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The New Bull

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The sun was starting to roll over the horizon in South Dakota. A small farm in a humble little town was starting to stir to life. Gyro Zeppeli sat in his little kitchen, he poured himself a cup of coffee and sat listening to the news on his TV in the living room across the kitchen. He finished his breakfast and walked out to his barn to give his livestock theirs. Gyro did not support cruel farming practices. He found cows were some of the most mistreated. Cows were humanoid. They could talk and think just like a human, even if they were a tad less intelligent, Gyro didn't want to hurt them. He hated how people mass farmed cows like they were objects not living things. Gyro opened the barn doors to chatting and occasional moos. Everyone was ready for breakfast. Gyro had about 20 cows and bulls in his herd. They all were happy, and were like his family. He walked down the aisle to grab the feed cart. Prepping any medications needed.

"Gooooodd morning everyone!" Gyro shouted as he started to give everyone their grain and hay. He pet anyone who stuck their head out and stopped to talk with Cassidy, a cow who was very pregnant. It was her first year carrying a calf too so Gyro gave her extra care letting her stay in the stall with her Bull, Issac, for comfort. Finally Gyro got down to his favorite cow. Johnny was on his side still asleep in his stall. His large 700 pound body took up most of the space. The farmer opened the door quietly and placed the cows grain and hay down. He sat next to the large cow, who had two tiny horns popping out of blonde hair and grey ears. His forearms and legs were a fuzzy grey with white spots and his hooves were black. He swished his little tail that was decorated with a baby blue bow. His large udders and breasts jiggled when he sneezed. Gyro gently rubbed Johnny's belly waking him up. His fat freckled face and blue eyes smiled.

"Breakfast time?" Johnny drawled out with a thick southern accent. His ears flicked as he sat up sluggishly. Gyro smiled warmly at Johnny. This cow was his most prized member of the herd. He had made Gyro rich and famous around the country. The biggest cow in the country. He had made Gyro hundreds of calfs and thousands of gallons of milk. Johnny was now 19 years old. Cows grew faster than humans, mature at one year of age. But they lived up to 80 or more years. Gyro wanted to finally retire Johnny though. He gave so much for Gyro.

Johnny rested his head in Gyro's lap and munched on hay. The farmer rubbed behind his cow's ear, who thumped his tail happily. He smelt quite bad, Gyro wrinkled his nose. Time for another bath he thought.

"Johnny," Gyro started, "I have news!"

Johnny's ears flicked, "moo?"

"I'm letting you retire, you've helped my farm so much and you've really been the best I've had," Gyro started to rub Johnny's face with two hands, "we'll just do some shows! I know you love getting all the treats and pets at shows!"

Johnny mooed happily, "really, Gyro darling you for sure?"
Gyro nodded, "for sure."

Johnny took another face full of hay and rubbed his face in Gyro's lap. "You've been so good to all of us Gyro, I can't thank you enough."

The farmer patted Johnny again and got up, "I gotta let everyone out, then let's hose you off and you can either hang out in the house or go stay by the store."

Johnny wiggled happily, "my beds all ready at the store right darlin'?"
He was referring to his dog bed he napped on all day.

"Of course it is, just wait till we clean you up." Gyro walked away letting everyone out to the main pasture. It was 6 acers of land with some trees and a well kept shallow pond to wade in. The herd all hung under the shade away from the summer heat enjoying the grass, some played with the large ball Gyro had purchased for them. Then the farmer brought Johnny out and hosed him down, dried him and walked with him to the store. Johnny was so large he used a motorized wheelchair to move long distances. He plopped down on his bed by the counter in Gyros little farm store. Who was prepping to open and start the day.

At 10 am they were open, he was a popular farm stand due to his quality produce, and dairy products, and because kids loved to come and pet Johnny. At around 11:30 Gyros one employee, Lucy, a teen girl, showed up. She took care of the cash register so Gyro could go give out lunch and milk any cows that needed it. Johnny ate on his dog bed in the store and lapped up water out a bowl like a big dog. Kids could pay 25 cents to give him a treat, and he got plenty. As the day drawls by customers come and go, Lucy eventually clocks out, giving Johnny plenty of rubs and pats before leaving. Gyro closes and cleans the store, he and Johnny go back to Gyro's small 2 bedroom home. He makes up the cow's dinner who eats it while watching TV, then goes to bring the herd in for dinner and bed.

He checks on Cassidy, she was doing well and would give birth any day now. While sweeping the barn he talks to other herd members.

"You're going out to the show tomorrow right Gyro?" A blue grey cow named Mabel asks.

"Yeah! I'm thinking about getting a new Bull now since Alec is now retired." He responded, "May need a new cow if Cassidy has a boy."

Alec swished his tail, he was an old black bull, "Are ya gonna bring me over to your buddy Tim's retirement ranch?"

"Well how do you feel about that?" Gyro asked as he cleaned some equipment.

"I reckon it'd be a nice place. I been there before to breed that sweet girl Opal." He chuckled.

"I'll talk to Tim, probably have you there by next week." Gyro responded.

"He's the one with the hot tubs yeah?" Vulture, a brown bull asks.

"Hell yeah!" Alec snorts, his ring flicks up.

Gyro smiles. He felt good knowing his bulls and cows were happy. He thought about meat farms and dairy farms and shuddered. Cruel. Then said goodnight and left to go back to his home.

Johnny was asleep on the dog bed in front of the TV, snoring loudly. Gyro turned off the lights and went to bed. Tomorrow was another busy day, but he loved the life he had.