipples.

He began to trail kisses from her neck to the valley between her breasts, gazing hungrily at one of her nipples. One hand cupped her breast while his lips lavished the other, syncing his kisses with the kneading of her breast. When she arched her back slightly, Alucard enclosed his lips around her nipple, hungrily sucking the hardened bud. One hand kept a tight grip on the sheet while the other found the back of his head, her fingers becoming lost in his long, blonde locks. He alternated between both nipples, adding to her moaning and squirming.

He pulled himself away from her and took a moment to gaze at her euphoric expression before stripping his shirt off. She took a moment to gaze at his muscular physique, and even with the scar inflicted from his father and the fresh scars from Sumi and Taka, he still looked sexy to her. She could only imagine what the rest of him would be like.

He reached underneath her chemise and pulled her underwear off, tossing it in some random direction, and her chemise soon followed suit. He took a moment to gaze at her nude form, finding her to be stunningly beautiful. He took notice of the blush that now adorned her cheeks, which only added to his admiration.

He then got off the bed and proceeded to unzip his pants with her watching from the bed. The heat in her cheeks intensified when he pulled his pants down; he was truly a sight to behold, and to have him on top of her and dominating her was just perfect.

Now completely naked before her, Alucard pounced on top of her, pinning her curvy figure down with his muscular physique. His hands found her wrists, pinning them at her sides as he positioned himself to enter her core.


His ears twitched at the breathy sigh of his name; her voice was so seductive and husky that he wanted to hear more. With another long, heavy, lustful kiss to her lips, Alucard moved, pushing deep inside her in one thrust. She gasped in ecstasy when his length pierced the entrance of her core, and she began moaning loudly when he started moving inside her. He buried his face into her neck, latching on to her collarbone and letting out a grunt against her skin when her walls squeezed around his length. His grunts turned into moans as he picked up the pace of his thrusts, and despite being pinned down, Rosalyn met him stroke for stroke. She tightened her legs around his waist, the walls of her core clenching around his length, and she cried out his name as he moved faster.

Beads of sweat broke out on his brow as he pulled away from her neck and pressed his brow against hers. He stared at her euphoric face as he pumped harder and faster into her. He let go of her wrists and gripped the sheets, keeping his eyes on her as he rocked, feeling the bed move beneath them.

She opened her eyes to get a look at his face, her hands grabbing his arms, and before he knew it, she flipped him over so that he was lying on the bed and she was on top. Although he preferred to be dominating her, seeing her on top gave him a good view of her body and allowed him to stroke her hips. He sat up, his hands roving every inch of her figure while her hands found his broad shoulders. She started rocking him in a slow rhythm, and then began to pick up the pace, anchoring her fingertips into his shoulders. His hands found her hips, holding her still as he matched her pace.

“You’re mine and only mine, Rose,” he growled in a low tone.

“Alucard, my love,” was what she managed to say despite being out of breath.

He lowered his head to her breasts and enclosed his lips around her right nipple, sinking his fangs into her areola. A cry resembling his name escaped her throat as she arched her back and tilted her head back. Rosalyn moved faster, releasing another cry when she came around his length. When he felt her convulse, Alucard came inside her with a cry of his own, his seed filling her up.

He collapsed back on the bed, taking her with him and wrapping his arms around her back. She buried her face into his neck, her fingertips brushing his muscular chest. When his length softened, he carefully pulled himself out of her, and he began to stroke her auburn curls.

“If anyone attempts to hurt you in any way while I’m here, I’ll rip their throats out with my fangs.”

“The same goes for me when it comes to you. Let’s hope it doesn’t come down to that.”

He rolled over on his side, allowing her to get off of him and lie next to him. She couldn’t help the blush that adorned her cheeks once again, which he took notice of.

“There’s no need for you to be embarrassed, Rose. You have a very beautiful body. I would kiss and touch every inch of it again.”

He gently stroked her leg with his palm, loving how soft her skin felt, while she took a moment to gaze at his scars.

“I have the most beautiful woman in the world to love and call mine.”

A small smile formed on her lips.

“And I have the sexiest man on the planet.”

He brought her close, wrapping his arm around her waist, and she snuggled her face into his neck before succumbing to sleep. Unable to fall asleep, Alucard took in the moment, holding her nude, vulnerable self close to his own. She had to have been a gift sent from heaven; after all that occurred, it was as if the gods sent her to help ease his broken heart. As exhaustion began to take its hold, he mentally made a vow to cherish and protect her, which he sealed with a gentle, loving kiss to her forehead.