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Who am I? (Sally FacexTravis)

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I was having another one of those damn dreams. It was just white. I couldn't see anything but the blank walls of the room. I couldn't see a door anywhere. Wait, were there even any walls? It was bright and I could hear that persons voice again. I didn't understand what they were saying, they spoke too fast for me to piece together any meaning from their endless tangent of wordless sentences.

"I don't understand anything your saying!" I cried out into the void.

They started speaking slower, up until the point where they were saying each individual letter by itself.

'Well, that helped,' I thought to myself, trying not to let my frustration show.

I could hear a loud ringing, which usually signalled me waking up. I covered my ears as the whole room faded into darkness.


"Mr Fisher, that doesn't look like maths to me," Mrs Packerton said in a stern voice.

"Sorry, must've dosed off. I finished the test though," I said, rubbing my eyes.

"Yes, I know dear, you aced it pretty well. Just try and stay awake for the remainder of the lesson," her tone got softer.

I sighed, annoyed that I would have to wait for everyone else to finish first before I could leave.

"And Mr Phelps, eyes on your own paper!"

Travis scowled and turned away. I stopped myself from laughing at him. What a prick.

"The lesson is almost over, turn in your papers soon," she called out to my other classmates.

A few minutes later, the bell rang loudly. Reminded me of the ringing in my dreams.


Me and Ash were by our lockers, chatting to each other while we waited for Larry and Todd.

"Hey Freaks!"

I rolled my eyes and turned to the blonde boy standing by his locker.

"Nobody likes a goody-too shoes, Saaallly face," his face was filled with disgust.

"Nobody likes a cliché bully, Traaaavvis," I mocked his voice.

"Haven't you got anything better to do," Ash said.

"Shut up bitch, I wasn't talking to you!"

"You know if you took that stick out of your ass, you might actually enjoy yourself, maybe make some friends," it was true, he had barely anyone to hang out with at school.

"Fuck off Faggot, I have more friends than any of you!" He actually seemed kinda hurt by what I said, I think I hit a nerve. I went for the final attack.

"Kiss your daddy with that mouth? I'm sure he..." I didn't get to finish my sentence before Travis suddenly lunged forward and punched me in the face. He stalked off.

"What the hell asshole?" Ash shouted at him, helping me up from the floor.

She turned to me.

"Are you okay Sal?"

"I'm fine," I said, letting go of her hand.

"Come on, let's go report that jerk," she said.

Don't worry, it will only make things worse, trust me. I've dealt with bigger bullies than Travis," I didn't feel like reporting him would be the right thing. He must have a reason why he does this. Todd has his theories but I've ignored them all so far.

"Sal, you're bleeding," Ash wiped away some blood that was trickling out from my mask.

"I'm fine Ash," I pushed her hand away.

"Here let's use my bandana," she pulled the cloth out of her pocket and started to unbuckle the bottom straps of my mask. My eyes widened with shock as she started to pull it up.

"Wait, no you can't! I-"

It was too late. She had already pulled it up and was dabbing her bandana on my face. I was hoping she'd see my face in different circumstances, that it would happen when I was more comfortable. Right now we were in public and I was bleeding. I stared up at her face. She looked uncertain about something, I couldn't tell what but then she smiled.

"There, it was only a scratch, nothing to worry about," she pulled my mask back down.

I buckled the straps back up,a large smile hiding underneath the heavy plaster face.

"Hey, dude, what happened?" Larry called, running up to us," was it Travis again? That prick, I'll kill him!"

"Larry, don't. It's over now, there's nothing we can do about it," I said.

"Sal's right. If we stir the pot we could make things worse," Ashley crossed her arms.

"Not if he's dead!" Larry still wasn't giving up.

"Then he'll probably haunt the school and we'll be stuck with that bonehead for the next two years," she rolled her eyes.

"Ha! Says the groups sceptic!" I laughed to myself.

"Okay, you know I love you guys, but even this whole ghost thing is too much for me," Ash shivered.

"So are we really gonna let this Travis thing go?" Larry clenched his fists.

"It's not worth it," I was kinda pissed off that Larry wasn't getting the message," Plus think about it, who knows what his home life is like. He's got a lot of pent up rage, there must be a reason."

The Phelps family was one of mystery. I knew they were very religious, his dad owned a church near the apartments but other than that I really knew nothing of them. I am worried about Travis though. He's had the same black eye for almost a year now, it always starts to fade away but then the next day he comes in and it's gone a dark purple again. It doesn't help that he gives the same excuse of falling off of his bike every time a teacher questions him about it. Who knows how many of those bruises he has.

"I'm pretty sure he's angry because they switched bologna sandwich day to tomorrow," Ash said. I mentally disagreed with her.

Larry laughed, his tough persona softened.

"Seriously, I've never seen anyone like the crappiest lunch day so much. It's like a prison meal," she had a good point," He doesn't even like pizza Friday's. Who doesn't like pizza? It's inhuman," we laughed together.

"Maybe he's an alien," Larry chipped in one of his own ideas.

"Ha! That's all we need," we all started to walk down the corridor. Ash slowed down until she was next to Larry.

"Pst, Larry, I'll help you kill Travis when sal isn't looking," she whispered rather loudly.

"I heard that!" I frowned but they didn't see.