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The Villain day was a long-standing tradition in UA, a day where hero students were encouraged to pretend to be villains. It had started two decades ago, as a mean to understand the enemy, and it had quickly devolved into an excuse to cosplay and to be free, for one day, from the pressure of being a future hero.

Aizawa Shouta, homeroom teacher of the Problem Class and the last bastion against rampant irrationality, was fervently opposed to it. Nedzu had been forced to cancel that day last year because the hero students had been called to help when one of the worst storms of the century had hit Hokkaido, and as far as Shouta was concerned, he could do it again.

But Nedzu was determined to have it this year. He argued that it was necessary for the students to have moments where they could just have fun and not carry the weight of the hero society on their shoulders. How it had started as an experiment for future heroes to understand villains, and how it was a pedagogic experience.

He pretended not to hear him when Shouta reminded him that Midnight used that event to wear her debut costume.

Then, Shouta reminded the principal that 2-A had been exposed to far more villain attacks than any students in this school since UA had opened his doors. Nedzu had countered that all they had to do was to ask if that would awaken some dark memories.

All of the 2-A students had reacted with overwhelming enthusiasm at the idea of having a fun school activity.



On the morning of said day, Shouta was lured into the common room in the teacher’s dorms by cooing noises and high-pitched squeals, which meant that Eri was involved in some way.

None of those noises could have prepared him for the vision of his already adorable daughter dressed up as himself, as Eraserhead, with a little black jumpsuit, a little scarf, a little belt, little yellow goggles, and little boots. Someone had even dyed a strand of her beautiful white hair in black to mirror Shouta’s white strand.

Shouta. Did. Not. Melt.

If he dropped to his knees, it was only to hug his very small and extremely adorable daughter.



Izuku used Stealth when he went to class that day - a gift from the fourth holder of One for All - in order to enter the classroom undetected. As long as he pretended he didn’t exist, no one would be able to notice him.

Of course, the concentration it took meant that walking with Stealth activated was a challenge. He couldn’t use any other quirks. Or talk. Or breathe too hard. Or sneeze.

He made his way through the room, determined not to look at the costumes his friends were wearing because he might geek out and break the hold he had on his quirk.

“I wanted to dress up as Endeavor…” Todoroki sighed just as Izuku was almost upon his desk.

Izuku turned his head towards him on reflex, unable to control his curiosity.

“Todoroki, we talked about this,” Uraraka reminded him. “Your father is a jerk, not a villain.”

The first person he saw was Uraraka, wearing a seifuku uniform and her hair was arranged in two messy buns, bearing a striking resemblance to Toga Himiko. Todoroki was behind her, and even if Izuku did recognize him in the second, the sight of him paralyzed his mind.

Todoroki had found a dark trench coat whose sleeves stopped at elbow level, a white shirt with a ripped collar, dark pants, and solid boots. He had also dyed his hair black, the result being extremely… nice.

Izuku, who had kept walking, crashed into his desk.

It usually wouldn’t have drawn too much attention because Izuku, helped by Full Cowl, had the reflexes to catch his desk before it went too far. However, distracted as he was, he hadn’t accounted for the fact that Mineta had the unfortunate habit of sitting on his desk before he arrived in class. His classmate, dressed as Destro, was ejected, flew through the air, and bounced on Shouji’s back.

Obliterating any chance Izuku had to be discreet.

“Mineta!” Iida was already here, making sure no one was hurt. “I already told you that it was dangerous to sit on someone’s desk! Are you injured?”

Their class president was wearing a dark shark shirt, jeans, boots, a trench coat, fingerless gloves under knuckle brasses, and a simple wrap-around mask tied over the top of his head. Izuku didn’t recognize who he was supposed to be.

“No one told me about being forcefully ejected…” Mineta started to complain as he went back to his feet, only to stop when he got a look at Izuku. “What happened to you, Midoriya???”

Everyone looked at Izuku and what he was wearing: a black shirt with the word Villain written in white, dark ripped jeans, and his usual red sneakers.

“Knowing Midoriya, it must be one of those obscure villains!” Kaminari intervened, dressed in plain black pants, black shirt, red sneakers, and covered in hands.

“No, it’s nothing like that,” Izuku shrugged.

Hero students didn’t have to cosplay a villain (actually, teachers probably preferred them not to but class A was in the unique position of having seen a lot of them from up close), so he had hoped that no one would react too much at his weak efforts, but his percussive entrance had drawn everyone’s attention on him.

