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To Party in Starlight

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My mother, being the Goddess of Life, was always good at creating said life. And careful, too. She made my twin brother and I, after all, didn’t she? Somehow, she learned the secret of making a creature immortal. Or, maybe she just hid us from them. The gods of death, I mean. They were the two gods never invited to the house, and if they had to come, she sent Asriel and I to our rooms. Even when we became full grown adults and stopped aging a few years back.

When we were younger and the Brothers of Death, as Mom called them, came, Asriel and I would try to come up with ideas of what they looked like as we sat in either my room or his, drawing or writing. Dragon-like creatures, ghosts like Metta and Blooky, maybe even humanlike, like me! With each imagined version of the brothers, I always got more curious.

But Mom wouldn’t let me go to any parties that one of the brothers were invited to attend. Which was, well, all of them. The younger one was kind and merciful, a friend to nearly all other gods and goddesses. He loved attending parties, apparently loyal to a fault. According to Asgore, the king of gods, the older one preferred to stay at home. He was the more cold one. Dark humored, sarcastic, and easy to get mad at.

So instead, we sat in our little house near the base of Mt. Ebott, looking out our window in wonder at the top of the mountain as parties lasted all night and into the next day. Gods, I wanted to go to a party. I didn’t know going to one would get me where I am now, though.

Not that I mind.


Asriel wakes me up at the crack of dawn. Which annoys me at first, since I was busy and fell asleep half an hour ago.

“What? I just went to bed.”

“Oh, shush. We can’t get tired, remember?”

“I don’t care.. I like sleeping, unlike you.” Nonetheless, I sit up and grab my crown of Silent Echos. They’re a crossbreed of flowers that bloom in the nighttime, which is why the flowers of the crown are always bloomed or blooming around me. Echo flowers, a type of flower exclusive to Mt. Ebott, and purple Casa Blanca Lilies. They’re a smaller and a more dark purplish color than Echo flowers, have more pointed leaves, and they don’t repeat what someone says, hence the name. I reach up to Asriel’s head and adjust his flower crown, which was sitting lopsided on his head. His is made up of Golden Lilies, which is a mix of Golden Flowers, also exclusive to Mt. Ebott, and white Stargazer Lilies. They look similar to the Silent Echos, but are a light gold color. They only bloom during the day, which is why Asriel’s crown is made of them. The crowns were a gift from Asgore and Mom. They worked together and created the flowers specifically for us when we turned 16 and stepped into our powers. I am the Goddess of Night, Asriel the God of Day. Kinda like those twins in the Greek myths. I guess they were onto something, having the opposites be twins. We don’t make sure the sun and moon stay on course, though. Gerson is in charge of that, being the God of Time. We wear the flowers as symbols of our power, like Mom’s silver Ankh necklace. It used to be something else, but then the human’s first world war happened and she lost the old item. Asriel and I weren’t alive when that happened. Mom hadn’t figured out how to give her creations almost perfect immortality yet.

“Well, I have news!” He is unusually excited, even for him.

“What is it, bro?” I have a smirk on my face and am watching the sunrise as he speaks. Good ol’ Gerson, sending the sun right on time. ‘Must be good if he’s that excited.’

“Well, while you were doing your weekly rounds and sleeping, I was talking to Mom and I may or may not have convinced her to let us go to the party Mettaton invited us to yesterday!”

I whip my head around. “Seriously!?” My eyes light up before they narrow suspiciously. “You aren’t lying to me as a sad prank attempt again, are you? If this is a prank, I will kill you.”

“I’m not lying! I learned from last time, I promise. Mom had me wake you up so she can explain some rules she wants us to follow. She’s not going to go because she and Asgore have a meeting with the humans.”

“No Mom or Asgore? Oh, that just means rules to ignore and say we listened to.” I smile mischievously as I stand up, tucking my oversized purple t-shirt into my black leggings.

“Exactly.” We walk from my room into the living room, where Toriel, our mother, sits in her chair, waiting for us. Asriel sits on the floor. I fix his flower crown again, which has somehow become lopsided again, and lean against the wall.

“So, I’m assuming Asriel told you?” I nod, smiling widely. “I thought so. I do have some rules you need to follow, as I will not be there. First off, no getting way too drunk. I don’t need to deal with you two having massive hangovers in the morning. A bit of alcohol is fine, but you two do know your limits.” By that, she means that Azzy could have one drink and I can have like, two or three bottles depending on the type. Asriel looks at the floor sheepishly, probably remembering when Grillby came over and Mom let us try liquor. For an overprotective goat, she does let us have our fun sometimes.

“Two, Frisk especially, don’t exhaust your magic. I don’t want any of them to know you aren’t quite immortal. Some of the.. Meaner ones may try to exploit that and I don’t want to lose you.” That one, I’m listening to. I don’t wanna die anytime soon.

“And finally, number three. This is the most important one of the rules I have set out for you. Stay away from the Death Brothers. Especially the older one, Sans.”

“Why? And I thought the older one never went to the parties.”

“As I said. Frisk, you’re not quite immortal. They are the gods of death, and Sans has quite a.. morbid sense of humor. There is always a possibility, as Papyrus likes to force him to go every so often.”

“Okay! Thank you so much, Mama!” I give her a hug and Asriel and I go to our room to talk.”Okay. Metta said the party began at nine, right?”


“Cool. Imma sleep. I’ll be up at around 5 and we can start getting ready then.”

“Seriously? It’s 7:30.”

“Yeah, and I stayed up all night, listening to the Stardrakes argue at the meeting. I wanna relax before we go so I don’t look pissed to be there.” Stardrakes are annoying. Even I hate their puns, and that’s saying something. I’ve heard they’re not as bad as the Snowdrakes that Moldessa, the goddess of weather, has to deal with, though.

And with that, I go to sleep.