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Seton University (A Seton Academy fanfiction)

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“And here we go!” Yena quietly expressed her joy as she entered into Miyubi’s dorm room. Having been given the key last year, she had grown quite used to entering the sloth’s room frequently. Carefully stepping over the towels that were strewn across the room, the cursed herself for leaving such a mess that day. “I should probably get this cleaned up before she wakes up,” Yena muttered as she placed Miyubi onto the bed.

The light of the full moon flowed through the windows and onto the bed where the sloth lay strewn, sleeping blissfully. Taking a moment to catch her breath, Yena for the first time took a long look at Miyubi. Her long blonde hair had fanned out over the bed in a messy manner, giving her the appearance of an angel. Snoring quietly, she winced a little bit as the moonlight hit her eyes, curling up to her side and towards Yena. Still standing there, the hyena felt her heart race just a little bit more, even after she rested from the hike up the stairs. “She looks so adorable like this.” Yena thought, smiling a little as Miyubi mumbled in her sleep, too quiet to make out what she said.

Yena’s smile disappeared and she solely left the bedside, picking up the towels from the floor. “If only she was attracted in me.” She sadly thought to herself. “But even if she was one of us, I don’t think she would be interested in a tomboy.” Stacking the towels back in their lace, she breathed out and relaxed, still thinking about Miyubi.

“Yena.” A faint voice called out from the bed as Miyubi stirred back into the waking world, followed by a giggle. “Where are you?” She asked playfully, the alcohol still in her head. She stumbled around a little bit and almost fell down, causing Yena to rush in and grab her. “Miyubi! You can’t walk around, you’ll hurt yourself or die again. Here, let’s go back to bed and sit down.” Miyubi giggled a little harder, nodding, and mumbling about the bed.

“Yena.” She said, still smiling at the hyena, her drunk and blushing face barely visible in a moonlit room. “There is” -hic- “something I” -hic- “have to tell you.” She managed to speak, somehow stringing a whole sentence together. “Can you keep” -hic- “a secret?” She asked, lowering her voice to barely a whisper. Yena blushed even harder than before. “What is this? This kind of thing only happens in the romance novels that Ranka lent to me…. for research purposes only! But, could this mean that….?”

Yena nodded eagerly. “Yep, you can trust me!” She spoke up, her voice slightly cracking from the nerves. Miyubi scooted a little closer to Yena, bringing her face up to her friends’ ear. Pausing for a moment, Miyubi hesitated, overthinking what she was about to do. “Now or never, let her know how you feel.” Her inner voice encouraged her. And at that moment, she mustered up the courage to do what she wanted for the past 4 years, ever since that day where they trained for the university swimming race.

Miyubi gently leaned in and kissed Yena on the cheek, a gentle peck that was enough to get the message across. The hyena froze in shock, processing what could this mean. As her mind raced to a thousand different possible conclusions, Miyubi rose her face back up to Yena’s ear. “I have” – hic- “liked you since” -hic- that first race…. together,” confirming to Yena what she had secretly hope for all this time.

The sloth yawned and, overwhelmed by the strength of her mind needed to say those eight words in addition to her first drink in her life, slumped over, and fell asleep. It just so happened that she did so face-first onto the bed and was now laying over Yena’s legs, another sign to the hyena of the sloth’s affection towards her.


Yena’s mind was short-circuiting, to put it mildly. In a matter of seconds, the girl that she had a crush on for years had just kissed her, confessed to her, and is now sleeping on her lap. The happiness of this moment was so overwhelming that all she could do was lie down and pass out. Before her mind faded to black, she took one last look at the sleeping face of Miyubi. As the sloth snored lightly, Yena smiled softly and brushed her hand against the soft cheek of the sloth. “So do I.” She mumbled softly, as her mind went dark.