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In the shower

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Today was a great success.


We just came back to the dorms from our first win on Show champion. We tried dancing sexily during the Encore stage for our fans, which turned out to be more hilarious than sexy. It feels like when we first won for I Need U, I was so happy that I cried haha. Since our new song Blood Sweat & Tears came out, we had an outstanding support from Army. Our band is getting more and more recognition, aaaaaaaah… it feels like a dream.


“Jimin, you zoning out again?” A big finger boops his nose gently.




Jimin stares back at Taehyung who has drops of water falling from his bangs, making him look even more handsome.


“Aish, why are you this handsome even when you’re tired?” Jimin ruffles Tae’s hair.


“What jealous? I know you can’t resist me. Want me to give you a kiss” Tae’s making kissy sounds to Jimin.




“Why are you running? Come here!” Jimin jumps instantly to try and get away from his best friend. Both of them not noticing the sound of steps getting closer to them.


Seokjin and Yoongi are coming out of the kitchen, watching the two boys rolling on the floor with Tae giving kissy faces to Jimin, laughing loudly. Snickering, Yoongi says he’ll leave to his room, too tired for this shit and ready to hit the bed and never wake up. Seokjin tells both boys to finish up and wake the maknae up, who’s been sleeping on the sofa since they all came back. Tae helps Jimin up and makes his way upstairs.


“Where do you think you’re going? “Jimin asks urgently.




“Help me with Jungkook.” Jimin whines and tries to show his best puppy eyes which would work with anyone, even the cold stoned Yoongi melts at his expression. But apparently Tae has become immune to it a long time ago.

“Hmmm… no. I’m too tired.” Tae laughs maniacally while going backwards


“Ya…” Jimin panics a little bit.


“He misses you, said you stopped talking to him.” Tae’s trying to show a reassuring smile.


“There’s nothing to talk about.” Jimin says with a little voice and pout. It’s true that Jimin has stopped looking for the maknae, but only because he doesn’t want to feel like a bother or annoyance. His feelings have grown fast, and he’s scared to show them to Jungkook, even a little bit. So, all this time Jimin tried as much as possible to distance himself from Jungkook. Hoping that his feelings will disappear soon.


“Goodnight!” Tae disappears instantly behind his, Jimin’s and Hoseok’s room.


These past days, it feels like every member tried to put Jungkook and him alone to “sort things out” as Tae likes to put it. It’s not like they got into a fight, at least that’s what they all think, but Jimin just wants to keep his distance so that he wouldn’t blurt out things like “I love you!” to Jungkook.


He also refused to tell Taehyung the reason, even though there had never been any secrets between each other. Jungkook, on the other hand, seemed to follow Jimin around like a little puppy because he thinks that he had done something wrong and tried to apologize. Unfortunately for the other members, it would spread tension through the whole dorm.


Aish, what will I do with you Tae. I haven’t taken a shower yet. I’ll wake him up, maybe he wants to go first.


He walks slowly to Jungkook, making sure not to stir him too much. He runs his hands gently through Jungkook’s bangs. Taking his time, because he doesn’t know when another opportunity like that will he get. To just look at his relaxing face, making him look like an angel. A very muscular angel. The second Jimin met the little 15-year-old kid, he knew that Jungkook would grow up to be a remarkable young man. Not only outside, but inside also. It’s not that him and Jungkook had a bad relationship, on the contrary, they became pretty close during these past years. Too close if you would ask Jimin. Once Jimin stopped showing affection, Jungkook would come little by little, helping Jimin with some tasks or just being close by. Which turned out for Jimin to keep his feelings to himself even more difficult. Doesn’t help the fact that Jimin has a huge muscle kink and Jungkook looks like an adorable baby bunny but at the same time, a Greek God who could easily pic him up with only a hand.


Shit, he’s waking up.


Jungkook opens his eyes slowly and stares at Jimin without saying anything.


“Jungkook? Wake up, you need to take a shower, it’s getting la…” Jimin doesn’t get to finish his sentence because he’s instantly being manhandled under Jungkook. “Jungkook?” He asks in a quiet surprised whisper.


Jungkook looks like he’s still half asleep because the next thing he does, he hugs Jimin tightly and hides his face in Jimin’s collarbone.


“Hyung… Jiminie, I miss you” He whispers it slowly, making sure Jimin is the only one who can hear him, even if they’re the only ones in the room and no one else would be able to hear them.