 “I would have thought Midoriya would be the one who would go overboard with this event…” Yaoyorozu, dressed exactly like Gentle Criminal, pondered out loud.

“Everyone! Do not embarrass Midoriya!” Iida vehemently defending him, embarrassing Izuku a little. “He is a hero fan first! This isn’t surprising for him not to be as interested in an event where hero students dress up as villains!”

This was actually a good excuse so Izuku shamelessly used it and people stopped staring at him.



After ten minutes of Internet research, Izuku had to admit his defeat and he asked who Iida was supposed to be. His friend informed him that this was the costume of a vigilante named Knuckleduster, someone Iida Tensei knew and respected.

He was the only vigilante, as Yaoyorozu had come as Gentle and Jirou has dressed up as La Brava and those two were extremely attached to their villain titles even though they were now working with the police. There was a minute of pure French despair when Aoyama had arrived only to realize he wasn’t the only Gentle Criminal, but he was assured that it was fun to have twins at this kind of event.

He wasn’t the only one to have a double, as both Kaminari and Tokoyami had chosen to come dressed as Shigaraki Tomura. Kaminari had used the version from the USJ, dubbed Lame Shigaraki by Ashido, and Tokoyami was in the new version, with the suit, the red coat, and a bird leg (hand?) on his face, aka Improved Shigaraki.

Kouta, Satou, and Shouji all had the same idea and were dressed as All Might’s villain persona, and the result was extremely cool. Sero had picked Twice.

Hakagure was wearing dress shoes and a tie and told them she was the legendary thief, Invisible Man. Everyone took her word for it.

Kirishima had come dressed as Muscular, something Izuku had been warmed in advance, and the result wasn’t convincing because Red Riot was simply too nice to sell it, and Izuku meant it as a compliment.

Ashido almost gave half of the class a heart attack because something barged through the door, something with a black exoskeleton and that belonged to horror movies, while declaring in a muffle voice “I AM the Alien Queen!”

As for Kacchan, he had chosen the only villain worthy of his time. Izuku’s childhood friend was wearing a suit and when the ninth holder of One for All looked at him, the helmet of All for One looked back.



As the hero students were supposed to be villains today, they had special permission to skip classes and no one in 2-A had any intention of staying indoors, though they only managed to drag Iida away from his desk when Aizawa confirmed that the teachers hadn’t planned any lessons for today.

2-A and 2-B escaped in the park to hang out and find any possible reason to use their quirks. Izuku then discovered that Shinsou was now the only hero student in the story of UA who had ever replied “No, thanks.” when he had been told to dress up as a villain.

“Like father, like son,” Todoroki commented.

Said father missed the quip as he was busy bringing his official daughter to the park, something he had only done after checking what was everyone’s costumes. Aizawa was apparently unaware that Kirishima, Uraraka, Tsuyu (unfortunately sick today), and Izuku had warned everyone not to come dressed as Overhaul or they would share his fate.

The same warning had been issued to anyone who would want to cosplay as Stain, though Iida himself wasn’t aware of it.

Some students from the other courses, dressed as their favorite heroes, made incursions in their “villain lair”, but those who weren’t bribed with snacks were too busy taking pictures and having fun for anything else to happen.

The ultimate star oh this morning was Eri, dressed up as a tiny version of Eraserhead, and she managed to have a selfie with every student of UA, the laws of time and physics somehow bending in order to allow everyone to take a treasured picture back home.

However, the strangest part of this morning was when Aizawa saw Iida’s Knuckleduster costume and rolled his eyes.

He refused to answer any question on how he could recognize this specific vigilante with one glance.



Toshinori had intended to go and see 2-A – and especially Young Midoriya - at 10 AM but he had underestimated how many students dressed as him, costumes of every era confounded, would want a selfie with him. He lost half an hour on a trip that shouldn’t have exceeded ten minutes, and he didn’t regret it one bit because it was rare to see such a cheerful atmosphere in UA.

And then, he saw Young Bakugou.

The young man had warned Toshinori in advance, and even though the former number 1 hero had assured him he wouldn’t mind, he had shared his concerns with Aizawa-kun, but they had chosen not to darken this day with their past.

