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“Helloooooooooo? Anyone around to help?” Your voice rang out around you as you tried to call out for help. Squirming, you winced when you felt the edges of the hole you were stuck in dig into your sides, a grunt of effort leaving your throat when you tried to tug your wide hips through. Nope. Still stuck. Grumbling under your breath, you glared and crossed your arms, wondering what was taking so long for the rest of the gang to come back, “Seriously, y’all, did you guys just up and leave without letting me know? Fuck, what am I gonna do now?” You grumbled to yourself, regretting your decision to split off from the others to explore your new secret headquarters. When you and the rest of La Squadra had decided to move bases after catching wind of a police investigation in your old ‘home’, you’d been hoping your new place would be… more livable. Your disappointment when first seeing the old, crumbling apartment complex had been immense, but you knew your Capo couldn’t afford to find a more noticeable living space. So you’d huffed a sigh, stepped out of Ghiaccio’s car, and headed into the - frankly, disgusting - building, your suitcase rolling noisily behind you. 

Seeing how the inside was just as worn down and downright rotting as much as the outside of the building was, you would have thought it would be a terrible idea to leave the rest of your colleagues in order to scope out your new home. As a rational, nominally intelligent person, you would have been completely right and stayed with the others as you all slowly wandered through the decrepit halls! But no, you decided you wanted to find and buckle down in your first choice of room, knowing that the men you lived with would have done the same damned thing. If you’d bothered to stay and listen to Risotto warnings regarding both the state and secrets built into the building, you might have actually thought twice regarding your plan to go off on your own. So, when the others were discussing plans to do some renovations to the building in order to make it more livable for the ten of you to live in relative safety and happiness, you’d decided to forgo the warning blaring in the back of your mind in order to explore. And explore you did! You were surprised to find yourself impressed with the size and number of rooms the building had that were still untouched by any sort of mould, breakage or rot that seemed to have settled in on the walls and floors of the hallways and entrance to the building. You’d hummed to yourself, ducking into different rooms and checking everything out before you just so happened to stumble on your ‘perfect’ room.

It was large, and if clean it would have been almost lavish, with a large built-in closet and an adjoining bathroom (which would be perfect, you wouldn’t have to share it with any of your colleagues) that was large enough for what seemed to be an antique ceramic tub. Cackling to yourself, knowing you could rub Illuso’s face into the fact you got the best room, you tugged your suitcase inside and began to explore the room a little more thoroughly. You had been particularly interested in the large, built-in closet, moving toward the seemingly fragile-looking wood doors only to be surprised to find that they were made of heavy oak. Humming curiously, you tried to shove and push them open, struggling with them until you heard a strange, echoing ‘click’ of a lock and the floor fell out from beneath you. A shriek ripped from your throat as you tumbled down, the wind getting knocked out of your chest from the short fall from your new room and into a small, dark room underneath. Groaning, you slowly sat up, only to watch in horror as a weird little staircase that clicked open due to a hidden button on your closet doors, slammed up and shut, another loud ‘click’ sounding out around you, “No, wait, fuck!” You hissed, scrambling to get up and tug open the staircase, anger filling your chest when it wouldn’t budge. It seemed you were, unfortunately, locked inside this dark room, your fingers fumbling over your pants to pull your phone out of your back pocket, turning it on for some kind of light. 

You were surprised to find that you were in a small, clean, stone and mortar room, empty of any furniture and seemingly shut off without any kind of entrance beside the way you fell in from before. If you weren’t so irritated, you’d actually be pretty impressed with the room, but for the moment you were focused on finding a way out of this mess. Turning in a slow circle, you were relieved to find some dim light filtering into the room, wandering over closer and nearly cheering when you found a hole in the wall. It seemed, at the time, large enough for you to wiggle through it and out into another bedroom, and so you’d tucked your phone back into your back pocket, turned around, and shimmied your legs through the hole. With each inch you managed to shove yourself through the hole, you found the space getting smaller and tighter around your hips; not to be deterred, you had shoved against the floor your hands were planted on, and sighed when your hips popped out on the other side of the hole. So, you’d moved to start pulling yourself out of the secret room backwards… and found that you were stuck. Your shoulders couldn’t fit back out of the hole. Trying to push back into the secret room didn’t work either, the waistband of your pants catching on the rough edges of the hole, preventing you from wriggling back into the room you came from.

Sighing, you resolved to try and squirm out of the hole once again, only for the sound of a door opening and shutting behind you catching your attention. Hope fluttered in your chest and you strained your ears, hearing the telltale thumping of Risotto’s feet against the wooden floor of the room your ass currently stuck out in, “Capo? Risotto can you hear me?” You called out, hearing Risotto’s deep voice grunt in surprise, the shuffling of his feet following soon after as he made his way closer to you, “Oh thank fucking god you’re here, I’ve been stuck here for like half an hour!” You sighed in relief, squeaking when you felt two warm, large hands grip your hips and tug at them. You winced, feeling your shoulders screak slightly from the sensation and cried out, bucking your hips to try and get out of Risotto’s hold, “Ouch, hey!”