Jimin is dumbfounded. He stays still. He’s pretty sure his face is deep red and his heart is beating a mile per second. While Jimin is having an internal debate with himself on what to do, Jungkook lifts his head from his neck.


What’s happening? What does this mean? Calm down Jimin god damn it!


The moment Jimin calms down a bit, Jungkook sprints free from him, almost falling from the couch if it weren’t for Jimin’s quick reflex. Jimin holds Jungkook’s arm, and his back to make sure he doesn’t fall. When both of them regain their ability to think, they back away from each other, smiling shyly and trying to not make eye contact. Jimin asks Jungkook if he wants to take a shower, but Jungkook beats him to it and tells him to go first. Jimin agrees and before going to the bathroom, he takes a quick look at Jungkook before disappearing behind the door. Once he closes the door, he screams internally. Shaking his head and calming his heart, he prepares the shower and all his shower supplies before taking a quick look in the mirror and noticing that his face is completely scarlet.


What are you thinking? Get a grip Park Jimin!


While Jimin is having an internal crisis, Jungkook sits back on the sofa with his hands holding his head. Not believing that he did something like that. He knew that Jimin doesn’t like him that way, since all this time he tried to distance himself from Jungkook. He should probably have a talk with him before any of them misunderstood the situation. He walks to the door, not missing the way his heart beats fast. It won’t be the first time someone walks into the bathroom while someone else is in the shower or doing its business. They always have a tight schedule, so brushing their teeth together or even showering together is completely normal. When he’s about to knock on the door, he hears a faint whine behind the door.


Is Jimin ok?


He stops and tries to hear clearer. And then there it is again, but this time better.




A little moan.


What th..? Is he…






Holy Shit!


With his head rushing with all kinds of questions, Jungkook decides to open the door and enters without making a noise so as to not disturb Jimin’s little session. While Jungkook is contemplating on what to do, Jimin keeps touching himself thinking that his fingers are actually the ones of a band member. The youngest to be more precise. God, he can’t believe he’s this desperate. But you can’t blame him, this is the first time in weeks he’s relieving himself, since it was impossible with the new comeback and the hectic schedules which gave almost no time to sleep. Plus, Jimin is sharing a room with Taehyung and Hoseok-hyung, which makes no time for his privacy. So, he’s grateful for this shower. It gives him a little time to relieve himself, especially the fact that he had to watch Jungkook doing all these hip trusts for BST’s choreography, why is there so many hip thrusts??


Jimin starts to imagine the part in the choreo where he’s doing the chorus and he’s in the middle, surrounded by his bandmates. But all he sees is Jungkook diving on the floor, and then doing a hip thrust in the air, but in his imagination, Jungkook does it while staring at Jimin with a dangerous predator glance. Like he’s making a private show just for him. A shiver goes through Jimin and this time he can’t stop himself from touching. He starts with squeezing his neck, going down and touching his erect nipples, making him moan uncontrollably.


“Ah… o-oh god, mmm…” he pinches his nipples harder, which makes him moan a bit louder, but restricting himself so that Jungkook wouldn’t hear, Jimin is pretty sure he’s not sleeping anymore. He puts his forehead on the cold bathroom wall, so that he won’t fall, and continues going down with his fingers, until he gets to his cock. He’s already seen Jungkook’s dick, well… he’s seen everyone’s dick since they live with each other for so long and chances for them to interrupt one’s jackoff session is highly likely. But in Jimin’s opinion, Kookie’s was the best, even if he never saw it completely erected, he’s pretty sure it’s big. While thinking about it, Jimin starts to get impatient. With one hand he’s jerking himself off, and the other goes behind his back, and touches between his bubbly but cheeks. He’s pretty turned on, and so one finger goes in easily.


“Fuck.. oh fuuuuuck Kook, Jungkookie please…” His chubby finger is too small. It irritates him, he wants something bigger and thicker.


“Please…. Please ah!”


“I’m here Hyung” Jungkook whispers hungrily behind him.


Jimin stops what he’s doing and turns hid head where the sound came from. Oh god. Before him stands Jungkook, in all his muscular and naked glory, and hard as fuck. It takes Jimin 5 seconds to understand what’s happening. Jungkook is actually here, in the shower, completely naked and staring at him with his finger still inside. Holy shit. Holy. Shit!


“Kook…wh…what?” Jimin backs away until his back hits the cold wall. He shivers a bit but that’s not important right now. Jungkook grins and takes a few steps close, so close that Jimin can almost hear his heartbeat and taste his breath on his thong.


