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Shou tossed and turned, sleep remaining just out of his reach, like chasing someone running just a little faster than him. Maybe it was the unfamiliar bed, his body rejecting sheets that weren't his. Always a tour hazard that a hotel room wouldn't offer the same comforts as home; the pillows not dented just so, the television at slightly the wrong angle. Touring was the thing Shou loved more than anything but he did wish he had magic powers and could teleport home after.

A soft knock on the door made Shou rise, his bare feet padding softly on the carpet.

“Oh good, you're awake,” Hiroto smiled as Shou opened the door, “I can't sleep.”

Shou wondered if he'd been taken back in time to when the band started. Back then, Hiroto was still a teenager, not used to being alone and away from home. Craving the warmth and comfort of someone else, Hiroto had fallen asleep beside Shou countless times.

Standing in the hallway now, clad in boxers and an oversized t-shirt, Shou pulled the younger inside. Both still wide awake, they decided to entertain themselves for a while. Lucky that Shou was such a geek and never went anywhere without his beloved PS3. It had been set up the minute Shou had entered the hotel. He popped in the latest DBZ Budokai game and before long, cries of “Hiiiiyaaaaaa, take that!” and “In your face!” filled the hotel room.

This was something Shou missed in his life; he and his boyfriend never had time for just being silly like this. They had better uses for any moments together. He and Tora weren't even exclusive, a sort of no-strings-attached policy that dictated they looked to each other for gratification but neither would be upset if the other went to someone else. Shou briefly had an image of himself tied to someone he could be a dork with as well as the physical sensations before shaking his head and seeing that Hiroto had just whooped his butt. Shou looked at Hiroto with an all-too-familiar demon king glint in his eye. Without a break, he started again and thumped Hiroto into the ground. Revenge is sweet, he thought, an evil grin spreading on his face.


There was a reason Hiroto always went to Shou for comfort. The older made him feel secure like no one else could. Maybe it was because the older had been so protective when the band started, always making sure Hiroto, who was a relative newborn in this world, was coping with everything. The bond they had formed then had never really faded.

There was one thing Hiroto didn't know about Shou: Tora. Since their no-strings-attached actions didn't affect the band, there was no need to tell anyone. The guilt of not telling his brother gnawed away at Shou's insides but then, there was no need to tell him. They had never been together, it didn't affect Hiroto in any way.

At least, outwardly it didn't affect the younger. Inwardly, he found himself wondering if tonight was the night to make his move, wondering if he could ever express his feelings to his leader. Shou exuded the confidence of a god, his beautiful face and lithe figure hiding the strength within. Why would someone so sure of himself want young, naive Hiroto? Hiroto had successfully created a mask for himself early on, projecting an image of someone focused totally on his music. The mask didn't fool Shou, it was transparent to him.

Shou knew he really wanted someone he could be tied to and share everything with. He ignored this, telling himself love would undo anything JRock about him, all he needed was his moment of physical ecstasy. Speaking of physical ecstasy....

Hiroto mashed the buttons of the controller, channeling his feelings into his gaming. Shou had always been a big brother, caring and nurturing but never any more. The two had spent almost every moment together for the past 8 years. Learning and growing beside each other. It made sense to Hiroto to take it one step further. Hiroto just couldn't say the words, his mouth turning to mush as he opened it. Why would Shou want him? He was someone to be taken care of, nothing more. He had no idea how to show that he wasn't the cute, innocent boy he once was.

Unbeknownst to Hiroto, the innocent image was exactly what made him so appealing. Shou couldn't stop imagining corrupting the younger, making him cry out in pleasure, giving him bliss like they had never shared before. They shared everything else, it was logical to share that moment as well.

The friendship between them was too important, more precious than life itself, Hiroto just couldn't do anything that could change that, couldn't lose Shou. He focused on the television screen, trying to suppress his heart, as he always had to every time he was with Shou.

Shou couldn't stand it. The thought of perverting the younger, taking that step towards pleasure was exciting him beyond belief, overriding all other thoughts and judgment. To distract himself, he went over to the mini-bar and pulled out some drinks. Luckily, PSC was used to this kind of thing (drinking and rock stars went hand-in-hand, after all). He handed Hiroto a beer which Hiroto took even though he didn't much feel like drinking.

Being alone with Shou always made Hiroto's heart flutter like a caged butterfly. He felt stirrings all over his body but this wasn't at the forefront of his mind; he was more concerned with his emotions right now than his body and it's needs. Shou was an absolutely opposed element, thinking of the pleasure and ignoring the feelings below the surface telling him he wanted a serious relationship. Serious was a foreign concept to his mind. Ecstasy was the. only thing he let through the cracks of his mind, knowing he needed to touch the stars and not feel like any more was expected.