So, Toshinori was prepared when he saw the helmet of his worst enemy, he was prepared when he saw All for One in what Bakugou had chosen, and of course, he understood, for this day was dedicated to face one’s fear. Be it the darkness hidden within them or what they had confronted and survived. It was a way to deal with the stress they had been subjected to since their first confrontation with a villain, and Young Bakugou, as someone who had been abducted by the League of Villains, needed this catharsis.

And yet, Toshinori couldn’t help a smile.

Even in this disguise, Young Bakugou didn’t look like All for One. Despite growing up, he didn’t reach All for One’s stature and the barely contained energy and the passion he exuded was unlike the cold efficiency of the bastard.

“WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING AT ME?” Young Bakugou exploded and it only made Toshinori smile more.

His smile only got wider when he saw his own boy, who had for one decided not to attempt the impossible and hadn’t event tried to pass for a villain.

He should have known that his students could never look like villains, Young Midoriya least of all.



Me: [Are you going to witness this trainwreck?]

Yamada: [Is anyone in your class dressed as Kurogiri?]

Me: [No.]

Yamada: [I am bringing the popcorn!]

Me: [However, Uraraka is disguised as a literally bloodthirsty villain.]

Me: [A villain who did her best to stab me.]


Yamada: [I can live with that.]



But of course, Izuku should have counted on UA to make sure they wouldn’t get bored and he wasn’t especially surprised when they were called back to their classroom fifteen minutes before lunch hour. Midnight entered after them, everyone already ready not to look under her chin because they had been warned that she would be wearing her first costume, but it was apparently beneath a trench coat.

“In honor of the Villain day, UA has organized a battle royal where you’re free to use your quirks and to affront your classmates!” she announced. “You can use Ground Beta and confront your classmates. Every participant will be wearing an earpiece and, since some of you don’t know the meaning of the word limits, I will be the one to tell you when you’re beaten.”

She glanced at Kacchan and Izuku. It was quick but impossible to miss.

“Of course, the participation is voluntary,” she continued. “However, our esteemed principal secured this! Two Platinum passes for the Past And Future Heroes con!“

And with that, she presented two beautiful tickets.

Izuku just stared, his brain refusing to register what he was seeing, because it was one of those things Izuku had desired since he was old enough to know what a hero was but that he had never been able to acquire.

“The extremely exclusive convention that is notoriously difficult to access?” the teenager asked in order to confirm that he hadn’t misheard or hallucinated those words.

“Indeed! I honestly have no idea how Nedzu got them, but it’s the real deal.”

“Wait, didn’t you get those tickets last year, Midoriya?” Hakagure asked.

“No,” Izuku snarled, still angry at the memory, “I missed my chance because Muscular escaped and chose that day to try to kill me.”

“This explains why he was sent through two buildings…” Kaminari muttered under his breath.

He deserved it.

Midnight gave Izuku a strange glance.

She moved the passes, from left to right, again and again.

It’s only when she put them on the desk and took a step back that Izuku realized he was following them with his eyes.

Izuku tried to calm down and to pretend he wouldn’t beat every one of his classmates to get his grubby raccoon hands on those tickets. He might not have been especially convincing because Mineta took two steps away from him.

“Not all of us are nerds like Deku,” Kacchan intervened. “Why would we want them?”

“Speak for yourself! There is a panel on Crimson Riot this year!”


Midnight shuddered. “How I love seeing youth properly motivated… But the winner won’t only be the most powerful student but the best villain you can be! You have until 1 PM to get in character! Do you best!”

Izuku looked at his lack of costume. He was already starting with a heavy disadvantage compared to his classmates.

Story of my life.



Shouto had isolated himself to eat lunch as he needed to be entirely focused on his goal. The first step was to win those tickets, the second was to invite Midoriya to this convention, and he wasn’t sure of what was supposed to happen after that but he wanted to find out.

He had an advantage as he had chosen to base his costume on Dabi – for some reason, everyone was impressed by the cosplay – and he could keep playing up their so-called similarity by using his flames. That should be enough to play villains like Midnight intended, and then, he would need to beat his classmates, Midoriya included.

Challenging but not impossible.


He looked up, only to see Uraraka, dressed as Toga Himiko. Despite the similar clothes, she didn’t look like this specific villain. She probably never would. But Shouto had no doubt that Uraraka would make a terrifying villain in her own right.

“Uraraka,” he greeted her back.

She sat in front of him, lacking the feline grace Toga affected but there was something in the way she moved, as if gravity didn’t have much of a hold on her, and it made her look like she belonged to another world.