“Hyung…” And with that, Jungkook latches at Jimin and kisses him, making sure to not let go. At first, Jimin is surprised, but he recovers quickly and kisses back with as much passion. Both of them can’t believe that this is happening. Jungkook warps his arms around Jimin, gripping his back, afraid that he would let go. He bits his plum lips and Jimin moans obscenely, giving Jungkook a chance to enter with his tongue, ravishing his mouth. He kisses Jimin like he wants to devour him. They lose themselves instantly, Jimin moaning louder while Jungkook moves them slowly, both of their cocks touching, like they’re dancing to a sexy slow song, trying to relieve both of their cocks.


“Kook… ah, Kookie more” Jungkook likes the way he begs, so he detaches from his mouth and kisses his neck, just to hear Jimin moan more. He makes sure to suck hard to leave a dark hickey. The make up noona’s are going to have a fit. But he can’t stop. All he wants to do is to ravish Jimin with his marks, so that everyone knows who he belongs to. He goes down until he’s faced with Jimin’s cock. He’s never done this, it would be his first time. But he’ll do this for Jimin. Anything to make his beautiful baby feel good.


“Kook, wait, you don’t have to.” Jimin gets a grip on Jungkook’s hair, making him stop. He knows he never did this, he doesn’t want to force him.


“I want to Minnie, anything for you.” With that, he licks the head, tasting the precum, before latching with his whole mouth, making sure not to gag. Jimin makes a surprised whine, before he mewls lewdly, not noticing that that made Jungkook more hard. He grips Jungkook’s hair and begs for him to go faster and deeper, Jungkook obliged. While sucking Jimin, he grips Jimin’s ass and massages it roughly. When he gets between his ass checks, he rubs his hole with his index finger.


“Kookie, ..n-no don’t… Kook, I’m coming-ah com…” Once he inserts his finger and pushes deep, Jimin comes with a loud cry. His legs are shaking while he has the best orgasm ever. He never thought he would feel that way, hoping that he could go farther with Jungkook.


“Minnie, Minnie want you, let me have you baby…” Jungkook pleads while jerking his big cock and still massaging Jimin inside, this time with both fingers, hitting his prostate dead on.  “Let me get inside of you, isn’t that what you want? Hm? Isn’t that what you’ve been begging for, for my cock? Let me make you feel good. Ah…baby, I-I’ll make you feel so good, so deep.”


“Yes… OH! Oh god pl-please…. Yes, want it,… ah-want your big cock!” And who is Jungkook to deny his perfect dirty baby. He deems Jimin ready by the time he has 3 fingers in him and Jimin is a crying mess. He whispers calm and reassuring words once he brings his cock and his head enters first. It takes some time and gentle caresses from Jungkook to bring his huge dick in. Once inside, they don’t seem to stop. Jungkook pounds into Jimin and he instantly becomes a bably mess. Both of them too deep in their pleasure, that they don’t care how loud they’re going at. Jungkook’s cock is so huge and hitting every good spot that Jimin isn’t sure he’ll ever get tired of it. He only wants his cock, he only wants Jungkook, no one else can compete.


When they both hit their orgasms, Jungkook makes sure that he holds Jimin close because the later seems to have lost strength in his knees. They were so deep in their pleasure that they didn’t notice the shower water going cold. Jungkook closes the water and wraps both of them in fluffy towels before he picks up bridely Jimin and giving him a sweet kiss. Jimin’s attention is completely in the kiss when they get out of the shower and Jungkook heads to his and Namjoon’s room. Thanking whoever is up there that his hyung left for the studio and didn’t come with them to the dorms. Making this room empty for both of them to use. Once he gets to his bed, still in his arms and silent, he brings Jimin under his covers with him and lies down, covering both of them with his big blanket. After such an amazing time, both of them are speechless, scared of saying anything that could break the silence and the moment.


“Kookie?... This wasn’t a one-time thing, right? You wouldn’t leave me?” Jimin whispers it, scared what Jungkook’s answer might be.


“What? No, no hyung! This meant a lot for me, and I hope it means a lot to you too.” He breaths in a deep breath, not sure if he should be completely honest. “I…-I love you Minnie. God, I love you so much.”


Speechless, he looks at Jungkook with his cat-like eyes. “Really?”


“Really really” Jungkook answers lovingly.


“I love you too.” They kiss passionately.