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Photoset: I will finish what you started

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Moraband, known as Korriban in antiquity, was home to the ancient Sith.
This desolate and mountainous world become resting place for many of them.

My goal is in the Valley of the Dark Lords.



Knowledge and Power can't be gained without a struggle.
Price is high, but eventual reward... makes it worth the risk.

Eternal creature, chimaera, both a woman and a beast, Sphynx.
No one can hide or conceal himself from her fiery gaze.
Unworthy seeker won't get past this Gate.


Second Gate charges it's toll too: your payment is your Soul and your Life.

Now it's my time to look beyond the veil.


Mirror of the Soul.

Portal through Space and Time.

Future reveals it's shape before my eyes.

But it's not whispering of the Force, steering me towards my path. I'll do it myself.
I will return here and I will share my knowledge with the only one capable of achieving our common Goal.

Don't repeat my mistakes, prepare, form plans, execute them while there's time..
This time it will all come together.

I'm not the first one, nor will I be the last to attempt this journey.
Who else will be strong enough to reach this place?


I will finish what you started