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he’s enough for me, he’s in love with me

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Odasaku stared at the alarm clock, the blinking red numbers of 3:27 A.M staring back at him. He then turned his gaze to the empty space on the bed beside him, a frown tugging on his lips.

His husband wasn’t in bed with him.

He pushed himself off of the soft futon, leaving the bedroom. He squinted his eyes at the light that was shining brightly in the kitchen, a frown evident on his lips when he realized why that light was on.

“Ango,” his voice was a bit groggy and quiet, well aware that the kids were already fast asleep in their rooms.

The small ears on said brunet’s head twitched when his name was called, his gaze lifting from the computer he was sitting at to look at the redhead.

Odasaku sighed, walking closer and tilting Ango’s head up more to peck his lips.

“Don’t you realize the time?” He mumbled against his lips, rubbing his thumb over Ango’s cheek.

Ango glanced at the clock hanging up on the wall, before his gaze turned back to Odasaku.

His eyes held so much tiredness; it made Odasaku want to wrap him up in blankets and hide him away in the bedroom so he could finally get the rest he needed. Hide away any work related items, cancel any meetings. Anything, just so Ango can finally get the rest he deserves.

The redhead hummed, turning to the computer and saving the report Ango was working on, pressing the power button on the device afterwards.

Ango blinked, watching him, his eyebrows furrowing. “I was working on that...”

“I know,” Odasaku turned back to Ango, picking him up and putting him over his shoulder like a potato sack, “and now you’re not.”

The gesture surprised Ango —he wasn’t expecting it in the slightest— but he couldn’t fight it. If he made too much noise, he would wake the kids up, and he didn’t want that to happen.

He especially didn’t want to wake Yumeno up. They are...rather scary when woken up during the night.

So instead, he stayed still as Odasaku carried him to the bedroom, only moving once he was set down on the futon. He was about to open his mouth to protest, only for a finger to be pressed against his lips. His glasses were taken off of him and set on the nightstand.

Sleep,” Odasaku mumbled, wrapping his arms around the smaller body in front of him, pressing a gentle kiss to Ango’s head and resting his tail over his side.

Ango wanted to protest, wanted to say he still needed to do work, but he found himself focusing on the warmth that Odasaku gave.

He was a naturally warm person; it was peaceful and calming. Ango’s natural body temperature teetered closer to the cold side, so he always appreciated when he was given warmth from cuddles.

A soft sigh escaped his lips, and he rested his head on Odasaku’s shoulder, slowly closing his eyes.

“Goodnight, Odasaku-san.”

It was such a soft mumble that Odasaku nearly didn’t hear it, but he did and it made his heart do a little flip in his chest.

“Night, Ango. Sleep well.”

He was given no response, though he did notice how Ango’s breathing evened when he fell asleep. He smiled to himself, placing a gentle kiss on his husband’s head and letting himself fall asleep.

Times like this were moments Odasaku held dear to his heart. Just being able to hold Ango as he sleeps on its own was incredible.

He’s glad that Ango is his husband, more than anything else. He would never trade these moments for anything else in the world.

He really loves Ango.