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The Truth Told

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Jin sat in his large house all alone just like any other day. He inherited the house and a large fortune when his parents died. The house was castle-like in design and had a massive garden in the back.


His garden was his pride and joy, the only thing that kept him going. All his life he grew up knowing he would be lonely with the way he looked. So as soon as he inherited this house he holed himself up and hid himself from the world only going out on a need to basis. Every time he went out he made sure to cover his face with a mask. Nobody can see how ugly I am.


Jin stood up and walked outside to observe all the work he had done. On one side stood his large Korean fir tree and next to it sat an assortment of flowers from rhododendron to the beautiful Korean rose and lavender in fact flowers could be found in every nook and cranny of this place. All along the tall fence that enclosed the garden, vines crept up. On the side opposite from the fir tree was a small pond with bushes on one side. There was a stone path that led to the pond. A tunnel of vegetation over it as arches had been placed over the path to encourage the plants to grow in this way. Last but not least was a giant tree in the center of the garden. Jin would often sit under it to clear his mind.


Once satisfied everything was as it should be he walked back inside. For the last month flowers had been disappearing from his garden only the scent of an omega left behind. He had yet to see the culprit but tonight he would catch them and make them pay. They could take anything they wanted, his self esteem, family, money but once his garden was touched he’d had enough.


Hours had passed as Jin watched his yard from a window when finally he saw a figure scaling the fence. He waited until they were crouched down to pick flowers. Then he silently crept out the door and shifted.


How dare they take my precious plants.


His wolf was large due to him being an alpha. Strong and powerful limbs took him silently forward as he stalked towards his target. This will end here and now he thought to himself.


Before he could crawl the last ten feet the omega turned around. Jin let out a vicious growl and leapt knocking the other wolf down. He thought he would be prepared for this moment but upon looking down at the cowering omega he stopped.


There was desperate fear on the omegas face, tears streaking down his cheeks and what he noticed next was the sheer beauty of this omega. Dark brown eyes stared back at his and while in his sudden trance the omega made his move shoving Jin away to make his escape. Jin just let him go.