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Breaking Point

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Chapter 1:
Jackie's Choice

Jackie was mourning. She had just said a very permanent goodbye to Mickey, who had decided to stay in their original universe and start over. She had known Mickey his whole life, had even helped raise him. It was like losing a child.

Speaking of losing a child... her eyes drifted to her daughter, who was stroking the console absentmindedly. She was deep in thought and didn't even seem to notice that she was caressing that rough coral like a lover. Rose watched the Doctor in the brown, pinstriped suit walk out the doors with a worried look on her face. She then pulled her old phone from when she fell at Canary Wharf out, looked at it, and relaxed. Jackie thought that was an odd gesture, but then again, when had Rose ever been normal? Come to think of it, Rose was probably checking to be sure it still worked.

Her mind then turned to the fact that she had to think about what suit the Doctor was wearing, which made her look at the other Doctor. This was a whole new kind of weird, but then again, the man could change his face, who knows what else he could do? And Rose wasn't going to give details. Ever since that alien came into her daughter's life, she expected weirdness.

This other Doctor was wearing a blue suit, and-according to the explanation she heard earlier, this Doctor was part human. Her thoughts were broken when the door to the ship opened, and the fully Time Lord Doctor walked in the doors and up to the console saying, “Just time for one last trip.”

This was it. This was the moment she'd lose her daughter forever. But then a look passed between both Doctors, one full of anguish, the other full of fear and anger. It clicked in her head, and at once, she both wanted to smack the Doctor and hug him in joy.

The Doctor settled himself between Rose and Donna, took a look at the monitor, and said, “Dar- wait, what? No, no, no!”

“What is it?” Rose asked with a tinge of fear in her voice.

The new Doctor was over there in an instant, hand on Rose's shoulder, peering at the odd swirling lines, dots, and circles making up the written version of their language. “No, that's not good, that's very, very not good,” he said.

“What's 'not good'?” Rose pressed.

Both Doctors were looking at each other with worried looks. Jackie remembered that Rose had said he could know what another person was thinking under the right circumstances, and she wondered if that's what was happening. She called it tallie-pathee or something like that. The two Doctors hadn't actually said a word to one another yet, with the exception of right before they all had to run back into the TARDIS- and that was yelling. Maybe they didn't need to say anything to each other.

Both Doctors and Donna then turned to Jackie with almost identical expressions of grief on their faces.

“The cracks and holes in the skin of the universes have gotten too small to be able to pilot the TARDIS through them,” Donna explained in simple terms that Jackie would understand, “we can't get you home Jackie.”

She pulled out her hopper button, a silver and copper disc with a yellow button on it. “You weren't supposed to, you daft alien, I was gonna get back using my hopper here, now wasn't ….”

“Mum, don't, it won't work, and you're not gonna want to do...,” Rose interrupted.

Jackie started to panic. “Yes I do! Yes, it will, it has to!” before Rose could stop her, she pushed the button, but nothing happened. She pushed it again, harder this time, and again, nothing happened. “It just- Rose, give me yours, yours works with even the tiniest-!”

“The walls are closed, now Jackie,” Donna told her gently, “dimensional retro-closure is already complete. I'm sorry, but it won't work anym-”

“THEN TAKE ME TO WHEN IT WORKS!” Jackie shouted.

Rose grabbed her mother's arms gently, “Mum, it's doesn't work like-”

“Make. It. Work!” she shouted.

“I'm sorry, so sorry,” The Doctor in brown said, head hung.

“What about Tony and Pete!” Jackie cried out.


“My little boy-”

“MUM!” Rose practically shouted, “Listen to me!” This startled Jackie into silence for a moment so Rose could say what she needed to say, “OK, now first of all, Remember what we learned when I tried to take that vortex manipulator back to the day of the battle? The walls of the universe aren't broken down at just one point in time, but in all points of time. Because the walls of the universe are closed in our time line, we cannot go back. The only safe way requires substantial cracks between the universes, and it could be-”

“I don't care how bloody long it could be, I'll wait forever while you work your alien mumbo jumbo to get me back home,” Jackie cut her off, her voice full of grief.

“Mum, Pete and Tony aren't over there anymore. They're here,” Rose told her, finally able to tell her mother the news.

Rose stopped for a moment to let that information soak in. Jackie's emotions were written plainly on her face. She went from deep grief, to confused, to tentative hope in two seconds. “I knew the walls would close fast, and you weren't supposed to come,” Rose continued, “but I knew that you'd come anyway, so I made some plans.”

Rose held up the cell phone. “He has the one we left with Mickey when we went there the first time, so we could contact each other. I got a text saying he was here, and I'm now waiting for information on where he's at right now.”

To say Jackie was relieved was an understatement. She was sure that she'd never see her son or husband ever again. Then a thought occurred to her. “Wait, what kind of plans?” she asked, “and how did you know I was going to come anyway?”

“That's a really good question, actually,” The Doctor in brown spoke up, sending a querying look to Rose. Rose glanced over to the other three people in the room, who had been uncharacteristically silent through this whole exchange.

“Pete and I got together after my first jump into this universe proper. We came up with an emergency pack just in case Mum decided to come here and weren't back by the time the walls started closing. Just things that couldn't be replaced and some clothes. As for how I knew, well, I was told that it was a strong possibility,” Rose hedged, shrugging her shoulders like it was no big deal.

“By who?” the Doctor in blue asked suspiciously.

Rose took a deep breath and steeled herself. She wasn't sure how the Doctor-either of him- was going to take this. “By myself,” she answered. Both Doctors and Donna had an expression of shock on their faces. They did not see that one coming. “You were there too,” she told the fully Time Lord Doctor, who wore a mask of confusion at her proclamation.

“'S a ontological paradox,” Rose explained as she dug through her jacket pocket for the piece of paper she kept in there. When she pulled it out, she handed it to the Doctor in the blue suit, who was closer. He unfolded and began reading it. “Sometime in my future, you,” she pointed to the fully Time Lord Doctor, “go and stop past me from getting back too soon. Then I hand myself that piece of paper. It's always nice to know you have a future.”

“You've got to, because you did! Brilliant!” Donna exclaimed.

The part human Doctor finished reading the letter with an impressed look on his face, and passed it on to his brown-suited counterpart. He looked at Rose with a smile and shook his head. “This explains a lot. You and your paradoxes. I'm starting to wonder if your whole existence is a paradox.” He chuckled a bit.

The brown suited Doctor finished reading the letter and settled his gaze on Rose, face thoughtful. He handed the letter back to her. “That's-” Rose never got to hear what he was going to say, because at that moment, her old phone rung shrilly, interrupting what the Doctor was going to say.

She answered the phone with, “figure out where you are yet?” she nodded, smiled, and said, “OK I know exactly where that is, see ya in a bit,” and hung up.

She looked over at the Doctors, who were standing shoulder to shoulder with each other. They both knew that was Pete calling with his location and were waiting to hear where he was. “That was Dad. He and Tony are at that chippy we went to after the end of the world.”

Both Doctors look confused for a split second, then the one in the blue suit grinned in realization. The one in the brown suit went, “welll, then, let's not keep good ol' Peter Tyler waiting! Quick hop across London, coming right up.” He then stode over to the monitor and began setting coordinates. Both of them and Donna started piloting the TARDIS over to the chippy.

He flipped the de-materialization lever, and exclaimed, “Allonsy!”