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Scrubb up well

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Tine is tired. Between practising for the cheerleading championships, the mountain of work for school, guitar and actually trying to have a social like he is just… really tired. Most days it’s a manageable tired, a tired that he accepts because he loves all those things and doesn’t want to give them up, but today is not most days. He just wants to collapse in his bed and sleep for a week.


He manages to struggle out of his jeans and flops down like a beached whale on top of the covers. He’s quite happy like that, in his boxers and sweaty t-shirt, but there’s an arm that hoists him up to sitting and away from his bed and it’s all very unfair.


“Noooooo…” He whines, eyes still closed. “Sleep now.”


“C’mon, nuisance.”


Strong arms manhandle him to the bathroom, placing him gently down on the toilet seat. If he weren’t so damned tied he would have whined a lot more but he can’t even muster the energy to do that. He doesn’t even protest when his t-shirt is pulled over his head.


The tap is turned on and then a damp cloth is being run over Tine’s body, cool and refreshing. It feels really nice. He sighs happily. Okay, he might be able to forgive the bastard’s previous transgression of separating him from his bed. Maybe.


Suddenly he feels something cold and wet touching his face. With a shriek that he will later completely deny making, his eyes snap open to see his boyfriend holding a cotton pad one centimetre from Tine’s face.


“Oi!” Tine swats weakly at the offending limb.


Sarawat - Saraleo - has the nerve to roll his eyes. And be hot while doing it. Double bastard.


“Nuisance. Stop moving so I can do it properly.”


Tine huffs but he obediently sits still while Sarawat passes the pad over his skin. Actually, now he’s expecting it the cooling touch feels so good. He can feel himself relaxing back against the cistern and, against his will, his eyes flutter closed. Through his foggy half-awareness he can feel more cool cloths against his skin and then Sarawat’s fingers, rough with callouses from the guitar but so, so soft in how they touch him.


How long he sits there he doesn’t know but eventually he’s lifted up again by those strong arms and manoeuvred back to bed. It’s more like carried really. All his limbs feel strangely heavy and floaty at the same time, like he’s a giant noodle. The bed is soft and warm and so so welcoming under him. He can’t help but let out a happy sigh.


Vaguely he hears a mumble of something that sounds vaguely like cute from near his shoulder and then there’s a weight pressing down on his chest, a leg slung over his own and warmth all along his side. He doesn’t remember anything else.




He wakes feeling refreshed. His mouth tastes disgusting but that’s hardly unusual for first thing in the morning. In fact he was expecting to feel much, much grimier given how he skipped out on washing up last night.




Being manhandled to the bathroom. Rough fingers wiping cool pads over his skin.


Had Sarawat… done his skincare routine for him?


He looks down at the messy hair on the top of Sarawat’s head in wonder. It’s all he can see from this angle, what with his boyfriend being buried in his chest, but it’s enough to have something warm and soft bloom there. His heart is beating so fast he’s surprised it hasn’t woken Sarawat up already. Damn. Damn damn damn. He loves this man so much. Just when he thinks he couldn’t love him any more he goes and does something like this - tender, caring, thoughtful - and Tine falls in love with him all over again.


“I’ll forgive you for drooling on my chest,” he whispers into Sarawat’s hair. “Just this once.”