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Anything For You, Scully

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Scully did not want to be in that car with Detective White. She would of rather been, literally, anywhere else.

Neither of the two were talking, awkward silence filling the air. Scully had walked in on Detective White on top of Mulder earlier anyways. There wasn't much to talk about anymore.

Suddenly, a thud on the windshield takes the image of Detective White mauling Mulder out of her head. A dead bird lies on her windshield. Up ahead, more lie on the road.

"What the.." Scully mutters, slowing the car to a stop. Her and Detective White get out of the car, walking cautiously as to not step on one of the deceased birds.

"Detective White! Agent Scully!" The two mentioned look up, coming face to face with what looks like an angry mob storming towards them. Scully notices a shotgun in the principals hands.

"Sir, I'm going to need you to put that gun down." Scully informs him.

"Why should I? I need to protect myself and my people! Our town is being haunted by Satan himself, Agent Scully."

Scully represses the urge to roll her eyes at the principal. The only thing "haunted" right now was her brain with that stupid picture of Detective White and Mulder. She wasn't sure why it bothered her so much.

Scully reaches for her gun, when the principal pulls the gun towards her. "Don't do it, Agent Scully."

She stares him dead in the eyes, but doesn't move her hands. Suddenly, a dead bird falls from the sky and slams to the ground. "A gunshot!" One of the townspeople screams. Scully hears an actual gunshot ring throughout the air, before everything goes black.


"Scully?" She hears a muffled voice.

The redhead slowly opens her eyes, greeted with a beeping machine, white walls, and a much larger hand in hers.

"Wha- am I in the hospital?"

"Yeah. I should probably tell the nurse you're awake." A voice tells her. She turns, and is greeted by Mulder sitting at her bedside. He smiles softly at her.

"What happened? Last I remember is being with Detective, what was her name? Bright? Light?"

"White?" Mulder corrects.

"White. And then a dead bird fell from the sky."

"You were shot, Scully." Mulder tells her.

"Shot? By who? The principal?"

"Yup. He shot you right in the side, and you fell back and hit your head. Banged it pretty hard, but thankfully the gunshot missed your major arteries."

"And I assume he's being held for questioning somewhere?" Scully questions. Mulder nods.

"The county jail." He affirms.

Scully nods slowly. "Ow." She mutters. Her head was sore. Mulder notices her grimace and squeezes her hand. Scully looks down at her hand in his.

"Do you mind?" He asks.

"Not at all." She whispers. She looks up to see he's already looking at her. He smiles softly before ducking his head.

"Have you gotten any sleep since I've been in here?" She asks. He blushes, shaking his head in embarrassment.


"You should go. Get some sleep." Scully nudges. Whenever she looked at him, she saw the image of the detective and the agent in bed. But now wasn't the time to talk about that. Not like this.

"I can sleep right here. No big deal."

"I meant in a real bed, Mulder. Not a hospital chair."

"Mmm, maybe." He hums. "When you're outta here."

Scully rolls her eyes, but not out of annoyance. More out of affection. She knew Mulder wasn't going to budge until she was safe at home, and she appreciated it.

"Thanks for being here." She says softly. He smiles, leaving over and kissing her forehead gently.

"Anything for you, Scully."