She was already in character.

“I have a proposition for you,” his friend started. “In the upcoming battle, everyone will fight for themselves, either to win the tickets or to settle personal scores. But you and I… We will have more chances to win if we ally.”

An interesting proposition, especially as Shouto would have thought she would prefer to be allied to Midoriya or Iida. There was no doubt that she would be an inestimable ally. However…

“Sharing the prize holds no interest to me,” he refused.

“Of course not. You want to invite Deku there, after all,” Uraraka smiled.

Todoroki didn’t deny it.

“And it’s alright,” she assured. “Because I don’t need the tickets. What I need is the budget for a friend and I having fun.”

And with that, everything started to make sense.

“You want to ask Asui out,” he realized.

Uraraka didn’t deny it either but she violently blushed.

“Do we have a deal?” she asked instead.

Without a word, Todoroki put Endeavor’s golden and familiar credit card on the table.



To Toshinori’s amazement, his colleagues were already in the control room when he arrived, having brought many drinks and snacks – popcorn included - and they were ready to watch the contest on the many screens on the wall what would happen in Ground Beta.

“Do you know something I don’t?” he asked, confused.

“All Might,” Nedzu greeted him as he was sitting on a chair, banished from Aizawa-kun’s shoulder and scar because he had maintained the tradition. “Pretending to be a villain is a good way for students to release their pent-up stress, so it’s always entertaining to watch. However, 2-A is an interesting case, for they didn’t have this opportunity last year and…”

He paused, trying to find a tactful way to put his thoughts in words, but Midnight beat him to it.

“2-A was attacked by villains more times in a year than some heroes in their lives.”

“Yes, that’s quite right. Because of that, they accumulated a lot of stress and we are all very excited to see it explode out of them now that they have an excuse not to care about the rules.


There were many things All Might could have said but at some times, one needed to censure himself in order not to say something his colleagues would remind him for the rest of his life.

“In what world,” he carefully worded, “did you think it was a good idea?”

“Not a good idea but a fun one,” Nedzu smiled. It wasn’t a nice smile. “Aizawa-saw, will Eri join us?”

“I am not bringing my daughter to watch nineteen teenagers completely out of control as they are externalizing their stress.”

There is always next year, Present Mic mouthed behind Aizawa but it didn’t save him from the overprotective dad and the combat scarf that suddenly circled around his neck.

“Who do you think will win? I am betting on Bakugou,” Midnight said, leaning forwards.

Toshinori himself couldn’t pick a potential winner. He had faith in Young Midoriya’s abilities but the boy wasn’t determined to win at any price, and he doubted that he would be enough to convincingly pretend to be a villain. While Young Bakugou… Well, he had the passion necessary to incarnate the role.

“As someone who saw Uraraka playing Monopoly last month, I can assure you that the winner will be someone with a gravity quirk,” Present Mic assured.

Toshinori frowned.

“What happened during this Monopoly game?”

“You don’t want to know,” Aizawa, Present Mic, and Midnight said at the same time and with a somber look on their face.

Torn between his curiosity and knowing that all truths weren’t good to know, Toshinori decided not to insist and watched as Midnight was testing the communication system.

“I am ready to start.”

“Actually, we are waiting for someone else,” Nedzu corrected her. “A former UA teacher who didn’t want to miss…”

A knock interrupted him but the newcomer didn’t wait for anyone to open the door and entered.

If the former number 1 hero hadn’t been sitting, he would have fallen flat on his face.

“Toshinori,” Gran Torino greeted him with a glare. “Why aren’t you the one inviting me to watch Villain Day?”



Bakugou was the first casualty of this battle.

If most students scattered in every direction, the explosive teenager immediately spread destruction on his wake, the buildings crumbling under his explosions.

Unfortunately for him, his helmet became his undoing as he wasn’t used to the lack of peripheral vision and someone took advantage of it by sneaking behind him.

“You had your time, Old Man!” Kaminari screamed, still covered in hands as he threw a lightning at his supposed mentor.

The lightning hit Bakugou but not before a roar of pure rage escaped his lips, the sound almost immediately followed by an explosion. The attack knocked Kaminari to the ground, set aflame one of the hands surrounding his arms, and signified the end of the fight as Midnight declared they were both out.