Shou's desire took over, as if he was possessed. His hand began to wander and caress the sensitive area of Hiroto's inner thigh.

“Shou-tama” breathed Hiroto, “we shouldn't-”

“Why not?” That tease-the-fangirls mischievous grin appeared as the other hand snaked up Hiroto's shirt and made contact with a nipple. His fingers danced around and around before slowly brushing over it.

“B-because,” Hiroto forced out, “W-we aren't ready.”

“We're alone, we're just having fun, relax and just let yourself feel the sensation,” Shou purred, licking the shell of Hiroto's ear

Hiroto felt his resolve weakening, his body reacting to Shou's ministrations. He was so weak, letting this happen with the stupid hope it would lead to more. The boys kissed passionately, aiming towards the bed, peeling clothes, like throwing off restraints. They tumbled onto the bed, hands caressing firm biceps, the sensual curve of an ass. Shou gently took a nipple in his fingers, rubbing back and forth over a slowly-hardening bud and giving a little squeeze before lowering his head, taking the firm peak in his mouth and slowly swirling his tongue around it.

Hiroto was panting, a string of encouragement escaping his lips. Shou's hand edged its way down in between their bodies, barely brushing over Hiroto's erection. His fingertips brushed the slit on the head, even that slight pressure eliciting a loud moan. Shou rubbed the spot right below the head, Hiroto letting out a choked sound which just made Shou keep doing that.

Shou stroked downward, caressing the base. Hiroto leaked drops of precome which didn't get far because Shou leaned down and took the tip of Hiroto's cock in his mouth.

Hiroto's eyes snapped open feeling himself slide over Shou's soft lips into the wet cavern of his mouth. Reflexively, he bucked his hips upward, a silent plea for Shou to take more of him in, make him see stars.

Shou slid his head backward slowly, his tongue stroking the sensitive underside. Hiroto writhed on the bed, gripping the sheets. Shou began to move faster, his hand and mouth working Hiroto for all he was worth.

“Shou-tama, I'm...”

Maybe it was that nickname, maybe it was the sight of the young man lost in bliss. Shou moved faster and it was a few seconds later, Hiroto's hips jerked off the bed and he yelled incoherent babble that may have been Shou's name and released his essence which Shou drank up gratefully, more delicious than the finest wine.

Shou stayed with Hiroto, drinking down every last drop. Finally, he lifted his head and wriggled up the bed, kissing Hiroto and offering his tongue, letting Hiroto taste himself.

Before he knew what was happening, Shou found himself flipped on his back. Hiroto ran his tongue up Shou's throat in a long, languid stroke. Shou moaned loudly, Hiroto encouraged by the sound. He ran his teeth over the trail he had just licked, biting down, just on the borderline of leaving a mark that would need to be covered up. He slowly started to lap down Shou's chest and moved across, taking a bud in his plush lips and sucking, using his teeth to gently tug, drawing out a torrent of whimpering noises from the back of Shou's throat.

He drew his tongue across Shou's body to the other side to take the other nipple in his mouth, his tongue lapping at it, bringing it to hardness as well.

Hiroto continued to lick his way down Shou's body, dipping his tongue into the older man's navel, more delicious sounds spilling from Shou's mouth.

Hiroto was driving Shou insane in the most pleasant way, slowly licking down and finally, after what seemed like forever, Hiroto reached his destination. The sound Shou made was close to a sob as Hiroto opened his mouth and wasted no time in fully engulfing Shou in the wonderful heat of his mouth. Shou tangled his fingers in Hiroto's hair and thrust into his mouth. He moaned as Hiroto's tongue swirled around the head.

His fingers lazily played with Shou's balls and his mouth kept tugging, as if he could extract Shou's fluids. The murky taste of precome filled his mouth as he gave small, fast sucks.

He slid his mouth down, taking in as much as he could, then pulled back till Shou was almost out of his mouth, humming around his head, the vibrations sending sharp waves of pleasure washing over him from the tips of his hair down to his toes.

With a cry, Shou let himself empty into Hiroto's mouth. Hiroto drank in all Shou had to offer before drawing back and moving up the bed so he was beside Shou.

Hiroto wanted to say something but he couldn't find the words, didn't know how to say that he wanted more. Didn't know how to say it had been more to him that just some fun. Shou obviously had something on his mind and Hiroto wasn't about to interrupt his reverie.

Shou was far too lost in the murky landscape of his own mind to notice anything. His boyfriend could offer him the physical sensation but tonight, he had also experienced an emotional connection that he hadn't felt before and maybe he was ready for that...