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Nikki Clover Background

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Name: Nikki Julianne Clover
Birthdate: October 20, 1975 Age: 30
Birthplace: Miami, Florida
Mother: Ann Marie Clover Age: 56
Father: Richard Jacob Andrews, Deceased
Eyes: Green
Hair Color: Auburn
Hair Length/Style: Shoulder Length, Kept in tight Ponytail.
Height/Weight: 5’9” 155lbs
Build: Athletic Hourglass
Cup Size: B

Was a very active child focusing on learning languages and martial arts. Parents divorced at age 5, father died of an overdose at age 6. She had her last name legally changed to her moms' maiden name at 12. Was taught about firearms by Uncle at age 11.

Studied Gymnastics, Judo, Aikido, Muay Thai and Krav Maga.

Graduated High School at 16, skipped 7th and 9th grade.

Studied for a Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Language

Graduated at age 20 with a 3.8GPA

Joined Marines: At 18.

Accepted to the ‘Officer Candidate School’ at age 20.

Promoted to 1st Lieutenant at age 21.

Promoted to Captain at 24

Promoted to Major at 29

Weapon Proficiencies:
Hand Weapons: Bo Staff, and Knives
Guns: Assault rifles, Shotguns, Pistols and is an ok shot with Sniper Rifles.

HK G36 Rifle with assault grip and flash hider. Carries a Silencer in tac vest. (Has a special Beta C-Mag that holds 100 rounds.)
Benelli M1 Shotgun with 6 shell strap attached. Carries 10 shells in tac vest.
Beretta 92FS Pistol
K-Bar Knife - Thigh and lower back.
Collapsible Bo Staff
Several smaller knives – belt buckle, bra, wrist band (Razor Blade), and ankle

Stomach – Knife & Gunshot
Right forearm – Knife
Back – 3 Lash marks
Left Thigh – knife
Right Calf – Bullet graze
Left Bicep – 4 scratches from a wraith

Known Languages: Spanish, American Sign Language, French, German, Russian, Czech, Mandarin, Swedish, Arabic, Farsi, Italian, Japanese and Korean. Will learn Ancient and Wraith at some point.

Extracurriculars: Yoga, Swimming, Knitting/Crochet, dancing, and Reading/Watching anything Scifi Fantasy and/or Horror related. She has very eclectic musical tastes but hates country and rap.

Likes: Dogs, Even numbers(the number five is ok) Sweets especially chocolate, Thai, Korean and Mexican foods. Loves the color purple.

Dislikes: Odd numbers, Spicy, sour or bitter foods, Alcohol, certain food textures, and vegetables. Hates the sound of people eating and the color pink.