“I wouldn’t have thought Bakugou would have been the first eliminated,” All Might admitted as he was looking at Young Kaminari running as fast as Young Iida in the direction of the exit as he was pursued by the angriest boy that had ever been created.

“It’s the sad lesson of the villain day: the people who put the most efforts in incredible costumes tend to be the ones who are taken out quickly as they are not used to them,” Present Mic explained on the tone of someone who had spent a week on his villainous persona only to be drop kicked by his best friend in the first five minutes of the contest.



As the “villains” invaded the city, some of them immediately started hunting each other, naming petty grievances to justify their fights, others carefully chose their stronghold, as they already had a plan to survive this battle.

And one waited for the villains to hunt each other, to get slower and more tired, before he intervened.



Ashido, even though she was still trying to handle her full Alien Queen costume, somehow managed to see Yuga and did her best to avoid his Navel Laser, but even the best Parkour skills in the world couldn’t counter the weight of a xenomorph costume forever. Just as his stomach was screaming in pain, Yuga finally managed to take his revenge on all the indignities his friend had thrown at him since their first day in hero training.

Ashido, out!” Midnight’s voice claimed in his ear, those sweet words enough to make him forget the pain in his stomach.

He only had the time to smile at the sight of his greatest enemy, his classmate who had destroyed three of his capes, before he heard a noise of broken glass and something grabbed him.

Yuga fell to the ground, screaming, a tendril of darkness around his leg dragging him inside a building, and in the shadows where someone was waiting for him.

He tried to use his quirk before he even recognized his classmate, but the pain in his stomach prevented him to do so.

“Such a shame, Aoyama,” a voice he barely recognized, because it had never been so cold and uncaring, said. “You still make the mistake of overdoing it with your quirk, even though you can’t use it before nineteen seconds afterwards.”

How does he know how much time I need after overusing my quirk? I don’t know that myself.

“Midoriya,” Yuga begged. Unless he was desperately trying to gain time. He wasn’t sure. “Ne fais pas ça. We’re friends…”

“Not today.”



“Aoyama! Out!”



There was a zone in the middle of Ground Beta where the buildings were so high that the sunlight barely reached the ground, the domain of shadows and of those who had pledged their soul to them.

Fumikage flew there, watching out for any other predators of the sky, but as soon as he reached his lair, he felt the darkness filling him with strength.

No matter what those so-called villains would attempt against him, nothing would work.

But that didn’t he wasn’t eager to let them try.



As his ice devoured everything it touched, breaking the buildings, imprisoning anyone foolish enough to stand in front of him, let alone try to fight him, Shouto was reminded that fire was overrated. Oh, it impressed, it was flashy, it seemed so violent compared to ice.

But the cold robbed people of their strength while it burned them in a different way. The ice could be controlled, doing anything he wanted.

It trapped his enemies.

Mineta, Shouji! Out!

It made them slower.

Satou! Out!”

As the ice got colder, it became sharp enough to destroy the fake city they had been unleashed into, wrecking it even more efficiently than Bakugou’s explosions.

But more importantly, it was the perfect distraction as Uraraka was moving as fast as she could through the city, taking control of as many rubbles as she could find as the rest of their classmates was too busy avoiding him or targeting him to see the deadly trap in the sky.



The wind was screaming in Uraraka’s ears when her second earbud, one borrowed from Hatsume, biped.

Are you seeing Midoriya?” Todoroki asked. “It’s not like him to stay hidden.

It wasn’t, and it was making her nervous. Deku was many things but he usually wasn’t subtle or discreet.

I have no idea of where he could be. Keep watching out for the sky,” she said, both because of Deku’s ability to fly and to warn her partner in crime of what she was about to do.

And with a smile, she cancelled her quirk.



The students saw the rubbles coming, be it thanks to a sixth sense one developed when too much time was spent with Uraraka, or because of Midnight’s gasp of surprise in their earpieces.

It wasn’t enough to save most of them, Ground Beta becoming a war zone in one move.



Sero, Kouda, Hakagure, Iida, out!



Ochako, standing on top of the highest building, contemplated the destruction she had sown.

Her classmates, her friends, people she would have given her life to protect any other day.

But today? Oh, she took delight in what she had done, because every name called by Midnight was another step to reach her goal, and she felt no remorse. Only the delight of using her quirk to her full capacities, finally having the opportunity of letting herself go.

