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gentle palms

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She's too young to be this developed, isn't she?

That's all Enji can think about as Fuyumi is standing in front of him, her school shirt unbuttoned all the way down to her naval, exposing herself completely. Her skin is a milky white, unmarred thanks to her youth, and her breasts are soft peaks that culminate in her pert pink nipples, which seem to harden under her father's gaze. Fuyumi is staring at him, looking discomfited. Her small fists are bone white as they bunch into the fabric of her skirt.

"They're sore," she tells him, expectant. There's a vicious blush on her pretty face. "Can you warm them, Dad?"

He shouldn't feel as surprised as he does, and Enji knows this. Because this isn't something new for them. Ever since Fuyumi's body began going through changes, she would go to Enji to ease her discomfort. On occasion he would ignore her request, but generally he would accept her into his lap and rest his bare hands over her chest, warming them for up to ten minutes sometimes. There's even been a time where Fuyumi actually managed to fall asleep, small back pressing against his broad chest.

But Fuyumi hasn't asked this of him ever since Rei had left almost three months ago, and he honestly doesn't know what he's going to do now that there isn't an outlet for him when the smoothness of her skin gets to be a little... much. God, three months without something to fuck his frustrations into had seemed to stretch into eternity, and now Fuyumi is asking this of him. She doesn't know what she does to him, does she? Not even a clue.

Enji's eyes trace over her developing curves. Were her breasts bigger than they were a mere three months prior? Can they surely grow this fast? They certainly looked heavier now than they had before, and Enji wonders if they would feel heavy in his hands. He wonders just how big they'll get, because from the looks of it they're already nearing Rei's smaller breasts back before she bore him their first child.


Enji's eyes snap from Fuyumi's breasts to her face, and he realizes that he hasn't yet answered her question.

"Yes of course, come here," Enji says, voice rough, and Fuyumi lets out a sigh of relief before stepping forward. Rather then sitting in his lap though, she stands in front of him and tips her chest forward, almost expectantly. Her eyes flutter shut, eyelashes brushing against her cheek.

Enji wisely decides not to comment on this change and instead reaches towards her developing breasts, thumb brushing against her hard nipple as he reaches forward. This causes Fuyumi to let out a soft little gasp, but she stays perfectly still. He's trained her well, his little girl. Fuyumi is as obedient as they come.

The calloused pads of his fingertips press into the pliant flesh, and she feels slightly cool beneath his fingertips. He's careful not to knead too much, for a part of Enji feels like that is perhaps crossing a line that should not be crossed. He does however, press his palm firm against each breast, her hard nipple pressing against the center. Fuyumi practically melts in his hands, shoulders drooping and pink mouth falling open.

This Quirk of his always makes him run rather hot, and Rei has likened it to a heating pad. It soothes sore and aching muscles.

Enji's eyes run across the rest of Fuyumi's body as she gets her fill of his warm hands. There's now a soft dip in her hips as they begin to widen out, and her legs are just as pale as her stomach, despite the fact that she spends quite a few hours in the sun every day, roughhousing with her other siblings. They're slender at her ankle, but filling out nicely at her thighs. Her face too is slimming slightly, and Enji can see the kind of woman she will become. Beautiful.

Without thinking about it, Enji squeezes one of her breasts experimentally. Fuyumi lets out a soft moan, whether from pleasure of shock, Enji doesn't know. But he freezes, unsure of what to do, and is surprised when Fuyumi lets out a frustrated whine.

"That felt nice," she tells him. "Do it again. Please?"

Enji lets out a noncommittal grunt, but he complies nonetheless. He grips a tit in one hand and uses his thumb to rub circles into the other, just next to her pink nipple. Fuyumi's entire face shudders in pleasure, and she presses forward even more, until her breasts are a little dangerously close to Enji's face.

There's a stirring in his groin, and Enji bites his lower lip as he tried to will the blood away from his cock. It's a useless endeavor. Slowly, so as to not rouse Fuyumi, he clamps his thighs together tightly. But it takes almost nothing to get him fully hard, and his entire cock pressing against the seem of his pants isn't particularly comfortable.

A mantra plays in his head, reminding himself that this is Fuyumi, his daughter. It does nothing to help.

Then she all but slumps forward and her hands splay over his thighs to keep herself upright. Her head lolls so close to the crook of his shoulder he's half tempted to put a hand to the back of her neck and drag her down until she's completely against him, bare breasts pressing against his collarbone. Fuyumi's slight frame is so close that Enji's breath is caught in his throat and it's almost impossible to think from how hard his cock is. He almost just wants to bend her over and tear her panties off, ruck up her skirt and shove his cock inside of her without a second thought.

He doesn't though. He cant.

Instead Enji stays perfectly still, hands gripping Fuyumi's breasts until, after far too long, her eyes flutter open and she says, "I'm feeling better now, Dad. You can stop."

Her voice is breathless and her pupils are blown wide as she stares very resolutely at his face and his face only; and Enji can see just as clearly that her body is reacting as the body of a woman might when stimulated. But it's also plainly obvious that she's unaware of the changes written so plainly on her face. She doesn't know what her body is doing. Rei never taught her about this sort of thing, and Enji definitely isn't going to be the one to teach her the ropes.

"Of course," he says roughly. "Go do your homework now."

Fuyumi's mouth opens as if she wants to say something, but after a moment she shuts it and then nods and turns around, walking away. Her legs look slightly wobbly as she goes, and her skirt is wrinkled from how much she's been bunching up the fabric in her fist. Before going into her room, she turns to give him one more look. Her face flushing a vicious red that reaches even the tips of her ears, and she's sucking one plush lip into her mouth, looking unsure. And then she's gone.

The moment she's out of sight, Enji has his cock in her hand and is thinking about following her and then fucking her in her bed. It's disgusting, and he knows this. Yet nothing makes him cum quite as hard.

Fuyumi doesn't ask him to soothe her sore breasts for a long time. He doesn't know if he's disappointed or not.