“Hmm, seems you’re pretty stuck in there, cara,” Risotto’s deep voice caused a shudder to rush up your spine, and you were grateful your Capo couldn’t see the slight flush on your cheeks from the slight rough timbre his tone had. You whined a wordless complaint when he tried to shift your hips, wrapping his arms around your upper thighs and tugging once more, only to stop when your cry of pain reached his ears once more, “How on earth did you get yourself stuck in this position, (Y/N)?” You pouted and huffed at the amusement you could hear clearly in Risotto’s voice, his warm, strong hands placed on your hips after he unwrapped his arms from around your thighs. Though his last attempt had pulled you through enough that you were kneeling comfortably on the floor of the room he was in, your upper body was still stuck. Risotto couldn’t help but let his black and red eyes roam over your ass and thighs hungrily, the snug tightness of your pants not hiding the soft, full curves of your derriere. Licking his lips, your Capo rubbed his warm thumbs in small circles over your hips, unconsciously pressing himself up against you, the hard, thick length of his clothed cock rubbing obviously between your thighs, “My, my, carina, it seems you’re all stuck and helpless right in front of me…”

Though you’d been squirming to try and get yourself free, Risotto’s actions and words had you freeze, your cheeks exploding with heat as the low, husky rumble of Risotto’s words. You squeaked in surprise when you felt his hands tug at your pants and underwear, pulling them down and over your hips, “Wait, Risotto, what are you-?” A surprised moan tore itself from your throat, your thighs trying to snap shut when you felt hot breath wash over the soft, damp folds of your pussy, Risotto’s broad tongue dragging between your labia with a lewd, wet sound, “Oh, oh, god, ah, Capo,” You mewled, arching your back and wriggling your hips at the stimulation, hearing the large man chuckle roughly and hold you still. You panted, legs trembling lightly as he sucked and licked at your increasingly wet labia, soft groans of lust tumbling from his lips as he drank you down like fine wine. You could do nothing to stop him - hell, you weren’t sure you actually wanted to stop him at this point, arousal settling heavy and low in the pit of your gut - his tongue languidly laving over your hot cunt, “Ah, ah, ah, hmmng, ah, Risotto please,” You moaned breathily, trying to lean back into his touches, only to jolt slightly in surprise when you felt large, warm fingers swirl over your sensitive clit and brush against your entrance.

“Such pretty noises you make for me, carina,” Risotto purred thickly, pulling back to lick his lips clean of your juices, his lust dark eyes watching hungrily as he slowly sunk two of his thick fingers into your aching heat, your inner walls squeezing around the digits tightly as your breathy voice whimpered his name. A shiver of lust rushed up his spine, your Capo pulling out his fingers before thrusting them back into your dripping cunt, scissoring you open eagerly for his cock, “You have no idea how long I’ve been wanting to do this to you, amore mio. You’re always such a little tease, wearing tight clothes and showing off all of your curves to the others,” Risotto’s voice turned into a possessive, dangerous rumble, your juices practically pouring out from your pussy as the flames of your lust were fanned hotter with his words, “I’ve imagined what you would be like if I just bent you over my desk during a debriefing and fucked you open with my thick cock, showing you and all the others exactly who you belong to,” You arched your back and wailed, feeling his fingers crook inside you and rub against your sensitive walls, your muscles fluttering tightly around his fingers as you tried to fuck yourself back against them, “So needy and wet and sweet, all for me, aren’t you, (Y/N)? Who makes your pretty little pussy feel this good, carina? Who’s going to breed this pussy full with his thick, hot cum?”

You whined sharply, relishing the stretch and slight burn of Risotto pushing a third finger into your dripping cunt, his tongue grinding over your clit and licking up the juices that dripped from each thrust of his fingers, “Ah, ahn, ah, oh god, a-ah, Ris-Risotto-!” You cried out and bucked back, into your Capo’s hard thrusts, his full lips wrapping around your clit to give the throbbing bud a hard suck that’s almost enough to have you cumming around him. A disappointed moan was ripped from your throat when he pulled away from you, Risotto chuckling lowly at your noises of complaint, “No, no, no, no, please, Risotto, please, need it, need to feel you in me, please!” You whimpered, breath hitching when you heard the slight, muffled sound of metal clicking undone as Risotto unclothed himself, the thick, hot, leaking head of his cock brushing between your labia and over your swollen, needy entrance, “Oh, god, please!”

