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2000: Doing it right the first time round

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Jack rocked back and forth on the ball of his feet, obviously restlessly waiting. “Sam!” He called “Are you ready to go?”

“You try pumping and breastfeeding at the same time.” She answered. “Give us a minute, will you? Why don’t you pack her baby bag?”

Jack sighed. “I already did!” he called. 

There was a marked pause followed by the sound of Sam’s voice saying quieter. “Course you did.” 

“Come on, Sam, I want to get to work!” he called playfully.

“First for everything.” Sam muttered as she carried the baby down the stairs holding her close to her now covered breast. “You just want to get in to torment the new recruits.” She smiled, handing over their daughter to the father’s awaiting arms.

“I just wanna see if any of them are smarter than you, Gracie.” He cooed at her. “Whadda think, huh? Fat chance, huh, why yes I agree, yes I do!”  

“Jack!” Sam chuckled, watching Jack strap her into her carry car seat. “You have to give them a chance at least.” she smiled.

“I don’t see much promise in any of their files.” Jack gruffed.

Sam shook her head “You’re being too critical.”

“We need the best and brightest in the SGC.” Jack defended.

“And what was I five years ago?” she asked him.

Jack shrugged. “You’re different.” Jack muttered. “You've defeated Goa'uld with every man on the base hypnotised.”  Jack told her. “If they manage it, then they might earn a little respect.”  He reminded her. 

Sam’s cell rang so she dipped into her pocket “Carter-O’Neill?”   She answered it. She paused for a second while pulling on her jacket. “We’re on our way now, Daniel, we just need to drop Gracie off first.” Sam rolled her eyes. “Hey, you try finding daycare with security clearance--” she smiled then looked at Jack and rolled her eyes. “Ya, soon, gotta go.” She smiled.

“We needed?” he asked, opening the door he let her go through first as they exited. “What are their names again?”

“Grogan, Satterfield, Elliot and Potter*.” She reminded him, “And you’ve set an impossible task there’s no way to win.”

“We’re faced with the impossible most days remember.” Jack reminded her. “It doesn’t matter if they win or lose this time, you know that’s not what I look for.”

Sam grinned at his comment. “Working together is success.” 

“Let’s just hope that’s the last cliché of the day.” Jack said, opening the truck’s back seat door. 

“I doubt it.” she grinned. They got the truck ready in silence before Sam slid in the passenger seat and put her seatbelt on. 

Jack smirked. “Yah ready for a day long game of ‘follow the leader’?”

“Done well by it so far.” She smiled.