“I AM THE SERPENT THAT SHALL POISON THE SKY AND BOIL THE SEA,” she screamed into the emptiness and to everyone who had survived her attack. “ALL SHALL KNOW MY RULE TO BE THE LAST, AND NONE SHALL SURVIVE MY REIGN.”



Eijirou, in Unbreakable mode, ran in direction of Uraraka’s voice. Even if she dropped another meteor strike on his head, he was ready and he wouldn’t stop until he had neutralized her.

Twenty seconds later, he was wondering why the zone he was crossing was so dark, just before something enormous, that suspiciously looked like Dark Shadow on steroids, grabbed him and he had to admit that his plan might be compromised.

Wait… We’re friends We can talk about this!

“Todoroki and Uraraka are teaming up! We should do that too! To beat them!” he smiled at his friend.

Only for Dark Shadow’s cold and unforgiving eyes to stare at him. Behind him, Tokoyami, still wearing talons on his face, didn’t even look like he was recognizing him.

What makes you think…”  Dark Shadow started, his voice so deep it echoed around them.

“… that we need help?” Tokoyami finished.



Kirishima, out! At least, as soon as you’re not embedded in the side of this building anymore!



Jirou and Momo had sought refuge inside one of the buildings and while this had protected them from Uraraka’s ruthless attack, they hadn’t been the witnesses of everyone descending into villainy, and Momo had to admit she might have underestimated how seriously her classmates would take this game.

“What are you hearing?” she asked Jirou, who had her earphone jacks buried in the ground.

“Uraraka finally snapped and is going to murder us all if we go out.”

“That was bound to happen at some point.”

They both shuddered at the memory of the first and final Monopoly game that 2-A had ever played.

“And from what I can hear, Tokoyami and Dark Shadow are on the same path,” Jirou continued.

“That’s already more surprising…”

She hadn’t finished her sentence that a window broke, startling them and by the time they looked down, something was already rolling at their feet.

Momo barely had the time to recognize the sound grenade before it detonated.



“Jirou! Out!”

“Where did he even find that?”



The first time Momo had seen Midoriya, she hadn’t thought much of him. A little plain, timid and awkward, though his quirk was noteworthy as it broke his bones. Then, he had proved what an incredible hero he would be, giving everything to protect people.

She had somehow missed how terrifying he had become since she had met him.

Unless he had just been very good at hiding it, but his hand on her throat was decent at removing any prejudice she could still have about him.

There was enough strength in those fingers to snap her neck as soon as she would try to activate her quirk.

Momo had trouble breathing and was about to tell him to stop squeezing, because even for a contest, it was too much, when she realized that his grip was loose. She wasn’t out of breath because he was accidentally strangling her, she was out of breath because of the glacial pressure his mere presence was bringing in this room.

Suffocating. Cold. Unforgiving.

Strangely familiar.

“This… This is insane…” she managed to say, because Midoriya was one of the sweetest souls in UA, and whoever was looking at her, it wasn’t Hero Deku.

This seemed to bring a hint of warmth in those burning green eyes, a hesitation that pushed the cold calculation away for a moment.

But it didn’t last.

“Sanity has no meaning in this place.”



“Yaoyorozu! Out!”



There were several rules people with quirks couldn’t escape. Uraraka became nauseous if she used her quirk too much. Dark Shadow became weaker in presence of lights. Shouto himself had a limit to how much he could use his quirk before he had to counterbalance it with his other half.

And yet, in this moment, every one of them went being those limitations, surrendering themselves to the thrill of the fight.

A wall of blue flames was cornering Dark Shadow, so hot that the ice Shouto had created as climbing spots for Uraraka was quickly melting, but it was more than enough for the gravity girl to make full use of her quirk as she was targeting Tokoyami. And yet, despite the light, Dark Shadow had barely lost in size, though he had weakened in ferocity.

There were some close-calls. Dark Shadow almost swatting away Shouto like a fly. Shouto almost piercing him with ice. Uraraka passed so close from neutralizing Tokoyami but was sent flying by an especially vicious elbow to the gut, Tokoyami actually breaking character to apologize on this one.

And Midoriya was still nowhere to be seen.

Shouto had seen the look on his face when he had seen those tickets. He wouldn’t give up and the last thing Shouto wanted was to have to fight him after they had exhausted themselves against Dark Shadow and Tokoyami.

