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Dream A Little Dream Of Me

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Christen woke up slowly, still convinced she was in a dream state.


Why? Because her body was currently buzzing with the most deliciously dreamy sensations.


Hands running across her stomach. Fingers digging lightly into her sides. Nails scratching just rough enough to make her squirm. Lips softly pressing against her neck. Teeth nipping.


She was impossibly wet. So impossibly wet that there was no way this wasn’t a dream. One she never wanted to wake up from, so she clenched her eyes shut. Hard.


It didn’t last long.


A well placed, rough bite on the most sensitive spot on her neck shot a wave of pleasure straight to her core and snapped her green eyes wide open.


She was awake, staring at her ceiling, and for about a nanosecond she felt sad that the dream was over.


That is until she felt the intense bliss of a velvety tongue soothing over that exact, just-bitten spot.


“Oh my God,” she moaned out softly as the realization that this, in fact, wasn’t a dream washed over her.


She then simultaneously heard and felt the most heavenly giggle against her throat and looked down to see a mess of blonde hair and two gorgeous blue eyes staring up at her.


A smile spread so wide across her face at the sight that it almost hurt.


“Took you long enough to wake up,” a raspy voice greeted her. She nearly  moaned at how sexy it sounded but fought the urge.


Keep it together, Press. She doesn’t need to know how much of a horny mess you are right now.


Running her fingers through long hair, she lightly tugged her “dream girl” up so their lips were barely a centimeter apart.


“I thought I was dreaming. You were making me feel too good,” she whispered against soft lips, trying her best to claim them only to have other girl pull away slightly.


“Yeah that’s kind of what I was going for,” the blonde teased, rubbing their noses together. Christen couldn’t help but roll her eyes and giggle.




“Could you, for once, not be so smug and just kiss me?” she pleaded. The beautiful girl hovering above her smiled brightly and Christen almost shed a tear at how perfect she looked.


“Yeah ... “ the girl drawled as she leaned down and ghosted her lips across the brunette’s.  “I think I can do that.”


The kiss started slow and sweet, with the blonde pouring every bit of love and tenderness she could into it. Christen really had no idea how she did it, but it left her breathless every time. She brought her hands up and cupped the other girl’s cheeks to stop her from pulling away.


God I just want to kiss her like this forever.


As they both got lost in the kiss, a strong thigh slowly made its way between Christen’s legs and pressed hard against her center. She couldn’t help but gasp into her lover’s mouth.


“Fuck, Jules.” Green eyes cracked open, expecting to see that classic, smug Julie Johnston expression, but instead saw nothing but lust.


“You’re so wet, baby,” the blonde nearly moaned, nipping at the older girl’s lips.


It clicked in Christen’s mind at that point that Julie’s biggest turn on was her being turned on. Which in itself, made her all the wetter.


Time to get even.


“I’m dripping for you, babe,” she whispered, grinding her hips up into the blonde’s and effectively spreading her wetness on her thigh. “You turn me on so much, Jules.”


Julie whimpered at her words and met Christen’s hips with her own soft thrusts, creating the most incredible friction against both their centers.


“You know exactly what you’re doing,” the younger girl pointed out as she got a wicked look in her eye and thrusted harder.




“Who’s the smug one now, baby?” Suddenly, Julie’s hips began moving at a rapid pace, hitting Christen’s center in all the right ways and pushing her embarrassingly close to the edge. It figured that her girlfriend would be able to turn the tables so quickly. Her competitive spirit was relentless. And to her credit, she really just knew every possible way to make the brunette fall apart.


Press, I swear if you come on your girlfriend’s leg like some kind of prepubescent boy you will never live it down.


“Did I lose you there, Stanford?” Christen tried to glare at her girlfriend but at that exact moment she hit just the right spot and her eyes nearly rolled back in her head instead, eliciting the most devious laugh from the blonde.


“I hate you,” the brunette half moaned feeling the pressure in her core mount. Yeah, she was definitely going to come and she didn’t even care at this point.


But the girl above her suddenly stopped.


“What, no,” Christen panted desperately attempting to move her own hips to ease the ache between her legs. It wasn’t the same though. “Baby please, I was so close.”


“I don’t know if I can make you come if you hate me,” Julie teased, starting to move her hips again, but at a painfully slow pace. “It’s an ethical issue, babe.”