“Una piccola cosa così bisognosa che sei, tesoro*,” Risotto murmured, his large hands cupping your waist as he held you still once more, the warm, rough palms causing a shudder of pure want to ripple up your back. You whined and tried to grind back onto his huge cock, but your Capo chuckled and simply rocked against your slick heat with teasing pressure, “Sei così carina, morbida e indifesa per me in questo modo, hmmm... Non vedo l'ora di sentire la tua piccola fica stretta attorno al mio grosso cazzo, premendo contro il tuo grembo fertile, riempiendoti con il mio sperma**,” You shuddered at the dangerous rumble of Risotto’s voice, his words washing over you as you whimpered so sweetly and desperately for him. With a low groan, Risotto shifted his position, the head of his cock catching your entrance, before he sunk into your wet heat with one slow, smooth thrust. It felt like the breath had been punched out of you, breathy little gasps of Risotto’s name falling from your lips, your hands scrabbling for some kind of purchase so you could ground yourself, “Gods, you feel so good, tesoro, so perfect, si misura il mio cazzo come se fossi fatto per me***.”

“Risotto!” You practically wailed, feeling like you might be split in half from how full your Capo made you feel. You were grateful that he paused for a few moments, giving you some time to get used to the burning stretch of his dick, though you could already feel the bruises forming on your waist from how tightly he clutched at you. Whimpering, you rocked back slightly, giving Risotto an unspoken ‘go-ahead’ to pull out of your weeping cunt slowly, teasingly, waiting a moment with only the head of his cock still inside your pussy before he slammed back into you. A bleat of surprise and pleasure tore itself from your throat, your whole body going tense as you trembled from the wave of lust that rolled through you, “Oh, god, god, fuck, yes, yes, more, please, again, do that again, felt so, so good!” You babbled nonsensically, (E/C) eyes rolling to the back of your head as Risotto set a hard, rough pace, his cock reaching so deep inside you you swore the head was practically kissing the entrance to your womb. 

Risotto hissed a curse under his breath, your cunt clenching tightly around his sensitive dick as he pounded into you without mercy. He’d had his dark eyes on you for so long, fantasised about how you’d feel around his cock, how sweet and submissive you’d be once he brought you to heel under him, all of his pent up lust and need showing itself in how roughly he thrust into you, “Good girl, such a good little slut, you love this, don’t you? Ti piace sentire il mio cazzo di spessore Sterlina la figa stretta****, hm?” His voice growled lustfully, heavy balls slapping against your throbbing clit as you whined and moaned desperately on the other side of the wall. Risotto admired the jiggle of your ass from each punishing thrust, wishing idly that he could push you down onto your back into a mating press so he could see the flushed, fuck-out look on your face he knew you were making, “Hmmm, I’m going to cum into this tight pussy, fill you up with my seed, mark you as mine, put my baby in that soft little belly of yours - fuck, so good, that’s it, rock back against me, tesoro, sei una buona troia per il cazzo del tuo Capo, meriti di avere il mio sperma farcito in te*****, I’ll fill you up so much you’ll be leaking my seed for weeks.”

“Yes! Yes, yes, yes, yesyesyesyesyesyesyes, please, Capo, Risotto, please please, I want it so bad!” You begged ardently, hearing him curse roughly and increase the pace and force of his thrusts impossibly more, your toes curling as you hovered at the edge of an intense orgasm. Feeling one of Risotto’s warm hands move to cup your belly, the head of his cock grinding over your g-spot and slamming into your tender walls sent you over the edge with a loud scream. You’re back arched sharply and you trembled, tense and overwhelmed with pleasure, your cunt tightening like a vice around Risotto’s cock. Your Capo groaned lowly, his thrusts coming to a halt, dick buried balls deep inside your milking cunt as hot, sticky cum spilled thickly right up against the entrance to your womb. You shuddered as you felt the warmth pool there slickly, your muscles clenching and relaxing around Risotto’s cock, encouraging him to stuff you full with his seed.

Several long moments passed as the two of you relaxed, your whole body going lax as you patiently waited for Risotto to pull out. You yelped in surprise when your shoulders seemed to shift and suddenly you were pulled through to the other side of the hole. Risotto grunted, his arms moving to wrap around your waist to catch you, spent dick slipping out of your sensitive walls, his thick cum trickling out of you now it wasn’t plugged inside you anymore. You landed atop your Capo? Lover? Risotto, his body cushioning yours against the filthy floor of his new room. You two lay there, dazed and surprised, before you found yourself turned over onto your back and bent practically in half, a wicked, lustful smirk on Risotto’s face that had a shudder of arousal rush down your spine, “Well, that’s no good, carina,” He crooned, rubbing his quickly hardening cock against your swollen labia, a soft whimper following his actions as you were held down, “We can’t let all of our hard work go to waste now, can we?”


*Such a needy little thing you are, darling

**You're so pretty, soft and helpless for me like this, hmmm... I can't wait to feel your tight little cunt stretch around my thick cock, pressing up against your fertile womb, filling you up with my cum

***you fit my cock like you were made for me

****You love feeling my thick cock pound your tight pussy

*****you're such a good slut for your Capo's cock, you deserve to have my cum stuffed in you