He took a deep breath, regretting that Uraraka was back, too close to Tokoyami for what he intended - but she would probably understand – and he threw the biggest iceberg he could summon at Dark Shadow and Tokoyami.

Then, he added a second iceberg, just to be sure that they would stay put long enough for him to win this contest.

He almost summoned a third when he saw something moving in a building but he realized that it was Uraraka, who had certainly jumped into it by the hole Kirishima had left to escape Shouto’s attack.

“Todoroki, you almost trapped me!” she screamed as she used the wall as a jumping board to launch herself to where he was.

“It wasn’t on purpose,” he lied with a straight face.

She cancelled her quirk, laws of physics controlling her once again, and they started to walk out, both watching out for the sky because Midoriya not destroying any buildings since the start of this event was nerve-wracking.

“Couldn’t you start with the ice?” she asked, massaging her stomach with the barest wince.

What is he planning?

“I wasn’t sure it would work. That’s why I wanted to weaken him with fire first…”

Several things happened extremely fast, interrupting Todoroki and sending a blast of adrenaline through his system.

Dark Shadow, from the titanic coffin of ice he was trapped in, roared, the sound spreading in every direction, awakening atavistic memories of a time when they didn’t have quirks and things haunting the night hunted them for sport.

The next moment, unless it was at the same time, Dark Shadow burst through the ice, enormous, solid black as if the little light they had was absorbed by him, and Tokoyami was in tow, snarling even though Shouto was pretty sure someone with a beak wasn’t supposed to do that.

Dark Shadow charged at them.

Uraraka was on Todoroki’s left, a little in front of him, and he started to push her away in order to use his fire.

And in the same breath, something collided with Dark Shadow. But maybe collided wasn’t the right word. Collided made it seem like two friends bumping into each other compared to what happened, as, at one moment, Dark Shadow was in movement, and the next, he was flying – unwillingly – through the air and being launched through two buildings.

The first one had been damaged by Todoroki and Dark Shadow, so Shouto might accept that it didn’t have the structural integrity to support a giant demonic bird. The second building, right behind it, didn’t have this excuse.

Shouto watched as Dark Shadow shrank, maybe because of the light he was completely exposed to, maybe because of the sheer impact as something had to cancel the shock of being thrown so violently.

When the dust settled down, he saw Tokoyami’s limp form and someone standing over him, a red sneaker on the boy who had impersonated the leader of the League of Villains’s chest.

Midoriya didn’t look back at them. Didn’t even acknowledge them.

And yet, the pressure Shouto was feeling was almost suffocating.



Katsuki was gripping the edge of his seat, his eyes glued to the screen.



Even if he lived two hundred years, Izuku would remember this silence until his dying day.

All Might had warned him than being number 1 meant feeling the ambition of every other heroes and having to live with this pressure, but this feeling was different.

I am here, it seemed to say. I am here and you can’t ignore me.

It tasted like freedom. It was exhilarating. And it was dangerous.

“Tokoyami,” he whispered. “Did I hurt you?”

He had made sure Dark Shadow would cushion the impact and he had slowed him down at the last moment, but he had to be sure.

The lord of darkness under Izuku’s foot opened one eye.

“Only my pride, Midoriya. Do not let that trouble your heart,” he told him before playing dead again.

That settled it.

Izuku called Float, weightless once again and he slightly pushed on his toes to ascend.

“Then…” he asked two of his most cherished friends. “Shall we begin?”



Toshinori could only stare in shock as he saw Young Midoriya, his boy, wrecking chaos and destruction in perfect controlled bursts. He watched him juggling with several quirks, altering their balance depending on his needs, as if he was born to do this.

He would have thought that watching his successor break his bones on live television would have been the most unsettling thing he would have witnessed but for some reason, watching this was worse.

Young Midoriya must have accumulated a lot of stress.

On the screen, Young Midoriya threw Young Uraraka at Young Todoroki to both prevent him from using his quirk, blatantly exploiting how unused they were to fight together, and for a moment, Toshinori had a flashback of this time when he had accidentally punched Gran Torino in the face.

He is just doing his best. We were the ones to ask them to act as villains.

At some point, Toshinori looked behind him to see what his colleagues were thinking about this.

He wasn’t disappointed.

Midnight was frozen in her seat, so mesmerized by what she was seeing that she hadn’t even thought to tell Tokoyami that he was out. Present Mic’s mouth was opened, pure shock on his face.