God how is it possible to love and hate someone so much at the same time?


Swallowing her pride, Christen cupped her girlfriend’s cheeks and brought her down for a searing kiss, feeling a swell of confidence when Julie whimpered as she ran her tongue along the roof of her mouth. It was a good ego boost, but it also turned her on even more, if that was even possible at this point.


Pulling away, and tugging a swollen lip as she went, she plastered on the sweetest smile she could muster.


“Baby ... “ she started, pecking the blonde’s lips one more time (for effect and just because she couldn’t get enough). “You know I love you so much.”


“Oh yeah?” Julie asked, punctuating her question with a slow thrust that made Christen suck in a harsh breath.


“Yeah,” she managed to get out.


“How much, baby girl?” Another slow thrust.


“So fucking much baby,” Christen choked out, grabbing a fist full of blonde hair and tugging. “I love you so fucking much.”


“Aw. I love you too, babe.” And with that Julie shoved her hand under the blanket and placed it right over her girlfriend’s center. “Spread your legs, baby.”


Christen enthusiastically complied, biting her lip in anticipation. She felt Julie move her panties to the side and it took all the willpower she had to not come at the first touch of the blondes fingers to her clit. The blonde slowly, painstakingly slowly, began rubbing slowly circles around her center, spreading her wetness as she went.


“Holy shit, Jules ... “ At this point she was biting her lip so hard she was sure she’d draw blood. Between the sinfully perfect way Julie was rubbing her and the absolute primal look in her eyes, Christen was all but certain she had never been so worked up.


“Chris ... I can’t believe how wet you are,” the younger girl moaned, dipping down for a kiss. “It’s so sexy, baby.”


“It’s all for you, Jules. That’s what you do to me,” Christen cooed. As she reached up to bring their lips together in a heated kiss, Julie plunged two fingers deep inside her. If she hadn’t let out what could only be described as a scream-moan, she would have been sure she’d blacked out. “Oh my God ... fuck ... yes, baby.”


Julie continued to pound her fingers in and out at the most incredible pace, eliciting the most delicious (and loud) noises from her girlfriend. She couldn’t help but chuckle at just how vocal she was being. Usually it took a lot for her generally-reserved girlfriend to loose control like this.


Christen was dangerously close to the edge already. Her girlfriend had successfully teased her into a sweaty, squirming, screaming mess and she was loving every minute of it. The only reason she was willing herself not to let go just yet (besides her pride) was because everything Julie was doing felt too damn good and she didn’t want it to end.


Speaking of too damn good, Julie dipped her head and once again began assaulting the brunette’s neck with kisses and playful nips.


That’s it I’m a goner.


The blonde slowly licked from her collarbone to her spot and bit down hard, and the older girl fell completely over the edge.


“Oh fuck, Jules ... baby I’m coming so hard.” Her abs tighten. Her body jerked. She was sure Julie’s shoulders, which were currently be clawed by her, were bleeding now. And she was in a complete state of bliss.


Julie slowed her fingers as she came down, not pulling out fully until the last twitch subsided and the brunette let out a satisfied giggle. She kissed the girl beneath her sweetly before slipping her fingers out, bringing them to her own lips and sucking the wetness off slowly. Christen just watched it awe.


God, why is she so fucking sexy? I’m going to get turned on all over again.


“You all good, babe?” Julie’s teasing voice broke her out of her thoughts.


“I think you broke me,” Christen joked, rolling onto her side and burying her face in the younger girl’s neck.


“Sorry babe.”


“No you’re not,” Christen laughed, beginning to pepper soft kisses on Julie’s neck.


How is it possible that she smells this good?


“Yeah I’m really, really not.”


Christen lifted her head and mock-glared at her girlfriend before ultimately breaking and leaning in to kiss her soundly.


The blonde immediately deepened it and wasn’t long before the two were once again a mess of tangled limbs and breathy moans.


“I think it’s you’re turn,” Christen whispered between kisses.


The younger pulled back with a lustful look in her eye and cocked an eyebrow.


“In a minute,” she said finally. “I think I need to taste you first.”


Before Christen could even protest she was being pushed into her back and Julie disappeared under the covers.


This girl is going to kill me.