As for Gran Torino, he had a glass in one hand, and a half empty bottle of vodka in the other. Aizawa was right next to him, and he was downing a glass that probably wasn’t containing water.

And Nedzu, sitting on Aizawa’s shoulder, was grinning from ear to ear.

Since that was almost as disturbing as the live feed, All Might turned his head towards the screen just in time to see Young Midoriya unleashing Black Whip.

And winning.



“Give Midoriya those damn tickets before he decides to burn the school to the ground to be completely in character, please.”



“I can’t believe you would all devolve into villainy at the first excuse! I thought we were all friends! I thought our class was united and that we could count on each other! I failed as a class president. I failed as a hero.”

Usually, Izuku would have been suitably chastised by seeing Iida so disappointed in their behavior, but not this time. Not when he was clutching two Platinum VIP tickets for the One And Future Heroes convention to his chest.

“Proud hero students just fighting each other to settle petty grudges!” Iida continued. “But there is worse!”

Kacchan looked at Izuku strangely before ignoring again. He hadn’t looked at him in the eyes since Izuku had left Ground Beta, and he had no idea why.

“Uraraka, you didn’t hesitate to create a large scaled attack just to win! Todoroki, you were willing to take out your teammate just to defeat Tokoyami! Don’t think I didn’t see it!”

Todoroki, who had been alternating between being depressed and absolutely furious, gave Iida such a vicious glare that their class president actually took a step back.

For some reasons, Todoroki hadn’t taken his defeat well at all, and Izuku wasn’t sure of why, but now, he was a little taken aback because he had planned to invite him to this convention, but what if Todoroki was actually mad at him?

Fortunately for Iida and unfortunately for Izuku, he had another target he needed to set straight.

“And you!” he pointed his finger at Izuku. “Were you actually willing to destroy us all for those tickets?”

Izuku started to nod, but behind Iida, Yaoyorozu shook her head vigorously, so he followed her lead.

I don’t trust you,” Iida whispered as if he had been personally betrayed by Izuku, but that was a little unfair when it was Uraraka’s attack which had eliminated him from the contest.

“Iida, technically, they all perfectly followed the rule of the contest,” Yaoyorozu intervened. “They were asked to act as villains and they perfectly played their role. That’s actually why Midoriya won. So if you’re done, can we now take this group photo?”

Iida went from anger to despair as he realized that he had completely misunderstood the point of this contest, but Izuku and Uraraka managed to put him in place for the photo, as they had made Present Mic wait long enough.

He had taken the place of their homeroom teacher, because for some reason, Aizawa’s palm hadn’t left his face since Midnight had given Izuku the tickets.



For the rest of the day, All Might kept hugging Izuku, squeezing him tight, as if he wanted to be sure he was still here. Izuku wasn’t sure what was going on, but he certainly wasn’t going to refuse hugs from the Symbol of Peace.



Gentle Criminal, Gentleman villain, expert in tea, and consultant for the police, burst out in tears when he received the photo sent by Midoriya Izuku, showing not one but two UA students dressed up as him.



Hawks was flying when he received a message and he couldn’t help but to smile when he saw that it was from Tsukuyomi. His smile only got bigger when he saw his favorite intern dressed up as Shigaraki. The winged hero might be completely biased but he thought Tokoyami wore the red trench coat better.

However, he frowned when he saw another student. Because his hair was dyed in black, it took a moment before he recognized Shouto.

And his eyes widened when he realized the resemblance.



At the end of the day, Shouta and Eri went to the support department to fix the little scarf that hadn’t survived the Villain Day.

That’s how he found a yellow backpack in the corner of the lab, so full that it couldn’t close completely, a metal brace half out of it.

The kind of brace Kurogiri was wearing.

“Oh, that’s Midoriya’s,” Hatsume’s informed him absentmindedly, obviously more interested into trying to give Eri a mini version of his combat scarf under the table. “He passed this morning and asked me if he could leave that here. I don’t know why because he spent two weeks working on this cosplay.”

Shouta thought of how no one had worn an Overhaul costume. Or even a Stain one despite this villain being extremely popular. And Midoriya, despite loving the class activities, had come to class without a costume.

He didn’t know how the problem child had learned that Kurogiri was a sensitive subject and he had abandoned the very idea in a heartbeat.

Shouta was prepared to take care of his students and to be mindful of their circumstances.

He wasn’t prepared for the opposite, and that was a strange feeling.